When opposites collide

I’m putting this post up for you all my dearly beloved readers for two reasons: Reason one, the post is partly about us here at the Contented Crafter and amused me greatly 🙂 Reason the second: If you haven’t ever come across the mighty narf77 and her side-kicks the highly talented whittler and quietly long-suffering husband Stevie-boy, Earl the ADHD dog of unknown parentage and Beziel, the older, longer-suffering first dog of Serendipity Farm, then you are missing out! Fran’s weekly posts of life at Serendipity Farm in Tasmania are filled with their random exploits, her philosophical musings and a good dash of wicked humour and general hilarity – this post is no exception. Enjoy 🙂


Hi all,

This blog post is late. It is late because we have been studying hard all day and only just realised that I had to post my blog post today! EEK! The images of Sir Stevie-boy and Ms narf taken in homage to Ms Pauline, Mr Orlando and Sir Siddy are the result of very tired students who are three sheets to the wind as they haven’t had their dinner yet but have certainly not missed out on some wine…here’s hoping Ms Pauline is amused rather than mortified ;). On to the actual post…

We all have this “thing” where we look at other people’s lives or what they do and we add a little touch of fairy dust and “POOF!” that other person’s life is suddenly SO much better than our own. That old saying “you can’t truly know a man till you walk a mile in his…

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