A Mostly Pictorial Walk Through My Week

It sure has been a busy week!  I thought I’d share a few of my little adventures with you all …..

First up, I’ve been taking a class with Claudia Rossi.  [Don’t, whatever you do, Google her – you will get a million listings for a porn star of the same name!]  If you know of the mixed media Claudia Rossi, you will be familiar with her ‘pretty girls’ and her art journals. I’ve been watching her on You Tube for at least a year on and off, she is verbose and funny and real and I enjoy her random prattling and gorgeous artwork.  Claudia’s girls are kind of opposite to mine – I draw big eyes – she draws big mouths……. I decided to take her class, not because I want to draw a ‘Claudia Rossi’ pretty girl – though I have – but because I think that learning is important and the more skills you pick up and add into your kete [a woven bag] the better, it all helps define your own style.  Besides I got a discount coupon offer and so couldn’t resist!

It’s been slow going for me as I have so many other things I am busy doing.  But when I can I work in the evenings and use my TV as a giant computer screen while I watch her and then work on my own version.  I still have to finish my girl – but here is what I’ve done so far.  This is the pencil sketch, following a quite complex grid pattern:


Here she is with her shadowing in place – you may notice I made the mouth smaller as I made it much too big in the first place:


And here she is with the skin-tone glazing done, the eyes and lips and hair too: for once underway I could not stop:


You can bigify it by clicking twice if you want to see all the minute detail – shes not too bad for a first attempt.

I think Claudia is a good teacher and I enjoyed taking this class – if you happen to be thinking of it – or just want to learn how she does her faces – I do recommend her class!


Next I got some more happy mail this week too – only this time it was something I had bought for myself.  I splurged big time and bought myself a present that I had lusted after for a long, long time but never thought would be available to me – then ‘Fishpond’ one of our on-line book-and-everything-else-you-could-ever-possibly-want-or-need stores came up with an Ikea Raskog.  An IKEA RASKOG people!!  It was one of those moments when while the voice of reason was saying ‘Oh dear, what a shame you can’t afford it’ the impetuous bohemian artist had already stuck her fingers in her ears and was singing “La-la-la-la-la!” at the top of her lungs whilst hitting ‘Buy Now’………..

So, many, many weeks later and after a lot of restrictive belt tightening, on a wet and gloomy day this arrived:


I’d already ripped into it with a knife before remembering to a) take some photos and b) practise ‘anticipation’ – but blow that – too late, sorry Linne 🙂

His Little King-ship had already retreated to a safer place


And there he stayed until ….


the clanging of metal on metal became too much for his sensitive sensibilities and he is about to do his Elvis impersonation and ‘leave the building’…..  I am about to put something together with just a pictorial diagram:


And I did – thirty minutes later:


And off we go to the Create Joy room and fill her up – here she proudly poses alongside my other indispensable – my pretty bucket of paints


Everything I use on a daily basis sits in the top within easy reach


Middle shelf holds containers of coloured pencils, pens, glazes, mediums, tapes and watercolours


Bottom shelf holds a selection of my favourite and regularly used stamps, stamping paraphernalia and masks and templates:


And of course the Day Card commemorated the event:


It’s fabulous, I not only have everything to hand beside my work bench – and more free space on my work bench –  but when I want to play around in the evening and watch a You Tube video, or a movie, I can wheel it in to the lounge.  Well worth going without a few meals for 🙂

And His Little King-ship also gets a wee treat:



If you are a relative of mine and go by the blog pseudonym of ED stop reading and go away now please.  [Yes Joanna, it’s you!}

Some of you may remember my ‘Box to Book’ project which is now into its second year – the beginning of the story can be found here and here and, sigh, here.  It was put aside when I went back into mixed media painting, not altogether forgotten though – I had made the decision to keep it for a birthday gift rather than the Christmas it was originally planned for.  I’ve been working a bit on it whenever I can find a decent block of time:

Final1 Final2 Final3 Final4

Still got heaps to do – must keep at it, must keep at it, must keep at it ……….


And the week has concluded extremely happily with the unexpectedly early arrival of more ‘Happy Mail’ of the real variety.  From the lovely Fran and the even lovelier Steve at Serendipity Farm comes this bit of gorgeousness photographed on my table in the early morning sun:


Can you see that heart shaped point on the handle end of the bowl?  It is just exquisite and makes my heart sing!  It is like the point of a heart so I will think ‘Love’ every time I go to use it and all my cooking will be done with an extra added ingredient and we will all grow lovely, just like Roald Dahl said we would!!


