The Path to Friendship

First there was a tetchy cat and a leaping puppy

The tetchy cat batted at the puppy’s nose.

The puppy whimpered and sat down – and became still.

The cat was amazed and hit him again.  And again.  Wap, wap, wap!

The puppy became very quiet.  The cat was no longer tetchy, in fact he was quite pleased with himself………

9 July 2014 1


Until the puppy became just a little too keen and eager again………..

9 July 2014 3

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!  🙂



30 thoughts on “The Path to Friendship

  1. You caught them!!!! They are near each other , it is good, indeed:-)Yahoo…it does happen, but it seems litke forever. I love you cat, she has a “snobby” look about her + rightfully so, she is beautiful…have not been near my computer this past week busy with visitors:-)


    • Orlando is the one doing all the tolerating…… Puppy just loves him so much he wants to eat him 🙂 Pleased you enjoy it – it seems to be all I can manage to blog about these days. I believe this is supposed to be a blog about artistic creations ……. Oh dear!! 😀


    • I can see them both processing outcomes of actions – Orlando now knows he can bat puppy into submission, puppy now knows he must be quiet for cat to allow him close ….. baby steps!!


  2. The continuing adventures of Orlando and Siddy! They are making real progress and, as long as Siddy remembers who’s the boss, this could become a beautiful friendship!


  3. MOL… this came unespected, but I think Orlando will have the last word on this one..MOL 😀 It’s great to see them together like this and Siddy has been grown already. Cute 🙂 Pawkisses for a Joyful Day 🙂


    • This photo makes me realise Siddy has trebled in size! You can see Orlando is not at all scared of him any more – it is wonderful! Thank you for all your positive energy and good thoughts 🙂


  4. I think that’s what I absolutely love about cats, Pauline, they just don’t take any nonsense and are quick to let others know who’s boss – qualities I would love to have – alas and alack I’m a people pleaser!! Anyhoo! Maybe in the next life I can come back as a handsome, self-assured Maine Coon. It’s so wonderful to see your two furry babies face to face – great progress – and great testament to your patience and perseverance. And just in answer to your comment on my blog – yes we saw plenty of really gorgeous wombats at Australia Zoo – one was happily being taken for a walk on a lead! Big hugs to you and your brood. xoxoxoxoxoxox


    • I think there is something quite special about wombats Dani. I fell in love with them when we visited the Melbourne Zoo and saw them sleeping in their burrows – just gorgeousness on a stick really. Siddy has a similar build and it makes him so adorable 🙂 Well, to everyone except Orlando.


  5. Miracle! Sir Siddy took it like a man and Mr Orlando got the satisfaction of putting him in his place. Looks to me like the seed of a “relationship” starting there Ms Pauline. Don’t Squeeeee too loudly though, it might just be like Christmas in the trenches…remains to be seen whether this progresses or devolves…it certainly makes for good blog post fodder though 🙂 By the way, I keep stroking my organiser. It keeps calling to me and telling me to write in it. I keep picking up a pen and putting it back down again. Might take a few days to get brave enough to actually write something in it. Or I might just get that glass case…


    • Oh ye of little faith! You just wait – by Christmas Earl and Beziel will be donning a lion suit and a panda suit to act out a string of wondrous BFF stories inspired by the antics of Orlando and Siddy.

      I think you should get yourself an especially nice pen – or a selection of different coloured pens and just start writing. Remember you can pull out a notebook and replace it with a new one at any time – this cannot be ruined – well, unless Earl gets his teeth into it – HAVE FUN!!

      And I’m so glad you like it – that makes me really happy! 🙂


  6. Whappy paws! Orlando is teaching him. This is wonderful, Pauline. Look at that expression on Orlando’s face!!!!! Makes my heart soar. Mahalo.


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