Another Update, In Which Siddy Goes To The Beach

As his twelve week birthday approached, young Siddy seemed to suddenly get the hang of several things.  Most importantly, potty training got finally sorted when he understood that weeing in general didn’t earn a treat, but weeing in a particular place did.  That bit of penny dropping quickly extended to pooping – I am escorted proudly to the spot by an excited puppy who trots around in ever decreasing circles waiting for the reward that is rightfully his.  We are all most pleased with this new found clarity 🙂

22 6 14 TheEye

We visited his friends at the vet’s where Siddy got his next lot of shots and a check up and weighed in at double the weight he was on his previous visit a month earlier.  At this rate he will grow up to be a proper sized dog!

In this land-mark twelfth week we also learned how to be mostly nicely behaved in the creative room.  This allowed much progress to be made – here are three teaser shots




In his thirteenth week Siddy finally understood that sitting as quietly as possible when Orlando came by earned him a nose to nose meeting.  Unfortunately for Siddy, Orlando doesn’t always choose to acknowledge the seated and barely controlled little pup waiting hopefully for his morning kiss.  But we all live in hope that Orlando will climb down from his high horse of indignation at some stage and gracefully capitulate and allow the little fellow to shower him with love.

I'll Stay Here1 20 6 14


At around 8 every evening a little ritual takes place that I hope to be able to capture on film when the light is better.  Pup gathers, one by one, his favourite toys.  They get a vigorous shaking and are placed in carefully chosen spots at the base of which ever piece of furniture Orlando is seated atop.  This is accompanied by much growling and excited whimpers and dashings to and fro.  Orlando leans forward in an interested, but dignified manner, keeping an alert eye on the minutiae of the operation.  When enough toys are arranged and pup is pleased with his work, he gives them all a final dust-up, an encouraging growl and then abruptly sits down and looks up at the cat.  At which point Orlando pretends to be not at all interested and Siddy lies down to wait for his gift to be accepted.  Generally nothing much happens for the next five to ten minutes, then Siddy gathers up all his toys and returns them to bed and basket, or scatters them about my feet.  I am appreciative and he soon perks up.

But you can see from this, that Orlando has still not relented his stand – however, we are undeterred and Siddy and I live in hope.

In the time Siddy has been here our daily walks have extended from half blocks to full blocks, two blocks, three blocks.  Then we started measuring in terms of how long we were out for. First walks of five minutes extended to fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes. We explored our immediate neighbourhood thoroughly and began to go further afield. Walks of forty-five minutes took us quite far and finally an hour saw us venturing past the local shopping centre and up the hill.

As he got stronger, he got faster.  Our slow perambulations became brisk walks.  Siddy knew his routes, he was in charge, I was hanging onto the lead and being towed along behind.  I heard myself considering getting a pair of roller blades so he could tow me. My wee fella was ready for a new adventure.

With YD and her posh new camera in tow, two days ago on a warm almost summery morning, we set off for the beach.

vista shot


Siddy discovered seaweed

siddy and seaweed 2


And met his first other dog, a noble and gentle role model


first meeting 2


and another, bouncier friend came to say ‘Helloooo!’ and beam for the camera



We walked through ‘the sticks’ all that is left of an old pier.  I was heading one way



but Siddy went the other



The outing was a huge success!

Siddy St Clair 2

It was so grand that we went back today, in quite different weather conditions and walked mostly off leash for an hour and twenty minutes!  Pooped puppy, pooped Mumma!

Thanks for coming by today, I’m so happy that you did!  🙂

61 thoughts on “Another Update, In Which Siddy Goes To The Beach

  1. I’m glad I found this one I missed while moving. The pictures your daughter took are wonderful and I’m sure cherished. They will make a lovely scrapbook of Siddy and Orlando, then and now. It’s nice to read this and know they have reached a truce. I’m tickled that Siddy was inviting Orlando to play with his toys. That’s such a generous offer for a dog. Speaks of his character. I remember my first husbands dog brought me her bone and plopped it in my lap one day while is was sitting on the kitchen floor alone and in tears. It was her way of trying to cheer me. Though she is long since gone, I will love that dog to eternity. I am catching up on my reading. I’ve gone from 400 to 158 blogs to read. And I still have to try and write one. 🙂
    Chin tickles to both furbabies and hugs to you.