Look at the bowl of the spoon – it is exquisite craftsmanship!


It feels smooth and satiny, it looks beautiful and it smells good too – how can I possibly use this to stir my pot of rice or my cheese and oat cakes?

Here it is sitting in the broken plastic jug that serves as my utensil holder beside the newly made weeks supply of cheese and oat cakes, which I had just finished making when the mail arrived [and which is my bread substitute, just in case you are interested].


So now I’m in the market for an uber posh utensil holder to match this gorgeous spoon!

Thank you to Fran and Steve at Serendipity – what a great swap!!  I feel like I got the better end of the swapping deal yet again!

I think that covers the highlights of my creative and blogging life for the past week what a great time I’m having!!

Big hugs to you all, thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!

66 thoughts on “A Mostly Pictorial Walk Through My Week

  1. It’s getting harder and harder to get through the “so filled with good information” blogs and read all the fun comments to post anything worthy or reading. I’m in the process of doing some organizing myself and love all of your ideas. Classes are fun for the social aspect as well as learning. This was a fun and enlightening visit. See you soon.


    • I’m happy you enjoyed your visit Marlene – I often think what fun it would be if we could all interact in a blog post at the same time – it’s one of those futuristic visions which I am sure will come to be at some time in the future 🙂

      Speaking of organisation – I am about due for a MASSIVE clear out. I’m not a hoarder and like to get rid of stuff regularly if it is not being used and utilised well – except in my creative room – which is packed to the gunnels and needs a really good rearrange – I was thinking about it when your comment came through. It sounds like, despite the seasonal differences and distance, we are on the same wave length 🙂


  2. I am officially tired…do you KNOW how long it took me to get to the bottom of this post to post this comment?!!! My fingers are tired…anyhoo…here we go…
    My daughters are both artistic and love to draw. One of them draws freehand and the other one uses lines to give her perspective. The line drawer was also a draftsman. Your “big eye” girls display an air of innocence and fragility and I prefer big eyes to big lips. I reckon big lips have been done to death by Angilina Jolie and a bevy of stars attempting to emulate her trout pout 😉

    Your portrait bears a striking resemblance to Mary Steenburgen. I don’t think that Claudia would be ready for my level of talent. OBVIOUSLY she would be floored by my L.S. Lowry impersonations (the ones with lips would be the girls 😉 ) but I am thinking that perhaps she might get a bit tetchy with me when I absolutely positively refused to “flesh out” my pretty girl, choosing instead to add a few more angles and a wild tuft of orange and blue hair…I was never one to go down easy!

    Orlando is obviously waiting for whatever is inside that box to vacate the premises so that he can take up residence 😉 note the casual perusal of the box…in cat language that means “HURRY UP ALREADY!”

    Oh I LOVE that little jaunty raskog painting! I thought a raskog was going to be something like a male version of a blow up doll (I have seen what Fishpond has been sending me in my inbox lately…) but now I am educated and in Scandinavian to boot! That little blue raskog looks like it wants to be moving…it has an air of “blowing in the breeze” about it and places to go, things to accomplish.

    LOL Just saw that picture of Orlando…I haven’t lost it (Catanese)

    Those cheesy rice cakes look delicious Pauline and no spoon was required to make them (well no blackheart sassafras one anyway 😉 ). The spoon looks right at home where it is. I fear that if you headed off to fishpond (putting your hands over your eyes as you scroll past the Brad Pitt blow up doll) and found a new you-beaut shiny utensil holder the spoon would feel distinctly out of place. It comes from humble roots and unlike Julia Roberts in Pretty Girl (see how I tied that back to your post? See? I segued…today I am proud 🙂 ) it might never stir as well again… Did you like the handle by the way? Another “first” in Steve’s designs and not one that he is going to repeat. He said (and I quote) “That’s it, that’s all for that design. I just let the wood tell me what it wanted to be and it did. It isn’t going to ever happen like that again” so you have numero uno and numero omega at the same time. Glad you liked it (wouldn’t know what to do if you didn’t! 😉 ) Grains being sent soon 🙂


