A Short History of Siddy and Some Other Things

There was life BS and now there is life AS.

There exists a photo taken the day before I met Siddy for the first time in which I am lolling back on my chair with a large, sleepy cat purring and wuffling softly on my lap. My YD was checking out her old camera prior to passing it on to me as she had just purchased her lovely posh new one.  Despite this being her old and now not good enough camera, it goes better than mine ever did.  She took a photo and shot a short video on a day that we did not then know was the last day of life BS.

I’m not going to show you the photo or the video as neither is the least bit flattering and I still have a modicum of vanity about my appearance!  Suffice to say I don’t loll well!!

I shall forever treasure that shot however for it records life BS and that may well be the last time I loll any where or indeed have a large and heavy Maine Coon purring and wuffling contentedly in my lap!

Yesterday Orlando stayed inside for the first time – though never in the lounge – at least on the kitchen counter or [poutingly] in his window or in my work room.  Every time he moved Siddy bounced joyfully towards him and we all went back to square one.

Orlando decided his window seat was the only place he could be

June5 14 AS

You would have to be pretty insensitive if you do not recognise that this is not a place he is staying because he wants to, but a place he must be because he is a put-upon cat and has nowhere else left to go – this is all that is left to him!!!!

It is very sad!  But then this afternoon there suddenly appeared to be this option too – which has a slight irony to it………Tig on fridge2

I spent an hour this morning re-housing containers of embellishing items and various photos from the top of the tall dresser in my work room and laying a sheepskin rug there instead.  After much coaxing I got Orlando to look at it and even to step onto it – but it wouldn’t do as the puppy was bouncing around on the floor whining that he was missing out on something and Orlando felt the need to exit the building again.

It is a week today since I first met my little black and white ball of fluff and went ‘sqeeeeee!’  The ‘sqeeee’ hasn’t stopped – he is totally gorgeous and when he turns those bright black eyes on me I just melt all over again.  I am sad about my big boy though, as I hate to see him so discombobulated and tense.  I really thought his natural tendency to zen out would see him through, aided by loads of extra attention and reassurance and all those good things – but now I wonder if he is just being bloody minded!

Despite all this tension in our normally content household I have begun a painting:


I hadn’t painted anything except organiser covers since February – I hadn’t even used my lovely new pencils that I purchased in Wellington at the end of March – I was worried I had forgotten how to draw and paint……..  But no, she’s got potential and I just have to become enlightened about what to do with her next.

And I have managed to finish this gorgeous thing as well, working away in the few quiet moments I get in the evenings – though I may decide to put another white double-row of scallops around the edge to finish off my finishing off  🙂

Bavarian Rug finished

Its rather large, coming in at 1.30 m [approx 50″ for you imperialists] and it is a square, despite the camera making it look like a rectangle.  It is texture rich, reversible, and weighty.  If I ever get my bedroom done up the way I would like to, this will look fantastic on my bed!

In the meantime I have to keep it safe from puppy love….

“Are you really, really sure you don’t want me to pull it? Tug it?  Shake it? …. I can you know, it’s no trouble at all…..  You don’t?  Unbelievable!!  What on earth is it for then?”

Siddy June5 14

If you want to have a go [and I don’t mean ‘a go’  in a Sddy kind of way – I mean in a relaxed and crocheting kind of way] at this gorgeous Bavarian Rug for yourself check out Dani’s tutorial.  I am just going to keep right on making things using this stitch – I love it to pieces!!

Bavarian Rug texture

Siddy went to make friends with the folk at our Veterinary Practice on Tuesday.  He was very happy to be there and went from person to person most amiably – I was happy to have a break quite honestly.  He had put on 800 grams in 8 days.  That’s 100 grams a day – in no time at all he will be a giant!  His big sister YD dropped in to see him after her shift last night and said she thought his tail was longer and thicker.  I hadn’t noticed, but this morning on really looking, I think that is where the 800g has gone!  I also wonder how much weight he would put on if he ever sat still………

As I have never given you the full details – and some of you want to know I’m sure 🙂 here is the background and story of how Sid-Arthur arrived in our lives.