    • Gosh Marlene – your dedication to blogging goes above and beyond! I have to admit that when my email is overwhelmed with posts I make the decision to ‘miss this one’ and hit the delete button. Except for my dear constants whom I wouldn’t miss for the world 🙂 Which means I am incredibly impressed with your accumulation of 400 blog posts!

      Thank you for not only taking the time to read older posts, but also to comment. Also thank you for those insightful comments about my boys – having moved on with them I had forgotten about Siddy’s hopeful gifts to cold hearted Orlando. Now they are almost good mates and sit side by side on the kitchen floor each morning until Siddy gets over excited and jumps on poor O – flattening him…. O then beats a hasty retreat to higher ground. The amount of time that Siddy can contain his excitement for gets longer and longer and I am looking forward to the morning when breakfasts can be served without my cry of “No Siddy! Get off him!” 🙂

      Your story breaks my heart – I had days like that too in my married years! Except I had a cat who would come and sit beside me. We were fortunate to have our animal friends I think.

      I am very grateful you are here now Marlene, thank you 🙂 xoxo


  2. I may write this and you might not discover it, but this traveling back to when Siddy was a puppy was a fun ride! I enjoyed how you mentioned his potty training and how quickly he was responding to your positive rewards, treats work! Also, loved how Siddy tries to get Orlando’s attention. I think his taking all the toys, growling and shaking them sounds like such an adorable process and ritual, Pauline! I am wishing to see Orlando join in but, as you mentioned, he is too dignified! Puppies are so cute!
    I could see this being a book series, Pauline. You are very good with words! Pinkerton, (Steven Kellogg author/illustrator) has a Harlequin great dane in it, Rosie the Dog, has a black with brown chest dog , that is not a pitbull but a bigger dog, shoot! I forget her breed!) with her owner being a young girl who attempts giving Rosie a bath, these are examples of two books my grandies love in my collection of animal books. Siddy would make a wonderful book subject from one stage to the next. I enjoyed this visit and will check out more another day! Smiles, Robin


    • I don’t have the dedication required to write a book Robin – I’ll leave that to those with the fire in their bellies 🙂 I am however immensely happy that you think I could! Thanks for diving back into his baby-hood – I am a proud mumma!!


  3. oh dear, Pauline I so apologize for missing so many of your posts. I thought I always looked for certain ones in my emails but I see I didn’t do a very good job of it. Here I am way back on July 2nd. Practically mid-winter for you and now you’re looking towards spring.
    I still enjoyed your beach photo’s though. That must be so flippin’ awesome to walk with Siddy there. So much to investigate and more dogs to socialize with too, perfect. It’s handy that he’s so small, easy clean up on the way in at home again. When Buddy would go to our beach and enjoy a swim, he’d be so messy and want to come in. I’d have to be a meanie and insist he wait out until he dried and he’d look thru the patio door all sad. I’m sure Orlando enjoys the walks too since he gets the whole house to himself just like the good ol’ days 😀 xoxoxo


    • We come home from our walks every morning and Siddy goes straight to the bathroom where I throw him into the shower and rinse him off and then turn the hair dryer on him – he is very good and seems to quite enjoy the whole palaver – probably because it is followed by breakfast 🙂 I think you are quite right about Orlando enjoying the peace and quiet – though this past week I have seen him sitting in the kitchen window waiting for us to come back home. By the time we get inside he is once more in his favourite spot [on my table!] pretending to be asleep 🙂

      Will you get another dog do you think? Buddy is much missed ………

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  4. So that’s the little one who needs that automatic ball chaser! 🙂 … Nonetheless, even as Siddy gets older and wiser, Orlando will still rule. Love the pics.