    • Did I not say I liked the handle? That was quite remiss of me – that handle fits my hand perfectly. I have quite small hands, but have often and repeatedly been told most graceful ones – smirk – and this handle fills my palm most satisfactorily – no grasping onto it in case it slips out, just a nice, rounded, relaxed holding…… I stirred my rice with it last night to get it over and done with and it stirred most beautifully. I immediately rinsed and patted it dry in a manner that it won’t often receive once we are long time stirring pals – but for its first outing I was tender and careful with it – Steve would be proud of me 🙂

      Here is a special note for Steve: Steve, this spoon that you made for me is a thing of rare and exquisite beauty. it is perfectly proportioned, well balanced and I would swear you had been studying the way I hold a utensil, stir a pot and admire things of beauty. It is a little difficult for me to imagine how you created – or allowed the spoon to create itself. I have had several goes myself at wood carving and also my two daughters attended a Steiner School where wood carving was de rigeur for both sexes [along with cooking and handwork] At different times we all proudly brought home our spoons to show off. I remember mine broke immediately. My eldest daughter made a spoon with a very large bowl and a very tiny handle – it lived on the kitchen window sill for several years and eventually grew a small cactus in its bowl. My second daughter brought her spoon home and being a second child and therefore quite direct and determined in her approach demanded that I use the spoon, in her presence for stirring whatever it was I was making for dinner that evening. When I tell you that spoon resembled nothing less than a giants tablespoon, gouged out of an entire tree by the careless claw of his pet giant tiger – you may get a bit of a picture. I wielded that spoon for many a year – or whenever her beady eyes were on my cooking – with a bright smile on my sweaty face and the muscles in my stirring arm growing bigger daily. More spoons followed and while one could say they improved with experience they remained always oddly shaped and with interestingly gouge marks throughout. I used those spoons for many years and the last one went to the great spoon home in the sky about six or seven years ago, cracked and worn and probably terribly unhygienic. Since then I have used a shop bought soulless and mass produced excuse for a wooden spoon. I tell you all this so you will understand that I, with my many years of spoon experience, have never owned one that gives me so much ease of use, fits me so perfectly and looks so downright gorgeous that I want to go into the kitchen and make something that requires much stirring! I particularly like the way the blackheart shows up on one side of the bowl, the point of the heart where bowl meets handle and the gentle out-curving of the handle at the top. I am going to get some beeswax so I can keep it in pristine condition 🙂
      Thank you Steve, I owe you one and if you ever have any trouble with that Narfie7, let me know and I’ll wallop her good with my old wooden spoon 🙂


      • I just saved this in a notepad on the desktop along with a linky to your post as I am going to get Steve to reply to this Pauline and as it is only 4.21am here at the moment I don’t think I should wake him up just yet or your reply might not be polite! 😉 I would have love to have sent my kids to a Steiner school and I even lived in a town that had one once. In hindsight I wish I had home schooled them but as the Spanish say que sera and they all survived and seem to be reasonable functioning adults (that are at least hiding their craziness well 😉 )


        • That was my life for more than 20 years Fran – parenting, teaching, training and administering …. just about killed me 🙂 It’s a much more contented Pauline being a would-be artist! Do you think Steve will understand a word of last evenings gobble-de-gook – I was pretty tired myself by then…..


      • Hi Pauline Fran typing up a reply from Steve (because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read it 😉 )

        “Maintenance…the spoon will get a bit “fuzzy” which can be easily solved with a little bit of very fine sand paper and a light sanding and a reapplication of beeswax. If you don’t mind it going fuzzy, just use it and occasionally rub it with a bit of beeswax. I am glad that you like the handle. I don’t know why but the wood directed me to a slightly left lean in the spoon. Glad you liked the handle. I was very tempted (if my dremel wasn’t being a pain) to put a teaspoon in the other end of the handle but as it turned out, it worked well with the large handle.

        I love Blackheart Sassafrass and you will be pleased to know that your spoon is one of only 3 really nice Blackheart Sassafrass spoons…my mum, Bryanna Clark Grogan an acclaimed vegan cookbook writer and the third one went to a very talented artist (suck-up Steve! That was me Pauline by the way 😉 ).

        I think you could draw the “Green Man” really well. Coming from the U.K. there is a heritage of paganism that envelops all things natural and The Green Man is central to the solstice ceremonies. The only reason that I mention this is that the picture that you sent to Fran of the green woman reminded me of this.

