Orlando Gets A Friend

We got Happy Mail today


Oh! Big broad smile as we discovered a new ‘Mini Orlando’ a tiny crocheted kitty, especially made for us….


Isn’t he gorgeous?


Our friend gentlestitches¬†and I did a swap – and we got the better deal ūüôā

The detail is amazing – he even wears a collar and identity tag like the real Orlando used to until he lost it ¬†couple of weeks ago….


This is the most amazing little hand made animal I have ever seen! ¬†Sharon’s pictures of her work are always quite mouth watering, but when you actually get to hold one in your hands – it is quite spectacular! ¬†The colour, the detail, the character – it is quite wonderful and words are failing me!!

Orlando was also quite impressed, Mini Orlando was given the seal of approval, a gentle head bump – which is, I believe, the feline version of a high five! ¬†I get one every morning at breakfast time ūüôā


The two friends then commenced to sit and stare out the window at the Saturday morning activity …..


….while I wrote a blog post!

Thank you Sharon – if you haven’t gone by her blog yet, it really is worth a visit!

Thanks for coming by today, I’m so happy that you did ūüôā

Box To Book – Part 5 – The Cover Finished

I thought I’d better post these photos of my progress before I get side tracked [again!]

We are having exciting weather – it was supposed to snow but that appears to have missed my part of the country and we have just had rain – endless rain …… cold, wet, hard-falling rain!

Lots of flooding and landslides and roads closed and bits of the promenade falling off into the wild southern ocean ….. I’m not a fan of weather like this – give me snow any day!

However Orlando is as happy as a bug in a rug – or a cat ….. he gets to go outside to potty and come back in and get a towel down. ¬†He loves a towel down! ¬†He suddenly finds he has to go potty many, many times in the day ¬†– far more often than at any other [drier] time of the year – and, on his return, ¬†presents himself side on so that I may touch the wet fur and retrieve his towel and do my job…………..

If I could film at the same time as towel down I’d post a little something for your eddication and enjoyment…….. head back, eyes closed, mouth a little open and rumbling like an aeroplane preparing for take -off……….

However I digress.  Here are the last photos I took a few days ago:

The finished cover

The finished cover

Cover finished 2

The title is made with individual letters stamped onto dyed grunge paper and embossed with gold and rubbed down a bit for a worn look. ¬†The antique lace was an after thought – found in my stash when I was looking for something else – ¬†and is perfect for just right there don’t you agree?

Lace has been attached to the spine for added texture

Lace has been attached to the spine for added texture

The row of tiny pearls shows up in this last photo, nestled alongside the antique lace…..

Currently I’m working on the verses and finishing touches for all pages – I do what I can in between towelling down the cat, keeping the cat warm, singing to the cat, taking the cat for his daily walk – well, I walk he rides in my arms and points the way with his nose – retrieving his lost toys from under furniture and or appliances ……and now and again seeing to the needs of myself or other folk……….

Lovely that you stopped by, leave us a note do….

A Story For Cat Lovers …..

One morning last summer, quite early in the day, when Orlando was sitting in his accustomed place keeping an eye on the neighbourhood, a small child’s voice floated through the open window “Mummy, mummy look at the pretty kitty…” ¬†I heard mummy’s voice agreeing and urging the child to keep going while Orlando sat calmly watching it all.

Obviously this became a bit of a routine which I was not aware of as, some weeks later, I just happened into the room and heard through the same open window the little boy’s lamenting cry to his mother “Mummy, mummy, where’s the kitty gone, mummy?”

Mummy had no idea, but even as she spoke said kitty appeared from nowhere and springing across furniture, bench tops and stove, raced to reach his waiting admirer.

I heard an excited squeal, “There he is mummy!” exclaimed the child “Look mummy, there he is!”

Mummy’s murmured reply was incomprehensible – but watching my ‘kitty’ sit up very tall and straight and puff out his handsome chest while gazing softly into the far distance sent me off into a fit of giggles and I had to leave the room – who was it that said animals have no concept of social interactions?

This morning I was busy in the kitchen multi-tasking away quite happily – cooking a new batch of cheese and oat cakes and making hummus for my daughter when Orlando suddenly and with no warning sprang across furniture, bench tops and stove to the window.

Even as I squeaked my concern and disapproval I realised by the way he positioned himself who was there – and sure enough a happy voice announced to the whole world ¬†“There’s the kitty mummy. ¬†Hello kitty!”

Kitty sat up tall and proud, puffed out his chest and gazed into the far distance with a long, slow blink.

Orlando at window

I’m so proud!

Have a great day and thank you for stopping in!

Orlando the Marmalade Cat Has An Addiction…….

He loves his catmint [nepeta officianalis] and I try to keep at least one healthy plant available to him while the others recover or are used to provide stems for drying.

He has a small baggie of dried nepeta that he enjoys droolings over or playing cat football with Рbut best of all is fresh РI have no idea why, but a new plant freshly purchased sends him into ecstasy!

Recently however all the plants have died off, and Orlando has been without his fresh drugs for some weeks.  Out shopping I happened upon a nice, well grown plant and decided to give him a treat

The following photos document the outcome – it was all over in about 15 minutes and he slept it off in his bed for the next few hours!






I cleaned up the mess and went off to purchase another plant …………