Contented Crafter Organiser – Winner

Finally dear readers and bloggy friends – we have the post you have just been hanging out for [yes? yes??]

Running behind I made my lists and checked them twice – eventually there were 78 strips of paper crammed into the coffee cup bearing names gathered from the comments section of the previous post and the beloved ‘followers’ of The Contented Crafter Facebook page.

Whilst engaged in this activity there was a petulant cat to try and mollify, pet, remind he was still my number one favourite, hand feed to prove that last statement whilst keeping a watchful eye on puppy as he stole my morning woolly socks from the bedroom, stole Orlando’s happy-bag from the basket, pushed his way between various barriers, chewed on the reading lamp cord and pulled a recipe book from the bakers rack and tore it to shreds.

The camera sat at the ready to take three pretty shots of all the names lined up neatly, piled into my morning coffee cup and the winning name proudly displayed for all to see.

I stirred and shook the contents of the mug as vigorously as possible, pulled out one strip, set it aside and tossed the rest while simultaneously scrambling to get puppy to his pee mat before he did it in the wrong place, then discovering uh-oh, not a pee,  scrambling to get puppy outdoors for his imminent poo….. picking puppy up and cuddling him because once again he got stepped on due to his not-so-endearing habit of running between my feet every time I move.

I spent some further precious minutes mollifying Orlando who had only just deigned to re-enter the house and would stay BUT ONLY SO LONG AS THAT THING DIDN’T MOVE!

Eventually I started writing this post and realised – oh dear, yes, the camera is still sitting at the ready……

However, puppy is snoozing on my left foot, and cat is sitting on the back of the chair on his blankie for the first time in five days….  A MIRACLE HAS JUST TAKEN PLACE AND THERE IS NOBODY TO SEE IT!

So I write dear friends.  A stillness has settled over the room broken only by the tap of my fingers on the keyboard and the deep, heavy breathing of Orlando who has not yet attained contentment enough to release his rumbley purr.  But who may, if he gets a wee sleep undisturbed, find his mojo again.

I dare not move!

The camera is on the other side of the room, the strip of paper is here beside me.

The strip of paper bears the name ‘Narf77’

I hooted with laughter when I saw that name – if you follow along with The Road to Serendipity you may be aware of the wonderful antics of the wonderful Fran when it comes to blog giveaways.  I always love her comments on mine and others’ posts as they are always in depth, humorous and often longer than the original article.  I’m not sure if Fran has won a giveaway previously, but I know that in recent times amongst the blogs we both follow, she has not, despite her fervent wish to do so.   Fran’s recent decision to ‘let the Universe decide’ has obviously been a wise one.

The Universe, with a tad of assistance from Orlando and Sid-Arthur has decided.

Congratulations Narfie, drop me an email with your cover choice and we will get her underway!

To everybody else who took part, thank you and I hope you had fun too.

And because there is a lack of photos today here is one just to remind you of the new little cuteness:

May31 coming home

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!



47 thoughts on “Contented Crafter Organiser – Winner

  1. Well, this is late, but what a great ending to my day today! Narfie, my friend, congratulations!!!!!!!
    Am looking forward to seeing your lovely organiser – bet you are organised in no time at all . . .

    Pauline, that Siddy is just too cute! Nothing like a puppy, is there? (well, except for a kitty, a baby, a foal . . . lol) Triplets, indeed! I’d rather have triplet babies (so long as I could return them once they became mobile 🙂 )

    gotta run, but wanted to drop in for a moment. I think dogs settle faster than cats because dogs are pack animals; they have to find their place in the hierarchy. Cats, on the other hand, run the world, preferably all on their own. Look at Bast . . .

    They’ll work it out, though, I’m sure of that. It may take a bit of time. If Siddy had been there first and then the new kitty had come, it might have been easier, but, as Narfie says, whatchagonnadoeh? 🙂 Tell Orlando that he’s welcome at my place anytime. Pity I can’t find that stargate, isn’t it?

    As to the party . . . BRING IT ON!! Especially if it involves finding my acreage by the sea and a cute hobbit cottage . . . I wish I had the teakettle we had when I was young; a huge aluminium thing that would have made tea for all (well, one cup, anyway, then I’d have it on the fire again as quick as a wink).

    I have to say that if I win the lotto, I’d love to travel round, gather up my villager friends and we’d have the party on Tasmania, which we could simply take over and run as it oughta be run! What say you, Narfie? 🙂 hugs, everyone! ~ Linne


  2. Ah!! Peace while the children sleep! So glad!
    I’m sorry but I just had to chuckle over your previous comment about “worse than triplets”. Your sweet little home is in chaos.
    I’m glad you enjoy Siddy none the less.


    • I had clients yesterday who sat in the chaos and all commented how unusual it was to see the room in such chaos. It was also quite challenging to get them to do their work while a puppy bounded around them enthusiastically inviting them to forget their cares! Maybe I’ll give up counselling and just hire Siddy out as an instant endorphin raiser…..