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  6. nose to nose encounters will happen more often:-) It is fun watching them acknowledge eachother…catchup time for me again…just not on my computer that much this summer since the weather has been just beautiful and cool with no airconditioners! A little too wet and flooded, but much better than freezing!
    What a cutie,and you look like the proud parent out there as he stretches away to explore the world around him…dogs are so great…pets are so great, they just make our days better:-)


    • Thank you again Robbie for taking the time to read and comment 🙂 So, you are having a wet summer? That was ours too, Still, it isn’t wet enough to keep you inside which is a good thing. I’m so loving having this little guy here – life will never be the same again!


      • they are like your children at our age-lol:-) We talk to them + scold them just like a little child getting in trouble, or “good girl” or “good boy” you are such a good …on and on..I have a neighbor that talks to his outside my window and it is so adorable…they are his kids he tells me! It will never be the same, but these little kids never grow up+ move away-fun!


  7. What a cute wee ritual Siddy has created 🙂 Orlando still has that look of “How could you bring that thing into the house?” look on his face doesn’t he lol. I am enjoying reading of your exploits with a pup and he is just so gorgeous, I waver between being fluffy puppy clucky and commitment to the path of never getting another baby dog! The photos here are beautiful Pauline – aren’t we so lucky here with our beaches we get to stroll along with not another soul in sight.


    • I’ve been missing you and wondering how you are doing, so I’m really happy to see you come by 🙂

      I know it is full on and there is still a lot of training that has to happen and my life will never be mine again, but he is so sweet and so adorable and so happy that it is probably worth the loss of a few comforts. Though I do think you can have the same amount of joy with an older dog and halve the angst!

      Yes, I agree about the beaches – I love these southern sandy ones!

      Have you been unwell Wendy or super busy? Or both, perish the thought! Whatever – lots of love xoxo


      • Dogs bring so much joy 🙂

        Oh, I am doing fine, thanks for wondering 🙂 🙂 I just have so little to blog about over winter and am quietly enjoying the lazy days to be honest, Roger has been home for two weeks recovering from knee surgery so I have been less inclined to sit on the computer….tummy bugs, trip to Wellington, doing stuff around the house, extra work through flu season …plodding along 🙂 I haven’t spent much time on the computer at all really.


  8. My gosh, my Bloglovin tab was closed and this is the first I’ve seen your post. I’ve been missing out!

    I love, love, love those photos of you, Siddy, the beach, the sticks, all of it. You look positively serene. Is this within walking distance of your home? It looks like a calm retreat.

    The toy gathering, offering and waiting ritual is so endearing. I feel a little sad for Siddy trying so hard to make friends with his highness. I get Orlando’s point of view as well, and there you are playing mediator. What a great mum you are.

    Thanks for the sneak peak. It looks scrumptious. It’s good to hear that you’ve managed time in the creative room, especially given the dismal weather outdoors.

    Great, fun post, Pauline.


    • Yes, it’s about 20 minutes away – maybe 25 with the pup. We drove there and back however in order to get maximum sand time. 🙂 YD has a knack with the camera I think. We are happy to be her practise subjects 🙂 Siddy will soon see a camera and start posing……. Orlando sees her big camera and acts as if it has come to snatch his soul!

      Me too on the evening ritual – poor Siddy! But he keeps on trying and he always falls for the tail carelessly draped over the edge of a table or chair just out of his reach………. Orlando’s revenge 🙂

      I’m glad you found us 🙂 Wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t come by xoxo


      • I like that…maximum sand time. Siddy does have short legs for now. Once or twice, Mouse follows us around the block on our walks and he’s exhausted at the end. You forget how much shorter their legs are.

        YD does have a knack with the camera, and beautiful subject matter, too, with you, Siddy and the beach.

        LOL, you make me laugh with the idea of Orlando fearing for his soul. He is such a character!

