An Update On A Cat and A Dog

I knew I was long overdue for a post.  It was on my mind to write one, but so is getting Narf77’s organiser finished and off to her.  Time for these things can only be snatched in small increments it seems when you have a puppy.  And a petulant cat.

But Laurie over at Life On the Bike and Other Fab Things asked how we were all doing this morning and spurred me into action.  So immediately I had cleaned out the potty, petted the cat, cleaned up the accidental pee from over excitement at the thought of getting at the cat – [Siddy, not me!], bathed the dog, dried the dog, brushed the dog, petted the cat, washed the floor, retrieved and put my shoe away again, fed the cat, thrown a ball for the dog and carried/danced the cat around the house with Bruce belting out on the stereo just because he likes that and retrieved the torn up paper scattered about the house by the dog whilst cat and I were dancing, played with the dog again because he obviously felt left out, IMMEDIATELY I had sorted all that, I sat down to write this post.

It’s nearly mid-winter here at the bottom of the world.  The days are short.  The weather is variable.  Four seasons in one day is common place – those Finn Brothers are after all from here, they knew what they were talking about!

I’m looking forward to the return of longer days.  My mantra is ‘When it’s spring Siddy will be able to ……..When it’s spring Siddy won’t do …….. When it’s spring Siddy will be ready to ….. When it’s spring Orlando will be able to cope with Siddy’s energy!’

Siddy has lived here for three weeks.  Just three weeks.

This was Orlando and me before

before siddy


This is us after

after siddy scaredy cat

Siddy still hasn’t had all his puppy shots and my vet strongly recommends keeping outings to a minimum until he is fully protected.  Isn’t it odd – I don’t believe in vaccinating babies – and didn’t – but I am doing as I am told with a puppy.  I live in an urban area and I don’t want to take any risks.  No dog parks or beach walks for us yet, just surreptitious little outings around the block when the coast is clear.

Also, our puppy classes have been delayed due to illness.  So I have to be creative in keeping my puppy exercised and happy and busy.  Luckily for me, Will over at Marking Our Territory got himself another new pup just recently and, as it was mostly his fault that I stopped thinking about it and actually went out and got my own new pup, I shamelessly follow along and copy everything he does.

Will is an excellent dog owner and he does ‘training’ sessions. So we do ‘training’ too.

‘Training’ works really well.  Siddy can ‘sit’ on command, ‘stay’ and ‘come’ when called.  He has learned to ‘lie down’ with the movement of my hand – no voice – and almost has the idea of ‘rolling over’ also with just a hand movement.

He is brilliant at training, possibly the cleverest little puppy in the whole world and we are both most pleased with him!

12 6 14 profile

Then someone else enters the house and it all goes over his head straight out the window, through the door and down the street!  We just have a mad whirligig of a leaping, yelping, whimpering, bum waggling, cannon ball of white and black fluff.

12 6 14  fluffy bum

We also do ‘leash training’.  Leash training works quite well too.  We do it in the house, up and down the hallway, round the living room, out into the courtyard and the car port area.  We walk beautifully together up and down the path between the two houses that share this section.  I walk along with a loosish lease, head up, a certain briskness in my feet and puppy trots along beside me.  Head up, close in, neither ahead or behind.

It is textbook perfection.  Someone should video this to show everyone else how easily it is all done.  Siddy and I are one, trotting happily up and down the pathway, a brief rest at each end for a treat and we head off again for another twelve metre stint.

When we do actual ‘leash walking’ it is entirely a different story.  There are smells, lamp-posts, distractions galore.  This photo is from the day he came home, nothing much has changed.

May31 First walk3

Siddy is now 11 weeks old.  He has almost doubled in size.  In no time at all he will look like a real dog and less like a stuffed toy.

Before he was unaware of anything except what was in front of his nose, now he is aware of outside sounds and noises and comings and goings.  He stands on alert when a car pulls up, a voice is heard.  He told me when a pot in the kitchen was boiling over. How’s that for smarts?

He loves to steal my shoes from my bedroom and refuses to believe I mean ‘No!’. Probably because I think the sight of a small rotund puppy, head held high, red suede shoe firmly held aloft, scampering down the hallway as fast as his little legs will carry him is hilariously funny.


