Hanging Out For Spring

Days run one into the other.  I busy myself in the kitchen with my bubbling jars and bottles of ferments; my micro-greens, pots of porridge and mashed veggies for the puppy and some for me too.  I trip over the little puppy that waddles about on the floor at my feet, waiting for any tid-bits that may inadvertently fall his way.  I walk the puppy, play with the puppy, spend hours just watching the puppy attacking life with unmitigated joy.  I cuddle the cat and mollify the cat. I confide to the cat that the puppy will soon enough slow down, calm down and become less joyful about life.  I don’t really believe this, but it helps Orlando cope. I think about the garden I am going to make, but do little more than prepare compost for the soil and dig it in. I clean up and cart back out to the garden the compost the puppy has gleefully dug up and brought inside.  I am often invited by the puppy to check out his potty area which he has just used thereby justifying a treat for being a ‘clever boy’.  I fixed up the bedroom I didn’t really like and made it a little more acceptable to me – you may remember this horrid wall paper that I am stuck with.  I don’t see it any more as the pretty colours on the duvet take my eye instead.Bedroom 28 8 14

I hung some sturdier privacy curtains in my front window that also just happen to be very pretty and filter the morning sun in a lovely way.

These photos are especially for Alys who asked to see them.  They are calico with a cut embroidery design through them and a deep crochet cotton hem finished with beads.




My approaching birthday has intruded into my life again this year.  I struggle for about two months ahead of the date, it is the body and buried memories and emotions recalling a traumatic beginning.  I published a post about it last year, but don’t feel inclined to write the second chapter just yet.  I am used to these annual blues now, and cope quite well I think – but this year I definitely lost my creative ability.  I struggled with my commitments and had no desire to push through and just get on with painting something – anything.

So, I spent little time in my art room – but enough to make a few bookmarks and finish three organisers for my Etsy Store.  I have planned a painting – got a few bits ready for it, but haven’t actually started it yet.  My daily cards went out the window ages back and I am happy to concede defeat on that one!

Here are the organisers


Here are some of the bookmarks – they are destined for a Little Free Library in California.

Bookmarks 28 8 14

I made a lazy susan for my washi tapes and glues and purchased, at a considerable discount of 60%, a long longed for laminating machine – which made me make the bookmarks 🙂

Laminator 28 8 14

I have spent hours filling in forms and organising copies and finding a JP to witness it all for me.  I am about to retire.  I can claim my pension and cash in my KiwiSaver.  I am going to buy a car.  I have been without a car for over a year, reliant on my daughters generosity and on-line shopping.  I want to go to the sea with my puppy and take drives into the countryside.  I need to get out a bit more – I have cabin fever.

I am hanging out for Spring.  Not that it has been a hard winter – it hasn’t.  The icy antarctic blasts were irregular and interspersed with surprisingly balmy days.  Daffodils are out already, some trees are flowering and some are  budding.  I’m hanging out for September to start because then I step out of my pre-birthday blues and return to my usual self.  My girls and I will spend a week together and kick start my new year off in fine fashion.  I’m looking forward to that – I’m ready for it!

To celebrate my milestone birthday, in conjunction with my anonymous friend, I am offering another giveaway.  Just some postcard sized prints of some paintings this time – but great for giving away, writing notes on or using as book marks  🙂

If you leave a comment, you get your name in the coffee cup.  Closing date is September 6th.  Please leave a comment – I love to know what you think.

We went off for our usual walk this morning, prior to publishing this post.  Siddy came home with a little something that he found along the way and this is what I caught on camera [and I have to say that my rug is not that dirty – it just is not very photogenic!]

Todays find 28 8 14Yes, he found a baby’s dummy – pacifier to you foreign types – and what’s more he knows how to use it!

Orlando came to have a lookTodays find3 28 8 14

and puppy offered to share

Todays find4 28 8 14

Orlando pretended not to be interested and puppy waited

Todays find5 28 8 14

He who waits is often rewarded for his patience

Todays find3a 28 8 14

You saw it here folks – it’s the nose bump and the first time I’ve managed to [almost] catch it on camera.  I’m a happy and contented mumma!!

First kiss 28 8 14

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!

Contented Crafter Organiser – Winner

Finally dear readers and bloggy friends – we have the post you have just been hanging out for [yes? yes??]

Running behind I made my lists and checked them twice – eventually there were 78 strips of paper crammed into the coffee cup bearing names gathered from the comments section of the previous post and the beloved ‘followers’ of The Contented Crafter Facebook page.

Whilst engaged in this activity there was a petulant cat to try and mollify, pet, remind he was still my number one favourite, hand feed to prove that last statement whilst keeping a watchful eye on puppy as he stole my morning woolly socks from the bedroom, stole Orlando’s happy-bag from the basket, pushed his way between various barriers, chewed on the reading lamp cord and pulled a recipe book from the bakers rack and tore it to shreds.

The camera sat at the ready to take three pretty shots of all the names lined up neatly, piled into my morning coffee cup and the winning name proudly displayed for all to see.

I stirred and shook the contents of the mug as vigorously as possible, pulled out one strip, set it aside and tossed the rest while simultaneously scrambling to get puppy to his pee mat before he did it in the wrong place, then discovering uh-oh, not a pee,  scrambling to get puppy outdoors for his imminent poo….. picking puppy up and cuddling him because once again he got stepped on due to his not-so-endearing habit of running between my feet every time I move.

I spent some further precious minutes mollifying Orlando who had only just deigned to re-enter the house and would stay BUT ONLY SO LONG AS THAT THING DIDN’T MOVE!

Eventually I started writing this post and realised – oh dear, yes, the camera is still sitting at the ready……

However, puppy is snoozing on my left foot, and cat is sitting on the back of the chair on his blankie for the first time in five days….  A MIRACLE HAS JUST TAKEN PLACE AND THERE IS NOBODY TO SEE IT!

So I write dear friends.  A stillness has settled over the room broken only by the tap of my fingers on the keyboard and the deep, heavy breathing of Orlando who has not yet attained contentment enough to release his rumbley purr.  But who may, if he gets a wee sleep undisturbed, find his mojo again.

I dare not move!

The camera is on the other side of the room, the strip of paper is here beside me.

The strip of paper bears the name ‘Narf77’

I hooted with laughter when I saw that name – if you follow along with The Road to Serendipity you may be aware of the wonderful antics of the wonderful Fran when it comes to blog giveaways.  I always love her comments on mine and others’ posts as they are always in depth, humorous and often longer than the original article.  I’m not sure if Fran has won a giveaway previously, but I know that in recent times amongst the blogs we both follow, she has not, despite her fervent wish to do so.   Fran’s recent decision to ‘let the Universe decide’ has obviously been a wise one.

The Universe, with a tad of assistance from Orlando and Sid-Arthur has decided.

Congratulations Narfie, drop me an email with your cover choice and we will get her underway!

To everybody else who took part, thank you and I hope you had fun too.

And because there is a lack of photos today here is one just to remind you of the new little cuteness:

May31 coming home

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!