  3. Thanks for sharing another gorgeous Siddy photo, it’s a wonder you manage to do much of anything. I’d just want to cuddle him all the time. Of course there’s lovely Orlando, who must get tons of reassurance that momma loves him most 😉 I often say that to Blossum when I cuddle her up, “oh Blossum, you’re my favourite” and then it’s Petals turn, “sweet little Petals, I love you most”. HA, it makes Mr B laugh. I don’t know if they feel extra special, but they do love their individual cuddle times. How much do you think Siddy weighs? He looks so so so small 😀

    Congratulations Narf ! Overjoyed that you will be seeing a fab package arriving. Happy days to all of you over there 😀 xoK


    • Siddy went to see the vet on Tuesday and weighs 2.4kg. 9 days previously he had weighed in at 1.6. At this rate I expect him to burst in another week or two…….

      I can just see you with your two lovely black girls, whispering in their ears and assuring each one she is your best cat ever! I am constantly telling Orlando he is my best and favourite and most preferred – he just doesn’t believe it any more! Progress is being made though, and that is what I am clinging to – baby steps, baby steps!


  4. You couldn’t’ve gotten a more appreciative response from your winner! I loved reading the story of the process of choosing the winner–dog and cat intersect with real life, again! I regularly leave things undone because “I have a cat on my lap” so I understand that your camera simply wasn’t too important. I’m feeling a little sorry for Orlando–that puppy has rocked his world. And yours, too, for that matter!


    • It’s a great response isn’t it! I shall expect that degree of enthusiasm from all future winners of give-aways!!

      Poor Orlando! I too feel so bad for him. He has taken it harder than I thought he would – but he is coming round ever so slowly, but progress is progress. And yes, my world has been rocked! 🙂


  5. Concats to the winner. Very pleased to hear that Orlando is coming paw by paw…or nail by nail…closer to his…. true self 😀 Extra Pawkiss for the courage, Orlando! Granny and I am proud of you 🙂 And Siddy is the most adorable thingie we’ve ever seen, Pauline. Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂


  6. OMG – he is too divine for words!!! Absolutely beautiful!! Monty is still a terrible sock thief! To help stop the more annoying chewing – two suggestions: 1. Buy some ‘Bitter Bite’ repellent to spray on precious or dangerous items. 2. Give him lots of good things to chew on – eg rawhide and puppy-safe toys. : ))))xoxox


    • Thanks Anne #2 is in hand – but I have not heard of #1 Bitter Bite. I shall have to revisit the pet shop and inquire!

      Siddy does have a fondness for the lamp cord! Currently that corner of the room resembles a fortress of boxes, cushions and baskets all playing their vital role in building an impregnable wall in front of the offending lamp and cords……


  7. Yay for Narfie! I am thrilled for her. Orlando will eventually get comfortable with Siddy. My blossom (dog) eventually became mom to Buffy (cat). They learn to work things out with time. Puppies are a handful but so much fun.


    • It was a good win wasn’t it! I appreciate your encouragement on the working it out front too. I am sure they will, it is just so dang hard living with an unhappy Orlando. He is exhausted from being up and on guard poor fellow and has reclaimed the bed. Which will make tonight most interesting 🙂


  8. Oh…yes…in all my excitement I completely forgot to applaud that moment where Orlando’s blind terror started to abate and he has started to accept his fate…soon he will be interacting with Siddy, albeit batting him on the head with extreme force and hissing wildly BUT still interacting. From there it’s only a hop-step-and a jump to full blown acceptance and resigned sighing for the rest of his days. I will get Bezial to send him an email. I am sure he can fill him in on the new-found state of affairs to ease him into it smoothly…


    • I’m exhausted with all these prima-donna hissy fits and big-eyed ‘Oh, woe is me!’ looks. He refuses to walk on the floor, so when he gets to the end of the counter/table run he meows plaintively and waits for me to come and lift him across the divide – and I do!! I must be bonkers! 🙂


      • Thats a Maine Coon for you…that nose is SO far out of joint! Little Siddy is just the ticket to teach him that he isn’t the king of everything that he surveys. Bezial wouldn’t have a bar of Earl for 3 days and then we took them both to the beach and he realised that Earl might be fun (how wrong was HE! 😉 ) He growled at him for 3 straight days and we were getting very VERY worried that we had made a terrible mistake…Bezial would say now that we DID make a terrible mistake but it’s too late to shove him back into his dog carrier as he won’t fit any more 😉


        • We have passed the three day mark and there is some improvement – at least the cat is inside again – but the stand off remains. I can’t imagine Earl letting Bezial growl at him for too long without coming back with some kind of response.


          • Earl was a wee skinny little wide eyed tacker and was just like Siddy…completely oblivious to Bezials angst and just bumbled around cutely doing what bumbling pups do. I think Bezial was having future premonitions and Qi didn’t like Earl either…poor Early, he smelled of pig…still does! 😉


            • All these little anecdotes help you know – dogs obviously recover quicker than cats is all. I can see progress, no matter how small and that is heartening. I think if I was Orlando and saw this small round black and white thing racing towards me at the speed of a bullet I would freak out too! He is just so enthusiastic!! I heard myself say to him in exasperation sometime yesterday ‘Could you please just dial it back A BIT!!??’