He has been stood on a hundred and six times and still doesn’t get that being underneath my feet in the kitchen is not a good idea.  Every time he gets stepped on he yelps loud and long.  I expect to get arrested for puppy beating at any moment.

Siddy LOVES Orlando.  Siddy wants Orlando to play with him just as Mr Fox and Ms Bunny do


Orlando is still living in hope that Siddy will disappear as suddenly as he arrived.

“Oh, good heavens – it’s STILL here?”



Orlando has come a long way though.  Whilst still preferring high places, the top of the fridge and the top of the hutch have all been cleared of their pretty and useful things in order to make them pet friendly areas, he does come a bit closer to the floor from time to time:

I'll Stay Here3 20 6 14

Sometimes he allows his rather luscious and luxurious tail to droop towards the floor, which drives a little pup into a frenzy of leaping and whimpering and scrambling about for a foothold.  Yes, there is a bit of teasing going on because – well after all – there is always a wee pup not too far away………….

I'll Wait Here4 20 6 14

There is a nice morning ritual that has been in existence for about ten days now.  Orlando is on his kitchen bench, I pick up Siddy and hold him, waiting for him to become quiet – or at least quieter than moments before.  When he is satisfied at the energy level, Orlando stretches his head toward the quivering, barely controlled puppy and they touch noses.

Puppy usually explodes with joy at this point and is quickly replaced on the floor before he bursts and Orlando quietly sets about partaking of first breakfast.

The first time it happened my heart burst with joy too – it was a small miracle.  It felt like a  forward movement – maybe not peace, but at least a cessation of armed combat.  It’s been getting better and better ever since.

I no longer have to go and search for Orlando outside and carry him to his eating place or resting place.  He comes in the door now despite the capering, happy puppy standing right there.  He simply jumps over him and up onto a higher place.  He asks for hugs and dances and cuddles again and even acquiesced to a brushing, provided I did it on the table top and not on the floor.  I used to have a rule about Orlando and table tops.  It has been slowly eroded over the past year or so and now has vanished entirely out the window along with all Siddy’s cleverness at tricks when visitors come calling.

I feel my life organisation skills have been all out of sync lately.   I did a lovely make-over and then got a puppy.  Something is truly wrong about that progression!  So much for being an example to my clients 🙂

Yesterday when I was conducting ‘training’ with Siddy, Orlando lined up for treats too. Despite refusing to ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’ or ‘come’ he got some.

Time in the creative room is severely curtailed.  Last time I managed a couple of hours which pleased me greatly, but that was four days ago and, between pets, visitors and clients, I haven’t been back since.

One of my mantras is ‘When spring comes I’ll be able to spend more time creating’.

I live in hope that one day soon I shall publish a one photograph, no word post on this blog.  It will simply be a cat and a dog sitting side by side.

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!

52 thoughts on “An Update On A Cat and A Dog

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    • Orlando stays ‘up’ much to Siddy’s disappointment. We are working on an easing of hostilities and make baby steps every day. Both Siddy and I are full of hope 🙂

      Thanks so much for the follow – I just popped over to your blog and am most impressed. How wonderful to leave your pet’s travel care in the hands of someone so obviously caring and responsible. Kudos animalcouriers. I’m now following you too. It’s always nice to meet new good folk. 🙂


  2. Wow that puppy is just so cute! I bet he has a huge part of your heart, the bit left by Orlando 😀 .
    I have small dogs and they know that the kitchen is off limits because of the stepping on them problem. Just a lovely post, put a great big grin on my face. Thanks x


    • I’ve just found this comment – I’m so sorry not to have replied before! Siddy has wormed his way into my affections pretty easily really – and even Orlando is showing signs of acceptance and some tolerance. I still step on this pup at least once every day – he just doesn’t get that it’s not a good idea to sit right behind me when I’m cooking. My house is open plan otherwise I would do as you have done. I guess we will get it sorted eventually – I am learning to look before moving 🙂


      • Yes open plan makes it difficult. Perhaps a little mat in a safe spot that he can be taught to sit on?? How adorable they are, even when being painful lol


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  4. Oh, thanks for the music, too; I don’t think I’ve heard of CH before; but I’ll be looking their other stuff up on YTube soon. ~ L


  5. . . . just what I needed to read! Thanks lots, Pauline! but I’ll have you know that when I get a puppy (no time soon, sadly), it will be different! You will see . . . and it will be welcomed by the cats, too! And since you are reading this, I have this bridge I’ve decided to let go off; it’s now for sale . . .