Siddy is short for Sid-Arthur.  Sid-Arthur is a play on ‘Siddhartha’ the prince who became the Buddha.  The name came about because the first time we met the wildly energetic ball of fluff, I was allowed to hold him and he settled and became still and quiet in my arms and the pet shop owner observed that ‘he looks just like a little Buddha….’

Siddy’s mother is a Maltese Terrier X Shih Tzu, variously known as a Matzu, Maltzu or a Mitzu.  Dad is a Lhasa Apso.  All I know is there’s an awful lot of terrier in this boy!

Both the Shih-Tzu and the Lhasa Apso began life as Temple Dogs and are named after Lions, who are revered for their courage and large hearts.  Both these traits are easily seen in my little fellow.  Being just a babe he is courageous to the point of fool-hardiness, but time and experience will temper that.  His large heart is seen in his unabated joy and enthusiasm for EVERYTHING!

Sometimes I just stand and watch pure joy in action.  I thought I was good at living in the moment – I discover I still have much to learn!!  Courage is seen when he lines his tiny body up to get down steps or in the past two days, off the chair.  He jumps.  All four legs work at it, the front two go up and out and the back two propel him high into the air and he sails bravely forth with more speed and height than is really required and lands, increasingly gracefully, on the spot he set his eyes upon.  It is impressive, it is courageous, it is funny!

Siddy was born on Friday April 4th 2014.  I found him on Friday 30th May when he was exactly 8 weeks old.  He came to live with me the next day.  The moment my daughter knew he was coming home with me was a moment I missed.

I had met him and cuddled him and returned him to his pen with his two brothers.  We walked off with the pet shop owner to look at equipment that might be required if I was going to commit to a puppy.  Still deep in conversation we returned to the front of the cage where YD observed the pup stop still in the midst of his playful brothers and with a look of pure joy launch himself happily towards me, his eyes fixed on my face.

I thought he was the most gorgeous bundle of energy I had ever seen – but I was intent on getting an older, female dog – and I preferred a Bichon or Bichon-Shih-Tzu X; the ‘Teddy Bear’ dog, or a Labradoodle or a Spoodle.  I thought a girl and the more mature energy would be easier for me and Orlando to cope with.

Three weeks previously I had had an odd experience regarding an older Bichon girl who had been picked up by the pound.  I had made inquiries and been told she was not suitable for re-homing.  Three days later I found out the Dog Rescue people had taken her.  I made contact, saying I was interested, but heard nothing back.  Ten days later I discovered a message in my facebook message box which had somehow got buried beneath others and had been there for a week, advising me the dog would be re-homed and asking if I was interested in applying formally.  Of course I had responded immediately, but it was too late – she had found her forever home.

I was puzzled – this was the perfect scenario for us, why had it not happened?  Obviously she was not meant for us – but she had fit my order perfectly!

I wrestled all night long with committing to a puppy – a huge undertaking, no matter how cute he was!  Full commitment came when I was delivered a waking picture in my mind of a little black and white puppy all alone in a pet shop cage after his two brothers had gone to their forever homes and his intended forever home had said no.

I was In!  YD told me he was already In! and she saw the whole thing as being Inevitable!  And so Sid-Arthur came home.

My postcard prints of ‘Choose Joy’ finally arrived today.  Time to get those organisers made for those of you who are waiting – and then into the Etsy Store too!

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!





50 thoughts on “A Short History of Siddy and Some Other Things

  1. “Being just a babe he is courageous to the point of fool-hardiness, but time and experience will temper that. His large heart is seen in his unabated joy and enthusiasm for EVERYTHING!”

    I just love this description, Pauline. I think it is fitting for us too…we are all babes at some point in our lives even when we are all grown up. I like the painting and the crocheting.
    Oh, my first experience at scrap-booking was a joy. I’m hoping to blog about it soon. I’m trying to catch up on my reading:)

    Have a great week, my friend!