        I cut a blank out of a piece of wood. I have a spoon head template but that is only a rough guide and every spoon is designed freehand working with the material that I am using at the time. I draw the rest of the spoon freehand and then I use an angle grinder with a circular chainsaw bit to carve away the bowl and any excess timber that I don’t think belongs there. I use a jigsaw to cut the shape out and then I use my ancient trusty rasp to start carving the spoon from what is left. After this it’s an electric sander to take the rough bits off and then hours by hand with sandpaper (while I watch the telly or sit on the deck and have a beer/wine MOST enjoyable 🙂 ).

        I made a blank that was large and that had a knot right where the spoon bowl met the handle and I decided that I wasn’t going to use it because it would have snapped. Fran decided otherwise and make a HUGE spadle out of it (spoon/ladle) and we used epoxy mixed with the sawdust to fill the knotted bit and now she uses it in her big 20 litre stockpot when I turn into the Soup Dragon and make soup. If you don’t know what I am talking about…

        This is from my childhood television watching experiences

        (Fran here…I just watched this episode of The Clangers and whoever wrote this 1960’s show was on crack! 😉 )

        It might be best if you don’t wallop her as she has to cook my tea (I had better watch out or she might wallop me for that comment! 😉 )



        • I’ve just watched my first ever viewing of ‘The Clangers’ and I have to agree with Fran – and if not crack, they were certainly on something!!

          I am honoured to be just one of three recipients of Blackheart Sassafras spoons in the entire universe – don’t are if it is a suck up – I’m really happy :-).

          It was really nice to get a bit of a picture of you Steve making the spoons – it is so complex – no wonder ours never turned out any good – all we ever had was a lathe, a rasp and some chisels of varying sizes…… I particularly like the image of you sitting on the deck sanding away with the drink/s close at hand. Its a nice juxtaposition to the one of your on the couch, guitar in hand having a wee snooze 🙂 No drool in sight though we all noted – Top marks for that!

          Oh yes, re the Green Man – I am really familiar with his mythology being a bit of a pagan and with an Irish / Celtic heritage……. I’ve never brought it into my mixed media work though – but never say never. Fran’s green woman is actually the spirit of the wild sea ….. the marine partner to the green man perhaps?

          I will do as you say with the spoon – I have both fine sandpaper and beeswax at the ready – and I promise not to wallop Fran as I would never want you to go without your tea! And I would never want to hurt Fran either 🙂

          Thanks again Steve, you are a great maker of spoons – Now I wonder what else you can turn your hand [or rasp] to?


          • Fran here (as it is 3.14am 😉 ) Steve has been thinking about small intricate boxes and we are going to head into town to check out a local craft shop that stocks all kinds of nifty little tools that might help. Picked up a book about making and carving small wooden boxes out of branches etc. from the thrift shop…sometimes ideas just fall out of the sky 🙂 Good luck thwacking me with a wooden spoon ma’am, I remember you are teeny tiny and I am not so low to the ground. I might just have to dangle you “blanket” style (remember poor Michael Jackson’s faux pas?) over our deck rails! 😉


            • I did only offer to thwack you on behalf of Steve if you gave him any grief – he now being elevated to second favourite male status [Orlando being first favourite] As Steve seems quite happy with your treatment of him it looks as if a good thwack with my old wooden spoon is not required. Peace reigns 🙂

              Steve making intricate little boxes from tree branches sounds pretty amazing!

              I hope you have a most successful trip into town!


              • 🙂 Have a great day today Pauline and hugs from what is no doubt going to be another sunny hot day in Sidmouth…my garden is parched and the possums are eating all my pumpkins 😦


  3. Oh, there is so much here today, that I’ve forgotten several things. I received a pair of bamboo cooking spoons as a house-warming gift when we first remodeled. I couldn’t bring myself to use them for two years. I finally did, and still use them today. It was nice to enjoy them for awhile in pristine condition though.

    I too love your staggered white cube shelving. I’ve always liked that look.

    As for Orlando…his sweetness overflows. I’m so glad he got himself a new box in the deal.


    • I used the spoon last night – I reminded myself that beauty is as beauty does and took a deep breath and stirred my stir fry with it. It did a good job – and so has been christened and is a thing of beauty still!

      The cubes work well as you can arrange them to suit any need – they have lived in a number of houses with me now, in varying configurations and have always looked good too.

      Orlando, who has never been much of a box boy, loves this particular box and so it has stayed where it was photographed and when he disappears I look there – and there he is 🙂 I think I shall try it in the Create Joy room and see if he will take to that scenario instead of sitting behind my chair so that I constantly run him over when I suddenly push it back to get something that isn’t right beside me …. sigh ….. it gets fraught sometimes…….