    I’ve had several puppies and also dogs I inherited from various people; all of them came with established problems of one sort or another, But I don’t remember it being as you describe . . . must be like childbirth, eh? I got out of the delivery room the last time, sat up on the gurney (that was in the dark ages of another century, you know) and asked if I could go back in and do it again! Honest! So I’ll stay far from your abode and the puppy sickness won’t get me . . . although I will keep reading your entertaining posts . . . laughing is so good for us, isn’t it?

    I’m tempted to offer to visit just so I could take turns with you holding peaceful Mr. O and wee tornado Mr. S; but nope, I’m not coming by . . . I know what would happen . . . and I do love me a large dog . . . or two . . . 🙂 and you, of course . . . 🙂

    Such sweetness; I’m amazed that you can still breathe . . . thanks for sharing. I love it! ~ Linne


    • A bridge? Really?? I dread to think where you have kept that!

      Siddy changes every day and every week another big milestone appears to be reached. It is very easy to forget how it was last week – -another reason for documenting his/our progress I suppose 🙂


  6. Now I will be the one to say to you, “You certainly know how to keep yourself busy”. LOL I think you have me beat my dear. At least I can fall in a chair and close my eyes when I feel I’ve reach the bottom of the ‘energy jar’. While you must continue on, with patience and love until Siddy tires out and flops to sleep. I’m certain his stamina can not be matched by either of us 😀

    Happy to hear that Orlando has found a way back to his loveable self and you are enjoying dances and snuggles. I smile when I think of you both waltzing around. BTW, I am a huge Finn brothers fan. I love Crowded House and have them all on my Ipod. I especially love ‘Private Universe’, their lyrics are so clever: “I have all I want, is that simply enough? There’s a whole lot more I’ve been thinking of. Every night about six o’clock, the birds come back to the pond to talk”. I’d listen to it from our deck at the lake and smile. The musical composition is vary rhythmic too, which I love. Here they are live in Australia… them.

    Your photo’s are all so comical. The, ‘Oh heavens’ look on Orlando’s face is hilarious. and the one where O is on the dresser and Siddy is looking up as to say, “Why is Orlando way up there?”
    The strange thing is, I don’t remember any of this from having a puppy. I only remember how cute Jasper was and all the lovely cuddles and how soft a puppy is and how my whole heart was full up with love. I’m sure there must have been the same silliness though. Honestly, I think you may well forget in a few years too. Siddy and O’s constant love and companionship will fill your heart so full, there’ll be no room left for memories of the trying thing and you’ll only remember the good parts. Have fun making all your lovely memories, keep us posted. While you’re tearing your hair out, we get a giggle out of it. xoxoxoxk


    • ‘This too shall pass’ is an adage I live by and teach to my clients 🙂 It is already passing and as we begin the second month of living with Siddy I was just musing on how much calmer and easier it is already. When we went for second walk yesterday I was towed around a new route so fast I am considering getting some roller blades and letting him tow me 🙂 Yesterday I also reclaimed my table and dresser top, thus encouraging Orlando to spend more time at least at chair level. Siddy surprised us all two days ago by showing Orlando calm energy which he could then respond to. It was obviously a mistake on Siddy’s part and hasn’t yet recurred, but I live in hope.

      I do enjoy that CH song – they wrote some good lyrics those guys.

      I am getting ready to make another post as life returns to a more manageable pace for me. It didn’t take that long did it! I just adore my wee new fellow just as much as I adore his big brother. He is so busy, so naughty, so happy, so full of life – just a whirlwind of joyfulness that collapses as soon as I stay still for longer than a minute….. but springs to alert attention the moment I move again…………

      Thanks for coming by, I am so glad you could find the time! I think it takes about a month to settle into a new home too – so in no time at all you will be back enjoying ‘normal’ life from your fabulous new abode! Just think, by the time the seasons change we will both have forgotten the trials of the new and be enjoying the fruits of our labours 🙂


  7. I’m so glad LB told me about this post so I made the time to pop on over — you have eloquently explained why we hope to get a new puppy someday AND why that can’t be now! It is just like with children, “these puppy days are gone before you know it” so treasure the stuffed toy look which is purely adorable. Although I must admit, I think my favorite part of this post was the wild expression on Orlando’s face! Thanks for bringing many smiles tonight.