        I’m glad I found you, too, today and always. xoxo


  9. SO glad that the pooping bit got sorted out. Earl still hasn’t got the hang of NOT weeing on every…single…post…pole…tall tuft of grass…deck post in the neighbourhood…sigh…Lubbly jubbly teaser shots 🙂

    I am a bit worried about Siddy’s idea of what “showering Orlando with love” might be. I am betting that adoration and admiration would pretty soon turn to 13 week old crazy puppy on steroids and would result in Mr Orlando having to retreat to higher ground post haste…

    Mr Orlando is SO regal. Love that picky of him sitting on the green seersucker cloth and that lovely lace doily thingo 🙂

    Poor puppy! His luring ways are obviously not going to cut the mustard…oh the sad dejection of unrequited love…

    What a magnificent beach! I used to live where we had real beaches. Here we have pebbles at the best, volcanic sharp black spiky rock and black volcanic soil at the worst. I am living vicariously through these beach shots. I am almost as happy to see that beach as Siddy would have been 🙂

    I will say this again (to all of the cat owners out there who do what cats do when you start to lecture them and just ignore you and wash their paws…) if we didn’t have dogs our bums would be twice the size that they are. Our dogs and their incessant needs for “walkies” are the reason why we go outside, we see the sky, we hear the birds, we breath in that delicious fresh air. They are better than gyms, than Facebook and even better than chocolate 🙂 Earl is giving me puppydog eyes. It’s just on dinner time for them both and he drew the short straw for having to get me to get off the computer chair and he is doing his best impression of a starving dog in order to ease the superglue of sloth that has me welded to the chair…off to cut up meat and get ready for Stevie-boy returning with the fortnights groceries…I need more stamina baby! 😉


    • The pooping thing is hilarious – he is training me though and the penny just dropped this morning that when I have a tiny puppy capering backwards around my mobile feet, looking up at me with mouth slightly open and eyes fixed to mine – if I just take a breath, have a quick peek at the potty area – then yes indeedy, a poop has been deposited and a treat is in order thank you very much 🙂 I have yet to work out how we will segue from poop, backward caper, treat to just plain poop full stop.

      Orlando has refused to let me have my sewing/reading/writing/thinking table back. All that gorgeousness is now in the wash as it was covered with cat drool from playing with his baggie there, not to mention copious amounts of hair due to him not getting brushed as often as once upon a time……….

      I do enjoy taking the little fella for his walkies. However it has turned icy cold here in the far south and despite my hastily finished crochet hat jammed firmly on my head and a brisk walk in my feet most unpleasant to be out in. We did a quick 45 minutes this morning and ever since our return I have been slothful and still except for quick trips to the kitchen to top up on tasty tid-bits – which undoes all the good achieved in the last weeks increasingly long and brisk beach walks! It is a stunner of a beach isn’t it – all along the southern coast is like this. I used to live in a cottage ten minutes further down the highway in a little village called Ocean View and the view was spectacular! It’s why I constantly whine on about wanting a beach cottage again! In summer the sand is white and the sea is blue – it’s stunning!

      I believe Siddy has it in him to continue to woo the big strawberry blonde on the table until he cedes defeat……. you can get little glimpses of the armour cracking now and again. That photo will be taken one day – and it won’t be photoshopped 🙂


      • I can’t wait! 🙂 Raising a glass to Sir Siddy, Mr Orlando the king and Ms Pauline the long suffering mediator 😉 Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  10. I absolutely love these photos, but the last one is truly lovely!
    And the story of Siddy gathering toys in an effort to get the attention of Orlando was so sweet.
    Glad to hear that progress is being made!


    • Yep, every night around 8, the courting begins…… it’s hilarious. I admire his commitment to it – I’d have given up a week ago!

      I am pleased to hear you like YD’s photos. She is busy practising and studying her camera – even reading the manual! The blog gets to benefit from her new hobby 🙂


  11. LOL Oh, I just loved this, Pauline! I’m getting any puppy fever I might still have after Arly completely out of my system vicariously. Siddy is adorable. Orlando’s expression is quintessential cat, and beautifully photographed. He’ll come around. And the beach sequence is utter delight. You are such a cutie. And Siddy, too. 🙂


    • [Giggle!] I am pleased to help 🙂 It is such fun [mostly] having this gorgeous little pup. The paintings and creatings can wait while we settle into life together. I’m loving having the impetus to get out walking again, the trouble with having no companion except a cat is they don’t do walking……… now life is close to perfect!! 🙂


  12. The adventures of Sid and Orlando – this sounds like the title of a book:) I enjoyed reading about Sid, especially when he gathered up all the toys. I’m happy that you are creating in your creative room:) Have a great balance of the week, Pauline.