              • And I bet he REALLY paid attention there 😉 Seriously though, a great BIG H.U.G.E. furry thing that is jumping around and is always just out of reach? A puppies idea of heaven! 🙂


  9. Holy CRAP I won! I just noticed the new post on FB and as I am studiously avoiding my RSS Feed Reader that is crammed to the back gills with unread posts I would have missed this if I wasn’t keeping an eye on FB (also studiously avoiding everything else that I need to accomplish today whilst breathing into a large paper bag…what the heck! I am just going to tear myself some eyes and heavy breath my brains out for the rest of the day!). I really can’t believe that I won! I am sitting here like a proverbial stunned mullet (where oh WHERE did that saying come from dad? You should have written all of them down before you so inconsiderately died on me…”stone the crows!”…”stiffen the bandicoots!”…”shi* said the duchess!” may they never lose their flavour). I can’t even squeal to an audience as Stevie-boy has a few weeks of gainful employment and my 2 boys are outside enjoying a brief respite from the rain and I would hate to interrupt their sun worship. I won a fantastic, you beaut, one of a kind, gorgeous, precious and most amazing organiser! Does that mean that I am about to become someone who is actually “Organised”?

    I think it might be time for me to do a happy dance. (First nip to the loo…) NOW I can do a happy dance with impunity! Can you see me frolicking in your minds eye? 🙂 Thank-you more than you know for your gorgeous organiser in advance of me even receiving it Pauline. I would have been content to have just been one of your readers with exposure to the gorgeous creations that you pour out on your pages but to win something as beautiful and functional as this…I think I just blew a fuse! Now I have to decide (HOW AM I GOING TO DECIDE! They are all so gorgeous?) which organiser to pick… I might just have to have a lay down now and I was going to do SO much today! Maybe I can just pencil everything that I need to do into my organiser in advance? Maybe I could send you my “To Do” list and you could write it into the very first page so that I can get straight onto it when it arrives… (maybe you could send it snail mail so it doesn’t arrive TOO soon and I can have a couple of days flat out like a lizard drinking”on Pinterest? Nope? I didn’t think so 🙂 )

    To everyone who didn’t win I am sorry for your loss…but not TOO sorry mind you! That happy dance involved a tiny degree of strutting I am somewhat ashamed to admit. I don’t often win things and rarely do I win things that I lust after. I lusted after this organiser from afar. I threw it to the fates and the fates decided that narf7 should go to the ball (in a most organised and attractive way) so please feel free to envy the pants off me everyone else. I can be most magnanimous in my losses but so far I haven’t managed to translate this to my winnings (haven’t had enough practice yet, but I am working on it!). “I WON!!!!!!!” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Sooooo….I guess this means you’re excited?

      I’ve been waiting for your cheerful comment, knowing you would be thrilled to pieces. They’re all beautiful, so it will be a tough decision. Perhaps in the spirit of the post, you can toss your three choices into a mug and pick one?

      Happy day!


    • I am surprised to see you here – I really didn’t expect you til sometime in December being as how I’m a ‘T’ in your RSS feed.

      I am most pleased that you are pleased – always great to know the person who wins is happy – even if it is a slightly over-the-top hysteria – I can’t tell you how I laughed when I saw it was your name! I peeled the puppy off my trouser leg and hoofed it a little myself 🙂 [That was when I trod on said puppy [again] 😦 ]

      The prints of ‘Choose Joy’ STILL haven’t arrived, so if you wish to choose that one there will be a delay. Otherwise good to go.

      Very happy to write your ‘To-Do’ list in the front if required 🙂


      • I might have to supply a pen in order to prevent you exhausting one of yours as my list appears to be HUGE at the moment. I have been thinking about which organiser style I would love and am going to put all of them into a mug and see what the fates give me. They delivered my name into your hand (and sorry, they made you tread on Siddy 😦 ) so lets just see what they tell us? I will let you know ASAP 🙂 I tend to be pretty overexcited about most things but I so rarely win anything that I am frankly stunned! I am off to peel pumpkin and sing my lungs out (sorry neighbours) in joy at my newfound winning streak. Time to get that lotto ticket? If I won I could travel the globe catching up with all of my internet mates, picking you all up on the way till it culminated in one HUGE party at Linnies house and we could all pick Linnie out a new house on the coast and yes…I would pay for Siddy to come to! 🙂


  10. Hurray, hurray, hurray for Narf77. I’m so excited for you, Fran. Oh, she’ll be so darn excited. Congratulations, lucky winner.

    Meanwhile, I’m glad you’re enjoying a bit of piece and a backwards snuggle from Orlando. Poor kitty. I know they’ll both work it out in time.

    You’ve got your hands full with that little character. What fun though! Enjoy, enjoy.


    • I just got here and see she has already been – isn’t it great!! I am enjoying Siddy very much – but man it’s worse than triplets! My neat and tidy little home has become a battlefield after the tanks have rolled through! 🙂


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