      • Hurray for you and for the christened spoon. I like your sensibility.

        Isn’t if funny how something as simple as a cube, can look elegant while at the same time remain functional. They’re interesting too in a step down configuration.

        So did you move Orlando’s box with success? You never know with cats.


        • I thought I did a really good job of moving his box – I cleared out a space beneath the table, close by where my feet would be, but not close enough to accidentally kick him if I moved suddenly. I put one of his blankies in it and proudly showed him my efforts. he walked away. It’s been three or more days now and it is completely ignored! He continues to hunker down behind me chair and to get run over. He has lost his collar and bell and I don’t hear him tinkling at the moment. New one due soon coming all the way from Canada via Etsy. 🙂


          • Oh my. Sounds like you have an honest to goodness feline on your hand. [snort] How typical!

            I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done something similar, only to have the cat eschew all my efforts with genuine contempt.

            I can’t wait to see the new collar on Orlando the beautiful.


            • A couple of days ago I took the blankie out and replaced it with a sheet of newspaper that I had been using to lay wet paintings on and which he had been hell-bent on sitting on top of ……. he immediately entered his box curled up and had a big sleep. He’s been using it ever since. Moral: Don’t make it soft and pretty – make it rustley and they will come 🙂


              • Well done, well done! I’m so happy you figured it out. Cat’s find paper irresistible, don’t they?

                I recently gathered up all the cat bedding for a good wash, and put down a temporary something in Slinky’s box. She immediately moved to her second box till the laundry was done. Then she moved back. They crack me up.


  4. Tremendous! Happy mail, art classes, journaling, painting…you’ve had a full week.

    I love your little sketch of the craft cart.That made me smile. The cart is awfully cute. I spotted one assembled at the shop were I took the mixed-media class. They must be popular. Sorry to hear about the dreaded postage. I once ordered soy tea lights from Canada, and the postage tripled the price. I loved them, and was happy to support an Etsy artist, but over time it would be too pricey to keep ordering them.

    I digress. Your purple haired beauty is delightful. Thanks for sharing the process and yes, the long and short of it. It was so fun for me to see more of the rooms in your lovely home. I like the idea of starting with white, then adding color and changing over time. We’ve gone the other way in the past decade: we used to have everything white. Not the furniture is more neutral with lots of color on the walls. Which, by the way, is the start of my next blog. I do love this synchronicity.


    • Re the cart – they are very popular, even though marketed as kitchen storage – for us folk who work in mixed media they are a god-send really as they are not only a pretty colour they are made of metal [wipe clean] sturdy, deep sides allow safe storage of liquidy things without fear of them falling off and splattering [it happened with my little tea trolley twice – dreadful messes!] and movable 🙂 🙂 🙂 Well worth the postage cost!!

      I used to do the colourful walls and nuetral furniture back in the day when I owned my on home – now I have to live with what I have and so the changeable soft furnishing rule applies and works well for me.

      Looking forward to that next post 🙂


  5. Hi Pauline! I LOVE your new painting. The eyes and lips and color and everything. You are on a roll, girl. My Steve spoons are treasures, too, and are going to Hawaii with me along with my Pauline Hawaii Garden girl painting. Good karma for the new place. Orlando is all cat, and your new organizer (and the painting of it) is a work of art… Is your whole life art?? 🙂 Hugs from Olalla!


    • Hello Hawaii Girl!! I’m glad you like my new girl -0 today I shall work on finishing her – let’s see what happens 🙂

      You are right Orlando is ‘all cat’. I love his intense concentration on each moment – especially when there is food or cuddles or dancing on offer. His inward looking eyes and vocalisations of happiness – purrs that resemble the sound of a small airplane flying through the sky, harrumphs, chortles, wheezes and gulps of varying intensities and sliding scales are quite delightful to live with! I am never lonely 🙂

      So, in short, my whole life isn’t all art – there’s a bit of kitty thrown in there too and a small garden which I am back to tending with a lot of love and the rest is art 🙂

      I’ve seen your house for sale link on facebook and will go have a read as soon as I finish my blogging duties – I wish you all good fortune with it! xoxo


  6. Amazing painting!!! !!!

    Cool with your Computer to your TV, I would do it but I don’t have a HDMI cable (or maybe you didn’t and I misread, I’m rarther tired).