    • I am so happy to hear that you are loving your first forays into scrapbooking! We crafty types like to be enablers you see and believe that the world would be such a better place if everyone scrapped, made cards and played with paint 🙂

      Today I have decided that Siddy is the best pup in the whole entire world and I feel that soon I shall make a post all about that fact! 🙂


  2. I’m so late to the commenting party, Pauline, but I just had to leave a comment on several fronts.
    Firstly, your Bavarian blanket (afghan) is breathtakingly beautiful – such gorgeous colours! You and Linne have totally made my last few months with your respective spectacular Bavarian efforts! Thank-you so much for all the references back to me and pinterest etc. You have been marvellous!
    Secondly, I’m so glad to read in your comments that the ice is slowly thawing between Orlando and Siddy! It can be an incredibly stressful time when a new member joins the family – but then a few months slip by and all seems normal again. I do hope they end up best of friends.
    And last but certainly not least – that stunning painting of yours! I love how you can pick up a paintbrush after a few months and produce that! Simply gorgeous! Oh! and P.S. So thrilled to see the heavenly Narfie winning your great giveaway – a thoroughly deserving winner! Take care dear Pauline! xoxoxoxoxoxox


    • I was just over at your blog assuring you the lack of visits and comments is totally understandable – and there you are!! 🙂 I so appreciate you taking some of your precious time [I know it must be early on a Sunday morning for you, as it is still only mid morning here] to visit! I am loving the Bavarian and am so pleased I persevered with learning it! Now I want to make myself a sleeveless long line vesty type thing using the stitch ….. But I’ve also been introduced recently to the idea of knitted and crocheted mandalas….. whats a girl to do first??


  3. Orlando doesn’t know that he’s so much bigger than the little tiny cutie cute Siddy. He’s still looking confused, Pauline. If you want, you can give him Bach’s Rescue Remedy to make him less tensioned. Your pillow is so beautiful. I love the pattern and the colours. Your painting is beautiful as well. She has dreamy eyes and I love the way you painted her mouse…mouth.. MOL…that could be pictured from aside too. Extra Soft Pawkisses for Orlando and Double for you and Siddy 🙂


    • We are definitely on the same page. O had Rescue Remedy for the first week – Lol!! I wonder what he would have been like without it…… But I must tell you, this morning stopped my heart. First thing this morning in the kitchen a series of wonderful events: 1] Orlando stayed on the floor. 2] Siddy stood still in front of him. 3] Orlando stretched his head forward and touched noses. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I almost burst into tears! Orlando immediately jumped onto his bench – but the deed was done and I am so happy!

      All your good thoughts are helping 🙂 xoxo


  4. I know this post is about Siddy, Orlando, and rugs … but I just had to chuckle over “I don’t loll well”.
    Do any of us want to be photographed lolling? NOT ME, that’s for sure!
    The rug is beautiful and the photo of Orlando over the I Love My Dog magnet is a hoot! The expression on his face!


    • Believe me Laurie, I have given up lolling forever having seen that photo!! [Or at least til tomorrow!]

      I have heard people say that animals cannot communicate their feelings. I am pretty sure those folk never actually observe their animals – Orlando has communicated his feelings very clearly on the matter of this intruder into his world! I am confident though that he has picked up on the irony in the fridge photo as he has since decided to return to almost normal behaviour – although the top of the hutch does appear to be his new napping spot.


  5. Now isn’t that just like a cat to be where you thought they didn’t want to be, go figure. I’m really happy Orlando has broke down and convinced himself he needed some cuddles, brilliant for you both. It’s also good for Siddy to know he has to share your attention. I can’t imagine what Orlando must be thinking, “when is he going away?” or something like that 😀 But heavens, that look would melt the whiskers off a sabre tooth tiger I think…..LOL what a face.

    The crochet project just blows my mind. Truly gorgeous Pauline! Of course I love the colours, but you’ve done such even gauging too. I don’t know if I’m capable of learning. I gave it a go for a couple of days, but couldn’t remember a week later when I picked up the project to carry on. I think I’ll just have to wait until I have more time.