    • Orlando has many reasons to practise his looks of disbelief and horror – and sheer dislike – these days. Puppy LOVES him and WANTS TO WRESTLE – constantly!!

      While it seems endless, so did child rearing, but then there it is over and done before you know it! I think this post should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone foolish enough to think their sedate and well ordered life can expand to enfold puppy energy.
      Just totally a foolish thought!

      Thanks for coming by Julia, I am always happy to hear your southern tones. 🙂


  8. Pauline, I can see you’re one busy lady! I love the way you penned your thoughts. Sid and Orlando will be great friends:) The before and after Sid illustrations are cute. I look forward to hearing more Sid stories:)

    Have a terrific week!


  9. what fun:-) It is like when you wait for that moment your kids out grow annoying each other -lol. They are just like little kids, but they stay forever-tee hee. I love my dogs, cats and the whole adventure,but there are days, I would just love to go out to eat and not worry about getting home to let the dog out!
    . Pauline’s Adventures with Dog + Cat cards will be coming soon-right?
    Don’t feel badly about not posting, I have been outside too much and not at my computer much. I missed this post 3 days! I have to play catchup:-) It is fun to stop by and read all about your new family member…they will get along one day, I look forward to the picture of them basking in the sun on the rug, down low-lol


    • It’s so great that you are spending your days outside Robbie – I hope you are taking photos so we can see the garden in its summer glory at some stage 🙂

      I am rediscovering the way a puppy ties you down – I have to think everything through now when I want to go somewhere. At least he settles quietly onto his blanket in the car and is a good passenger – that helps!

      I hope you are right about the side by side photo in the sun 🙂


  10. I am laughing, giggling, and chuckling out loud and I am so sorry if I should be more supportive!!
    That whole first paragraph of petting, bathing, drying, dancing, picking up had me in stitches!!
    The cartoon depictions of you and Orlando are hysterical … oh my. You are a stronger woman than I.
    But then again … we can plan all we want, but when life takes us by surprise and hands us unexpected gifts / challenges, we grow into them. Planning is good but involves a measure of safety.
    When we rise to the unexpected challenge is when we really grow.
    Now doesn’t that sound simple? HA!!
    Take care and know that we are thinking of you!!


    • Having a puppy is proof positive that I am hopeless at planning! I have spent years making statements “I shall never have another puppy!” And then what do I do? Silly, silly woman!!

      But for all he is full on and totally exhausting already I wouldn’t part with him 🙂

      Glad to see you are back on the bike xoxo


  11. Well, I’ve had my smile for the day and can go paint my house now. You have a toddler for certain and dogs remain toddlers most of their lives. Eventually, Orlando will come round and see he has the upper hand. I guarantee they will co-exist. Cats always rule. Orlando will train Siddy just right. I would be more verbose here but work calls so it must wait. Thank you for the cheery thoughts for the day.


    • Happy to help you on your way Marlene 🙂 I’m sorry I can’t be there to pick up a paint brush and help out – I love painting walls! Maybe by the time you have your home the way you want it and are safely settled in, I will have my home the way I want it – a calmer puppy and a friendlier cat! 🙂


  12. I’m still laughing out loud at: “So immediately I had cleaned out the potty, petted the cat, cleaned up the accidental pee from over excitement at the thought of getting at the cat – [Siddy, not me!]” . You have a wonderful way with words! AND the fabulous pictures of you and Orlando pre and post Siddy are funny, funny! But I do admire you so much, dear Pauline for handing a hectic time with such humour and patience. Between Siddy and Penny, I’m pooped, but also thoroughly loving their cuteness! Huge hugs to wonderful you, handsome Orlando and the enigmatic, gorgeous Siddy! xoxoxoxoxoxox