    • You read it right – My laptop is permanently attached via the HDMI cable and my big screen TV does nothing but function as a giant computer screen – or sometimes I watch a DVD not through the computer 🙂 Cool Huh??


  7. Hi Pauline I am a friend of Fran and Steve. I follow Fran’s blog and thought I would pop over to have a look. Love the girl, lots of expression in those eyes. I have been lucky enough to have the talented Steve make me some spoons, yes plural, for my birthday. There is that moment of pause when you go to use it for the first time, you discribe it well. I love the trolley, Ikea is my all time favourite store. I could have got a job working there, imagine that, but my husband said no, we would never see my pay 🙂 . I have admired the trolley from time to time and have ummed and erred about buying it for my sewing room… One day eh


    • Hello, welcome and thanks for the follow! 🙂

      I’m glad you like my girl.

      I imagine a job at Ikea would be the job made in heaven – store discount and all those gorgeous goodies! I know I would never have much money to bring home! We don’t have Ikea in this country, which I personally think is a real shame …. But I’d have to get a proper job just to indulge my shopping habit if we did!

      Two spoons eh? M-m-m-m, you must be very special!! 🙂

      I’ll pop over for a visit in a bit.


  8. Wow, you have been busy! I love your Claudia Girl (do you have a name other than that?). I think it’s an amazing first effort!


    • Dammit – I wrote a long response and hit the wrong button and lost it all – when will I stop doing that??

      Any hoo – thank you for that feedback, I was quite pleased with it too. I have to finish the whole painting now and maybe give her something thoughtful to say and then she might get called something other than a Claudia Girl…. and then I have to do another one and try and figure out how to keep the stuff I like and blend it in to my own style …. heavens knows what will happen!


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  10. Pauline, I enjoyed reading about your week. I walked around my home, iPad in hand, showing off your artistic talent to my family😄 I showed them your art with the business cards as well. Every time I read one of your posts, I am in awe of your artistic talent. Do blow some across the miles for me😄 Enjoy your happy mail and your purchases. Sometimes I close my eyes and press the buy now button too! Have a great balance of the week.


    • How wonderful that you did that Elaine – I have a big smile as I picture your family being made to look at my work – your enthusiasm is a wonder to me 🙂

      I am also most happy to hear that you too close your eyes and press the buy now button – isn’t it good to know we are not alone in our baser impulses!! 🙂

      I’m enjoying my week and I do hope you and your family are also having a good week xoxo


  11. la la la–oh how I can relate to this moment in your life-that button too easy to hit:-) What a beautiful girl + purple hair-pefect. My middle daughter had all kinds of colors in her hair in high school-lol. That reminds me of her, she never went all purple, but she would do purple ends with black tips! I would help her + I have to admit I liked it a lot-lol. I agree with above that the eyes are amazing on your girls, it is your signature:-) You have found your passion + it is so neat you keep growing and learning. I enjoyed visiting your box books-amazing! I just love the way you know how to put just the right “object” in the right place and it all looks like it “always” was together! I hope that makes sense:-) You are a natural at this mixed media! I adore your girls:-)
    I so love your cart and what a great idea to wheel it where you need it!!!:-)


    • Oh good Robbie, another impulsive impulse buyer! I try so hard to be ‘good’ then go and do a really huge impulse spend… crazy!! But I love my cart – it is so handy and cute and strong and so pretty ,,,, everything and more that you would want from a cart!

      Weren’t teenagers fun to have around! One of mine was a Goth for a while when we lived in the UK – she had a punk boyfriend for a bit who was quiet and gentle in reality and when he got himself all kitted up in his colourfully multi dyed mohawk, torn jeans, leather jacket and chains and big boots the crowds would part like the red sea …… It used t make me laugh – I’d go walking with him just for the experience 🙂

      You are right – I have found my passion – I love what I am doing and think I am the most fortunate person to be able to live the life I am living! I am also so grateful to have found people like you who encourage me so much!! xoxo


  12. Oh, weeeeeh you got one! It looks extra pretty with all your colourful art supplies in it too. I’m actually thinking of a 2nd one since it’s so handy. I love that Orlando thought you ordered him a box, sweetie pie.
    You’re a artistic Ninja, just look at that beautiful journal. I love the pink page, it’s so soft and romantic with the ribbon.
    I love seeing what other artists are doing. And your new spoon is definitely a work of art. I’d almost not want to use it and just enjoy looking at it. Don’t meals just taste better when you have beautiful things to use in the kitchen?
    BTW, I love how you set up your library with the stepped display area. I’m really missing my pretty things. Your home is really cute Pauline, and there’s no doubt a creative soul resides there. xoK I guess you’re already on Wednesday so it’s almost the weekend again for you 😀 but I’ll say it anyway, have a great week!