    We were doing inventory at the store this weekend and I was counting the Dina Wakely paints and brushed and I thought of you. I wondered what you were up too. Who know you could do both at the same time, be a new momma to a rambunctious little angel AND exercise your artistic eye too. Wait! You managed to post about it too, which is eluding me this month entirely. xoK Rock On, Pauline, Orlando and Siddy, rock on. xoxok


    • I am reading your comment while a little whirlwind races around the floor with various soft toys in his mouth, hustling them from his toy basket to under the curtain , then over to his bed where he buries them beneath the mattress he’s done four in the time it took to write the sentence! Orlando is on the back of my chair in his old position for the first time – snoozing peacefully………… He is coming around quite quickly now, although still refusing to have anything to do with Siddy.

      You are getting ready to shift house, working in your new job and thinking you should be making posts on your blog too? I’ve got it easy compared to you!!

      I don’t get to spend very long in my work room, Siddy requires constant attention and it has been a challenge to get him NOT to be at my feet constantly. Today I managed an hour on the organisers while he snoozed half in and half out of his bed – hopefully tomorrow it might be two hours. Every day sees improvements in both my boys 🙂

      I bet you are quite excited about your move – your new house looks just lovely with trees all around and such a nice street. I can’t wait for you to be in and sharing it with us!!


  6. Oh DEAR! Orlando is just going to have to suck it up and meet Mr Sidney King the first on his home ground or I fear “ground” might be something that Mr Orlando is devoid of for the foreseeable future. That fridge magnet is indeed a bitter irony isn’t it? Is it fear, loathing or plain outrageous indignation that Mr O has towards small Sidney King the first? Hopefully it will pass and he will get back to some semblance of life BS.

    Another row of white would really set off that edging and make it “final”…I am surprised that Siddy hasn’t made it “final” to be honest ;). I love his story, it echoes both Bezial and Qi (my daughters little staffy) story. Bezial was one of two pups. Stevie-boy was quite taken with his shorter wider brother but Bezial was the one that ran up and bounced all over him whilst his brother could care less about being handled or held…Bezial won. Qi was very small and not as pretty as her sister who was getting ALL the attention. You could see a wealth of wisdom in those little eyes as she already knew that beauty got you places that being small and clever didn’t. Being small and clever got you delivered right into my daughters arms and living the life of Reilly where you get to eat caviar (yes caviar!) and smoked eel and you have your very own little fold out chair set up for you to watch television from…sometimes being small and plain pays off 😉

    You were meant to get Siddy and all of his boisterous energy. Both you and Mr O were meant to get shaken, not stirred, by all of this. There is a lesson here, whether you can see it or not and one day you are going to know what that lesson entailed. At the moment you are just going to have to suck it up and wear Sir Sidney-Arthur as a most crazy, round, fur-balled monsoon of a pup that is going to take SOME getting used to 😉


    • There is such a sense of inevitability around how how pets choose us isn’t there – Orlando also chose me – I was after a little tabby initially – Heavens, that clever little Qi is certainly having the life of Reilly [Riley?]!! Orlando is/was having fear, loathing, indignation in equal amounts. Last night I was allowed a big cuddle for the first time in a week after he went into a deep sleep [pure exhaustion] on top of the dresser and fell off with a loud and ignominious thump. Safely cradled in my arms, he looked down at the pup whining on the floor because he was missing out and began to purr loudly and settled in for a long cuddle ……. This morning he actually walked on the floor – so progress is being made 🙂 I am hopeful 🙂

      Siddy has brought a lively energy into our lives, which I was ready for, but which alas Orlando was not – it has made me realise how mature he is and how settled and zen-like his days are. Obviously this stir up will do him the world of good when he gets over his resistance to change!


      • Here HERE and so glad that Mr O has started to feel a bit happier. We are still hoping that Earl and Bezial will get along one day soon but we aren’t holding our breath 😉


  7. Awwwwww, poor Orlando! He does look rather put out. I fear puppy’s cuteness may be rather lost on him.
    Your finished blanket is gorgeous, by the way. But I hope you realized that already. 🙂


  8. Such a pretty pattern and colours in the rug 🙂 Lovely painting 🙂 Poor Orlando though, that’s a very cool demeanor he is wearing lol – I wonder if maybe you will find one day a DO NOT scribbled on that sign on the fridge in some of your paint… complete with cat paw prints. Puppies are so different to cats aren’t they? I have enjoyed slowly down to Mittens pace and watching all his behaviours after so many years with just dogs.