    • I hope this post will serve as a reminder of the reality ever after for any other poor unfortunate who thinks getting a puppy will be playtime and short walks interspersed with lots of naps 🙂 I have never slept so well! Except for last night when Orlando decided to turn the tables and tease Siddy by sitting in the bedroom doorway – on the floor – thus driving the puppy into transports of delight that he could get at the cat, except he was on the bed and it is too high for him to jump off so he just whined and capered about crazily……. Orlando looks particularly smug this morning 🙂


  13. Oh, Pauline . . . your life is not yours for awhile! I’ve heard it said that babies (human, canine, feline, etc.) evolved to be so cute because they needed so much care–and who would bother to care for them, in all their crazy needs, if they weren’t so darn adorable?! Siddy definitely has adorable taken care of! Sending positive, calming vibes to Orlando . . .


    • Thanks Kerry – and yes that cuteness thing is such a ploy! I got completely suckered in and am now doomed to perpetual toddler care! However as he is so darn cute, so happy, so well meaning and so funny I really am enjoying him! Orlando is actually fine. He spent last night teasing the puppy until I put him out at 2 am!! The cat has turned!! 🙂


  14. Knock yourself out creating a beautiful crocheted mandala…don’t say I don’t give you anything BUT I can’t guarantee that Mr Siddy will leave it, or you alone when you are making it 😉 Welcome to MY world…the world where Earl sidles up to me and takes a sideways glance at what I am working on at any given time and leaves me in NO uncertain terms that he has either decided to ignore it OR he is MOST interested in it and will bide his time THANK-YOU very much…sigh…


    • Oooooh that is a great blog! I’ve even signed up – I love her owls! At some stage Siddy and I shall test the yarn movement waters ……. you know what the outcome shall be – sigh! But, needs must – the hands cannot be unoccupied forever!


      • Indeed…and after a while he will get tired of wool and constantly being berated and will give it up and let you create.


  15. They say that dogs pinch our shoes because they smell strongly of “us” and they are comforting…Earl steals shoes and chews them to bits…I think there is a message here that might negate that theory (hopefully it negates that theory or Earl has a desire to eat us!). Siddy is doing ALL the right things for a pup. Vets always tell you NOT to take pups out but that, in my world, is bunkum! Take him for a walk, just steer away from other dogs if you see them. Don’t let him drink out of communal water bowls (EVER…our dogs got kennel cough once from a communal drinking bowl 😦 ) and as he is such a small boy he won’t need all that much of a walk to be honest, just around the block at first.

    We walk with Mieka, a large rottweiler twice a week (supposedly socialising her but more socialising goes on between her owner Jan and I than between Mieka and Earl 😉 ) and Jan was telling me a very similar story to what your vet told you and what her vet told her. She mentioned a Rottweiler that she had in the past that she did exactly the same thing with and this rottweiler was VERY timid after spending 3 months inside and it took ages to get it used to traffic, other dogs, people etc. Take Siddy for a walk and just make sure NOT to talk to other doggies just yet. He will be a better behaved boy for the exercise and the excitement of just being outside :).

    Take ALL the time that you need for finishing organiser things off Ms Pauline. Ms narf7 isn’t in any hurry to get “organised” as that would mean facing up to the MOUNTAIN of things that I absolutely, positively NEED to do around here before spring hits home and I don’t even have myself a Siddy to distract me from my woe. Stevie-boy has been home for 2 days (rained out) and so he has set about racing around maniacally driving me insane with his desire to “do” things and making me feel terribly guilty for my much slower routines that I have gotten used to over the last 6 months. He is like the proverbial blue bottomed fly buzzing around all over the place…racing off to get trailer loads of crusher dust and creating tank stand pads and making suggestions about “what we could be doing” and hurling us all into the car at 3pm in order to head to the city to buy things from hardware stores when EVERYONE knows that 3pm is a sacred time of day when you start making dinner…sigh…I might just survive this 4 days off but it will be most interesting when he ceases working soon and we are both at home and re-learning how to survive each others different personalities and MOST different time frames 😉