    • I did! And it was horrendously expensive – multiply by 5 the amount you paid for yours – most of it shipping I guess as it came from the States. It was a rashly foolish fiscal spend – but so much joy has been gained from having it 🙂 It all balances out!!

      Why are you missing your pretty things? Where are they? Where are you?

      My home is about three times smaller than the average house – I chose peace of mind over social standing and material goods a long time ago and have been downsizing ever since 🙂 Everything is done on a shoe string and I love the opportunity to be creative with a zero budget. I’m about due for another makeover….


      • I love to make things pretty on a budget. Most of our things are collected over time, no match match here.

        All my pretty things are in a storage garage. There since we sold our house and moved into this condo to look for a new one. 28 months ago and counting. Fingers crossed for soon.

        I can’t imagine how much shipping was, yikes. Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and go for it:D I was on eBay a bit ago and typed in Memory Box Dies. Lot’s lists from Australia but OMgosh, 5 x more b4 the extreme shipping charge. I don’t imagine they sell many this way.


        • More than two years somewhere counts as ‘settled’ for me 🙂 Are you are seriously house-hunting or just happy to wait and see if anything comes along? My decorating style is definitely disposables [side drapes, cushion covers, throws etc] in any bright colour that is my current favourite and everything else white. I’m about due for a change – its been almost three years!


          • We’ve looked at near 75 homes, many losers, a few we liked but didn’t offer soon enough and they got scooped up and one we bid on and lost. Prices here are heavily inflated due to the Oil Sands and Alberta’s economy. We looked at a house on the weekend for $889,000 and it was slapped together with visible cheapness. We were in and out in 5 minutes. It’s our number one priority now that we’re back from Maui. Nothing gets listed here in the winter. So basically, even though we’ve been house hunting since Oct 2011, the majority of the listings are from Apr – Aug. Families tend not to move after school starts. I make the best of it here, but it’s not anywhere near settled….soon, I hope.


            • Oooh, that’s hard! That amount of cash here would still buy a fair sized minor mansion, despite the astronomical increases over the past ten or twelve years! Good luck with the hunting hon – may you be blessed with the right house in the right spot and the deal of the century to go with it!!


  13. Your world is so colorful, Paulette…I love it! And so organized!
    Your artistic abilities amaze me. You might get a kick out of my post this Friday regarding my lack of artistic ability.


  14. Awesome week!!!

    I feel the same way about learning. There is no limit to get better in whatever we are doing… Your drawings were already beautiful, but I am sure this new skills you are learning will get you to be more comfortable at creating new girls, faces and more. Thanks for sharing the link, funny coincidence about having the same name as a porn star.. heehee

    I love anything that has to do with organization. Your blue bin is adorable and love that it rolls!! You can take it anywhere 😀 It is great that Orlando is part of it all… 🙂 and now you can create many more beautiful art books.

    The exchange was lovely. I only use wood spoons to cook. I am sure, whenever you decide to use it, you will enjoy it. It is a beauty.

    Pauline, thanks for sharing your story and the pictures of your home. Your little safe haven!

    Have a wonderful week! 😀


    • Thank you Pati for coming by and for those thoughtful comments – I do love my blue bin! I too just use wooden spoons for cooking. I was down to my last one and it is very old – and now I have this beautiful new implement … such a treat!


  15. Pauline, I love your book!! That’s the most beautiful picture and sayings “be your own kind of Beautiful” etc. Just really lovely and your lady drawn from your course
    Thank you for that, a good easy way to see how to paint faces properly 🙂 Love your sppon from Steve and Fran, that’s pretty special – isn’t he clever!!!
    I wouldn’t go trying practicing for anticipation, Linne may be an expert but obviously you and I just enjoy the tearing open right now bit. …and that’s ok, we’re all different 🙂
    I laughed when I read about The Bohemian Artist – her behaviours sound strangely familiar!
    Cool little shelf unit too.