    • Lol! – Or ripped off altogether! Just as well he can’t read 🙂 Chalk and cheese aren’t they – You are slowing down and I am having to rev up my game here – maybe it is what we both need! I have trod on Siddy so many times I am terrified of being had up for puppy abuse! He is always RIGHT THERE! No matter where I am heading he tries to second guess me and race ahead – if he chooses the wrong direction he belts back through my feet…. I am learning to walk very carefully!
      When I sit down he lays across my left foot. I can’t even think of moving and he is up and ready….. It is funny, endearing and exhausting!


      • I often feel certain animals come to us when we need them….I have been so thankful for having puss, he has taught me to just relax and calm myself. Not sure what Siddy means for you lol. I don’t know how many times I fell over my Bichon as a pup, he drove me nuts the first two years 🙂 🙂 You have a lonnnggg haul ahead 🙂


        • I agree totally – I obviously need a bit more razz-ma-tazz in my quiet existence! And it is so – one of the main reasons I wanted to get a dog was to have to walk and get out and about and exercise it. Unfortunately this little chap has another 8 weeks to go before I can get him to the dog park or the beach, but in the meantime he can run me ragged around the house. It’s all great fun and we are both sleeping VERY well 🙂


  9. You will never run out of things to blog about again. Between your wonderful painting, crafting, crocheting and your pets. Life will be full to the brim and so entertaining. Enjoy each and every morsel. We will. 🙂


  10. With the exception of Orlando’s obvious distress, this post made me happy. New life, joy, abandonment, glee, and those incredible big, round eyes. Honestly, how could you help yourself? It was meant to be, Pauline. Thanks for giving him a loving home. I know Orlando will come around and I know you will continue to make him feel safe and secure and loved.

    Your art will always be there. It’s in your heart and mind, and flows from your hands when the time is right.

    Your crochet is a masterpiece of gorgeous colors and textures. Lindy’s been lounging on top of ours, currently on the back of a chair. It’s going to be 97F tomorrow, so no need for wooly blankets just now.

    Perhaps a puppy gate/baby gate across one room to allow Orlando to jump over it for some peace when he needs it. Even a large cardboard box wedged into the door might work temporarily.

    Big hugs, pets, chin scratches all around, distributed as you see fit.


    • Dear Alys thank you for this wonderful comment! I am so sorry for the grief you are experiencing right now – one of yours departs as a new one comes to me – It really is the circle of life isn’t it. Beijing was a beautiful girl!

      Your gate advice was timely and perfect! I read your comment in my email and immediately went and applied the suggestion. I have no gate but do have a stretched canvas of exactly the right proportions which I placed across the doorway to the work room. I can step over it, Orlando can jump over it and Siddy can jump up and down against it and it won’t move as it is jammed between door jamb and the back of the heater 🙂 Perfect!!

      Of course since doing that Orlando has decided he would like to be in the same room as Siddy! 🙂 Contrary Cats!!


      • Thank you, dear Pauline. I’ve enjoyed your recent posts without an ounce of sadness. Life is a beautiful thing, and your wee little pup and your obvious love and care for him is a joy to behold.

        I’m so glad to hear the gate idea was a plus. How ‘feline’ of Orlando to choose the same room after your efforts. If that’s what it takes, though, so be it. He may decide it’s a good option when he’s ready for what a call ‘the big sleep of the day.’ Lindy roams around the house and cat naps here and there, but then she eventually disappears in to our bedroom closet and sleeps for hours, reappearing around dinner time.