    Siddy and Orlando are beautiful examples to me and Stevie-boy. I am Orlando and Stevie-boy is Siddy…all go and enthusiasm. I feel like I need myself a nice chest of drawers to hide on. I can’t wait to see that lovely photo of a side by side cat and dog. At the moment Siddy has WAY too much hyper energy for poor Mr laid back Orlando. Take the poor little desperate lad for a walk and after about a week of little walks you just watch how much calmer his is. Mr Caeser Millan was wrong about a whole LOT of things BUT his “first exercise, then discipline, then reward” is always a great way to think. Earl is a cannon ball of craziness prior to his walk. After his walk he can hear you again, the metaphorical “fluff” is out of his ears and he can suddenly “sit” when asked and stops jumping around on the furniture. Please take Siddy for a walk, he really does need it and he will reward you with that photo MUCH sooner than you think…Spring? Pfft! Just remember, keep him away from doggies questing beaks (that’s where the germs come from) and communal water bowls and might be best to stick to the streets and not go to the park as that’s another doggie disease hot-spot. Just a zoom around the block or two will do Siddy (and Orlando) a world of good 🙂


    • I agree totally with you on the walking thing which is why we do toddle off around the block. I’ve been doing it when there aren’t too many folks around but, bearing in mind the timidity thing, will start to do it when the street is busier. The vet said the virus could be caught just by sniffing a place where feces had been which concerns me – what is your opinion on that? Dog park and beach is totally off limits for now – but a street walk is what we can and do do. You are right – a block is enough – still. In three weeks he has gone from walk, carry, carry, walk to walk all four sides. Might be time to start doing it twice a day 🙂

      I shall forever think of you and Stevieboy in terms of these fellows energies – though I doubt that you can quite compare with Orlando’s level of zen-ness. His calm serenity is so obvious beside Siddy’s frenetic activity – it has made me really understand the difference in personal atmospheres and why so many of my clients walked into my house and marvelled at the ‘quiet’ and the ‘peace’ they could experience. Not now though 🙂

      Thank you for being so understanding about the slow arrival of your organiser – it will get to you I promise, especially as you have to get organised at some point in your life – don’t you? It will be handy, even if just to write down all the things you may never get round to doing. You could use the time meanwhile to make eight headings for the different sections and should you get that sorted in your mind I could actually label them in for you 🙂

      And thank you for your opinions and sterling advice, I appreciate them too!


      • I am too busy to get organised at the moment. I will adore my organiser when it arrives but up till that point I will be hiding under the bed from Stevie-boys relentless need to “DO” everything that there is to be done and do it yesterday. I would just be watching the ground and looking out for doggy doo’s but then I do that for my walks anyway. Heading out around the local streets is a good way to give Siddy a sense of place. It will soon be HIS street and he will need to pee on every pole, every mailbox and every blade of grass that some other dog has felt the need to relieve themselves upon. Sometimes Bezial and Earl pee in tandem and whatever they are peeing on is well and truly saturated with scent. They have one particular mailbox that they love to pee on and it has a sticker for the local newspaper on it…that’s where they catch up on the “news” 😉


        • I bet the owner of that mailbox wonders where the stong odour on his/her mail comes from 🙂 Tonight Siddy has caught on to the fact that if he DOESN’T jump up and scramble frantically on my knee whilst whining constantly he gets to come and sit with me in my giant chair 🙂 Small victories 🙂 I see hope for the yarn surviving…….


          • Earl only glances sideways at my wool nowadays and doesn’t pounce on it any more with glee so there IS hope. He used to grab the ball of wool and run! 😉


  16. I love this post! Even the B.O. came by to see the cute pictures! I love the description of Orlando’s slow coming around. Siddy is DARLING and I am jealous except that we had Arly this past autumn and one dog and one cat is exhausting, as you so beautifully describe. We’re determined this time around (in Hawaii) to go back to 2 outdoor dogs; they amuse each other. And at least 2 cats! I miss my pets! Love you, Pauline. Aloha.:)


    • I hope you are settling in well to your new home Christi. I agree, I always regretted not getting another cat when Orlando first arrived and if I could imagine life with three animals in this tiny space I would still get another cat………… You will have your pets soon enough I think – perhaps they will just show up one day 🙂 I do think they help keep us balanced and in such a new environment that is crucial for you both. Aroha to you my dear [it means ‘love’ and ‘greetings’ 🙂 ] xoxo