    • I rashly promised Linne I would try for a 10 minute wait before ripping into my mail – it simply doesn’t come anywhere near my conscious mind when the post arrives. So yes, I agree with you, that is not our way – we are all different! Vive La Difference!! [Bellowed in my best french accent]

      And you know the fingers in ears and the La-la song!! You must be my long lost twin!!
      Hurrah – it’s not just me!

      I think the book will be really lovely when it is completed, there is just so much to do – I find it a bit daunting and so keep trying to do a bit every day.

      Steve is obviously a ‘wood whisperer’ the fact that he makes it by feel, with just a chisel or a knife makes me go wow! That is a real talent! Aren’t we fortunate to know so many talented people!


      • We are so fortunate 🙂

        Ah yes, I know the “la-la” song well lol. Isn’t that funny 🙂 Viva la difference indeed!!!

        You, daunted? Don’t be 🙂 It looks to me like you are doing just fine. I have something here for you, have had for a couple of months and really need to sort it!! Don’t know if coming or going at the moment but will get onto it! Keep up the beautiful work!


        • Well that sounds intriguing …. 🙂 Now I shall be on the look out …. You will still be very busy with putting up all your garden’s harvest – Yo know that is an art form in itself don’t you! When all is done I shall look forward to seeing something newly creative coming from you.


  16. your mixed media girl is lovely and her eyes so engaging they are almost hypnotic. Such a great shot of Orlando with his paw out ready to go. I love his fur color and I am really happy with my fur choice for his mini me. I also loved seeing mini me happily ensconced in your lovely home.
    Create joy room. I love it. You do. 😀


    • Those are definitely eyes courtesy of Claudia Rossi – I like them too and shall be practising them every chance I get! I couldn’t think what you meant by saying you saw mini me happily ensconced – and then I realised he would have shown up in the photo of the coffee table 🙂 Yes, he is much admired by all visitors and one cat and me! He is staying on the coffee table until the ritual of Big O sitting beside Little O wears off – it hasn’t yet.


  17. Wow!! What a big week you have had Pauline! The lady with the purple hair is lovely – you captured a real contemplative mood. Such lovely craftworks organisation – it looks so pretty all beautifully arranged in the new trolley – I love your picture of it too. The wooden spoon is beautiful – I use a stainless steel champagne bucket for my utensils – bit of pizazz and also practical as the weight in the base supports it from tipping over. : )))xox


    • Thank you Claudia, that is so kind of you to say 🙂 And also the link [why didn’t I think of that?] It is so funny – I remember googling your name once ages ago, when I was trying to find if you had a blog – and I got a long list of the other Claudia Rossi’s offerings – in the end I thought to add ‘mixed media’ to your name and immediately got you. Whew!!


  18. A-Mazing post, Pauline! I love the new drawings; that course sounds great. And I did laugh at your ‘anticipation’ pause – just long enough to locate the camera . . . !! Obviously, you need to get lots of Happy Mail so you will have ample opportunity to practise . . . 🙂

    the Raskog is a wonderful buy; definitely worth a few missed meals, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    His poor Highness, though . . . they don’t much like the frenzy of ripping things open and then banging around with metal bits, do they? I’m sure he got over it once he discovered his private hideaway . . .

    the book is a real work of love (and art); I remember reading the original posts; it’s good to see you back at it.

    That spoon,, though; how could you NOT use it? My sons’ dad carved spoons and his wife used them every day. They looked so good in their kitchen. And they feel different in the hand, too. I know you WILL use it, once you get used to it being there. I’m looking forward to seeing the uber posh holder with the spoon enthroned . . . Lovely of Fran and Steve, isn’t it? What an artist! Now, if you find a hand-carved wooden bowl in your travels, you could even use this spoon as a serving spoon on special occasions . . .

    As always, it’s lovely to see your work and your home. Your place looks so peaceful. I suppose it won’t be for long, once you get to stirring things up in a BIG way! 😉


    • I shall use the spoon Linne, it will just be that momentary pause, with held breath, when it makes the first dip into something that will mar the pristine perfection of newness…..

      My wee home is peaceful – I’m glad you picked up on that – it really is my safe haven!
      Thank you for all those generous words about my week – life in general is being extraordinarily kind to me at the moment and I am enjoying it and being most appreciative of it too! 🙂


  19. DWL! ‘Bigify it’, a love it. And this was such a beautiful post. No lie, I feel like organizing my craft stuff and taking a couple classes/tutorials and do some real stuff! “Get cracking”. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation and the breath of fresh air! 🙂


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