        • Quite! I shall leave it there and we will see. Today I had my first big cuddle from O since Siddy arrived – he caved, he couldn’t hold out any longer 🙂 We’ve had several more since and he even asked me to sit down on my chair [usually so he can nap on my lap] and sat on the arm beside me – a big step forward! Feeling confident 🙂


  11. Love the story, the name and the pup! I’m right there with you with all the puppy headaches, but in the end the love received more than makes up for the effort!


  12. I’;ll forever remember his day he came to live with you since it was on my birhtday!!lol. He was meant to be with you + life is like that….yep, I believe things happen for a reason. I have 3 cats( my daughter rescued two and one was a mothers day present), from my lovely daughter that kept rescuing them + 3 other dogs added to my other 2 dogs at home! At one time we had 5 humans, 5 dogs, 3 cats, many small critters my daughter just had to have, but NO SNAKES…those were the days. Now I have 3 old dogs + 3 old cats( kids gone leaving their best friends behind). I never grew up with cats,, but I would say that look that you are getting from the fridge top—is evil;-)lol. NOT A HAPPY CAT…tee hee..but they do get over it and will become great friends. They just have to learn to live together. My cats and dogs sometimes sleep together or sun bath in the same area on the rug:-) However, my middle dog Schatze has to keep them in check and does chase them to remind them of their place in the “pecking order”….it is always an adventure, but life with out animals would be dull!
    I am looking forward to the ‘ Adventures of Sid + Orlando”….it will be fun!


    • You have had a collection – you still have a collection!! It’s a wonder you find time to make that beautiful garden! I too believe things happen as they must – this morning I said this very thing to Orlando adding ‘Get over it Orlando!’ in a stern voice. I’m not sure he is listening but has moved from the top of the fridge to the top of the book shelf this morning. Life would indeed be dull without them huh!!


      • All my neighbors have dogs, but I get a kick out of my neighbor next door. He comes home from work and I hear him outside calling to his small dogs, ” Are there two little girls in there”…and you can hear them barking happily and see them jumping up and down!. He then lets the girls out and talks to them like they are his little kids. I told him one day, I believe now that our kids are gone we have new children. lol…I talk to mine as if they are my children. I have 3 children + now 3 cats + 3 dogs:-) A friend once said to me, after I had announced I needed to get home because of my dogs, ” Robbie, I understand they are your family”…yes they are indeed!!!


        • Absolutely! And I am just coping with what happens when an only and over-indulged child abruptly finds himself host to a baby brother! The message has been very clear “Send it back Mumma!”


  13. Poor Orlando. He looks as though he’s ready to push that pitcher off the top of the refrigerator. 🙂
    Oh that face! That adorable face…how could anyone, including Orlando not love little Siddy!
    I love your painting, Pauline and the crocheted blanket is beautiful. I love how Siddy’s collar matches the blanket. 🙂


  14. Poor Orlando… I look forward to the day when I see a photo on your blog of Orlando and Siddy curled up asleep together. Beautiful blanket – I am in awe of your skills! Just make sure Siddy doesn’t get his mitts on it!! You know of course that the puppy phase doesn’t last..? Enjoy every crazy, funny, rascally moment!! Monty is now the grand old age of two and a half – all grown up! But he is still full of life and love and makes me laugh many times every day. Take care Pauline and please give both of your gorgeous fluffikins a big hug from us! : )))xoxox


    • Thanks Anne – I keep telling myself that it’s not forever and I’ll be sorry when he’s an old boy and says ‘What, you want me to get up and go for a walk – again?’ I’m relaxing into it more now and enjoying him very much. I just have to remember that for the big boy it is a case of baby steps – the small victories are adding up……… And I too look forward to that photo one day!


  15. It’s a good thing that puppy is so cute and loveable–he cuts a wide swath! If Orlando would get close enough to give Siddy just one swat on the nose, it would be good for both of them, probably. I’m sure time will bring both of them around–I just hope, for your sake, it is sooner rather than later. Your crocheted blanket is spectacular! The texture of the pattern adds so much. Good luck this weekend with your “kids”!


    • I agree Kerry! Just one swat would do it – puppy is pretty amenable to different forms of ‘no!’ However he loves nothing better than a fleeing cat to chase after – it’s a great game!


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