Experience Is What Happens To Us …….

Hi there my bloggie friends,  just a quick post to round off my weeks work – I set to and finished my mixed media girl.

Here she is to remind you:


I painted the background viridian green and when it was dry over painted it with cerulean blue which I then wiped back getting a lovely aqua colour.  I stamped randomly using a brown ink to give the pristine background the worn look of experience, collaged a flower into her hair and gave it a glittery centre for a touch of bling, ran white chalk around the outer edge of the paper ……….  And finally gave her a mantra that I have learned in my life to be so true:

‘Experience is what happens to us,

Freedom is what we do with what happens to us.’

She’s gorgeously bright with her purple hair and red dress and blue-green background and will look fabulous in a frame!


I think she will make nice cards and postcards too, do you?

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!  🙂

22 thoughts on “Experience Is What Happens To Us …….

  1. Pauline, I found your blog by accident but am very excited that I did. I found the girl in the painting had a wistful look, as if she is seeing something in her future, definitely not sadness.
    I am very impressed. I like to look at art, I would look all day if I could. I spent over an hour just gazing at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, until my eyes got tired😄. Congratulations on your blog!


    • Hi Terrytrekker, thank you so much for taking the time to come by and leave a comment. I’m really happy to have my work and the Mona Lisa mentioned in almost the same breath 🙂 And of course I am also pleased that you see so much in her. Please do come by again any time you like and make my day by leaving more thoughtful comments 🙂

      I popped by your blog too and had a quick visit – I decided to hit ‘follow’ so I can read some more of your travel adventures.


    • Thank you Elaine – and that is a lovely name!
      No, you have not missed my anniversary post, it is due at the beginning of March – which [gulp] I have just realised is only a week or so away…. Thank you for the reminder!


  2. She’s lovely and you are so talented. I am Jealous! 🙂
    Many years ago I took up a watercolour class. I only managed to do 3 sessions as I had fallen pregnant and the smell of the paint made me feel very ill.. I thought I might go back to it one day but no I haven’t. Probably because I don’t have much talent that way, so that is why I am jealous lol. I patchwork instead and that is my true love 🙂


    • I am a big believer in us all having talents – they are all different and all equally as valid! I always wanted to sing with all the passion and feeling of a great soprano – but I can scarcely manage ‘Hey diddle diddle’ without going off key 🙂

      I love patchwork – and have done some, I would not say it was particularly good work – I tend to want to run before I can walk – but it was serviceable……. just 🙂

      It’s mostly pretty cool isn’t it to have a creative true love – I like that!


  3. The eyes stand out … and sadness was my initial reaction, and I see you mentioned that in a comment. Good saying to match. Great work Pauline … and I wanted to stop by to say hello as I’ve been a bit on the busy side.


  4. Its all of those little “Pauline” touches that make her beautiful 🙂 She will grace your cards most gloriously and I love that quote too 🙂


      • You are lucky I was coherent by that stage. I just spent an entire day from 3am till just on 5pm working my way steadily and most determinedly through my RSS Feed Reader! I finally cleared it out! I even met myself coming back as you so rightly noted 🙂


  5. Wow! What a difference the background makes. It’s like a whole new painting. She’s quite beautiful, though she makes me a little sad. Does she reflect what you are feeling or am I reading too much into this at the end of an exhausting day?

    Your talents amaze me. It’s always a treat to stop by.


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