  13. Awwww, I love reading about the adventures of Siddy. But I do fear that Orlando will never relinquish his dignified disdain. They’re just not on a wavelength, those two, but at least they tolerate each other. Your photographs are stunning, by the way.


    • My daughter has a new camera and has begun to investigate its possibilities – we are happy to provide fodder for her experiments 🙂 Siddy is an absolute delight – almost as much fun as a toddler twinnage!!


  14. I am so happy that Siddy has reached his point of clarity with potty training. That is excellent progress. Looks like you all had a great time at the beach.


    • Yes, it is a great relief 🙂 Makes life so much easier! The beach is much more fun than the streets but is a five minute car ride away whereas the streets are right there….. But we will go as often as possible.


  15. Glad to hear (and see!) everything is going so well. You two are a great fit together and Siddy is really coming along in leaps and bounds.


  16. Oh Pauline, Siddy is still completely divine, and so clever and talented to boot! Orlando remains regally aloof. But the icicles seem to be melting somewhat? And your recounts of your collective escapades are charming as ever. The walks are certainly one of the great joys and benefits of dog companionship… not to mention the company and cuddles and unbridled enthusiasm… the back-flipping welcomes… the constant reminder that you, yes YOU are the most precious and amazing person in the universe!! Sweet, simple, loving souls that they are! Enjoy every precious moment. =:•)))xox


    • I am totally besotted Anne 🙂 You have put it all perfectly – and yes, the icicles are slowly melting – even Orlando is sometimes amused despite himself. I knew I would enjoy to have a dog again – I didn’t realise it would be quite so breathtakingly wonderful! 🙂 A big thank you to you and Monty for being such a major influence in the decision!


  17. I hope you’re able to capture of video of the evening ritual, Pauline. Thanks for taking us along to the beach…it looks so nice. Love the top photo of Siddy…too cute!


  18. Orlando looks as though he’s well aware that his place is among the other beautiful things in your home. Running on a wet and sandy beach is for the dogs.

    I love that last picture.


  19. A lovely day at the beach. How lovely. I just love his routine with the toys at the foot of Orlando’s perch. How cute, hopefully Orlando will reward him soon.


  20. Wow–you and Siddy have made amazing progress! It’s so much fun to see the photos and imagine that little guy’s legs moving a mile a minute. And I loved (LOVED) the story about the pup bringing his toys as offerings to the mighty god, Orlando.


    • We are doing well aren’t we! 🙂 It only takes a month to get through the worst of it and understand how things work – not long in the big scheme of things! Watching that round fluffy backside running away from you is hilarious – those little legs sure do go a mile a minute! I’m glad you loved hearing about it – the nightly ritual s both hilarious and heartbreaking – and I admire the pup’s tenacity in continuing to offer despite the continual rejection……. To me that is true heroism!


  21. It’s absolutely gorgeous to see Siddy’s progress, dear Pauline. The beach shots are so beautiful and I loved reading about Siddy’s nightly ritual in an attempt to win Orlando’s affections. What a sweetie he is to want to share his toys! 10 out of 10 for you and Orlando for patience and it is now paying off in spades. Ooooh! Your journal sneak-peeks are delicious. Can’t wait to see the rest. We always knew you to be a wonderful human and cat Mum and now look at you go as a puppy Mum – treats for doing one’s business in the correct place – priceless! xoxoxoxoxoxox


    • YD will be pleased to know you liked her photos Dani. She is taking some great photos already, even while still learning how to work the thing. Little Siddy would explode with pure joy if Orlando ever decides to be nice to him – maybe it’s as well we take baby steps towards that state 🙂 I am on a HUGE learning curve about how to parent a pup and what he needs and am having an absolutely delightful time as it keeps getting easier and easier!


  22. Oh, Orlando, do relent. There is nothing more wonderful than the love of a puppy. Loved hearing more about Siddy’s adventures, especially his enjoyment of the beach.


  23. Hello Pauline, great post and lovely images. So glad that things are settling down. I am sure that once Siddy finally learns that Orlando is in fact King of the household and Orlando realises that Siddy is no threat to him or his station in life then all will be well in your house of love.


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