  17. This post has my smiling ear to ear. I loved every word. I agree with Twisted Yarn; he sounds just like a toddler. Pauline, I’m impressed with your loving patience and understanding of both family members. Although three weeks feels like a long time when you’re in the thick of it, it’s really quite amazing how far they’ve come together. Your accompanying photos are a delight. Is your shoe really bigger than Siddy, or is that an optical illusion. Naughty is the new cute? [snicker]

    I hope you’ll get some time in the creative room soon. As your winter descends and the days shorten, will Siddy sleep longer hours? I’ve never had a puppy, but I know kittens seem to go, go, go and then suddenly collapse in exhaustion, whereas the older cats slowly settle into their sleep.

    I’ve really missed your posts and your lovely voice. I’m so glad to find you here this morning.


    PS: Dear Orlando, not everyone in your house has a Facebook page. Take heart.


    • Thank you for your loving comments Alys – I always love when you come by 🙂
      The camera perspective does make the shoe appear bigger than it really is – Siddy is lying on my foot now and he is way bigger than the foot. The boot is about the same height as him however and that is why when he steals it he has to run with his head up and tilted back to keep the boot off the ground. He stole it again first thing this morning while I was making my coffee, it is a game now and I am not sure how to stop it 🙂 I fear my lovely red suede boots days are numbered!

      Siddy does collapse exhausted after a riotous play time – much like a kitten. I am really pleased that he wakes only once for potty during the night and sleeps until I wake up most mornings. His intelligence means he gets bored easily and this keeps me on my toes finding new stimuli [acceptable stimuli!] for him. As a kitten Orlando was hell on wheels! I wanted him to be an indoor cat and he had another opinion. He was very good at scooting out any door or window that opened and would race off down the road at top speed with me after him. I spent a great deal of my life chasing after a kitten for a six month period until I simply gave in and let him choose! He also had a penchant for electrical cord chewing, wool gathering and paper ripping. All of which he has conveniently forgotten as he glares balefully at a riotous pup doing any of those things now.

      And yes, you are right! Orlando is the only boy in this household who shall ever have his own facebook page 🙂


  18. I am melting…Siddy is just the cutest thing. I love the last photo of the two of them, Siddy anxious to play and Orlando not wanting to do anything but sleep. What a pair they make! Thanks for sharing these adorable photos, Pauline!


    • They couldn’t be more different Jill! The difference in energy levels is palpable – I go to Orlando for calm and quiet serenity when frenetic and hectic has spun me out 🙂 I am learning so much!!


  19. OMG Pauline – Siddy just gets more and more divine, and Orlando too of course! I love your stories. They are so funny and engaging, and you describe the scenarios so perfectly!! You might have to do an illustrated children’s book series about your household and its foibles! And Siddy sounds super-smart too. You really picked a very special little guy to liven up your perfectly ordered life!! Have a beautiful weekend. : ))))xoxox


  20. Lol, I was having such a giggle at your expense before and was rudely interrupted so I have just had another read, another giggle!! It all sounds hilarious when it’s someone else’s experience but I am very pleased to read of Orlando’s progress in at least coping. Syd is just the cutest looking thing but I do remember when my Bichon was that small saying “I will NEVER, EVER get another puppy”….he sounds very similar and that phase lasted at least two years 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the entertainment!


    • I was quite adamant that I wasn’t having a puppy right up til the moment I met the little guy. I think I had an instant case of amnesia or something. It’s worse then I remembered too. But oh dear god in heaven – not TWO YEARS!! No wonder you are laughing – you’re probably holding your sides and rolling around the floor! I want this boy manageable by the time spring rolls round! I’ve got plans!

      Happy to keep you entertained 🙂


  21. Awwww, I can’t decide which I love more: Siddy’s overenthusiastic cuteness or Orlando’s aloof disdain! They’re both completely gorgeous. And having a puppy sounds disturbingly similar to having toddlers…


    • I think it is probably entirely like having toddlers 🙂 I have become very appreciative of Orlando’s older statesmanlike demeanour. I soak up his calm energy whenever I can escape from Siddy’s manic enthusiasm for thirty seconds. I need to create a mandala!


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