A Gardener…. Another Mixed Media Painting

In conversation recently it was noted that I’ve been using blue greens quite a lot as that appears to be my latest colour crush.

Totally, I agreed, any colour associated with the sea seems to be my thing at the moment.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when it was mentioned that orange is a colour never seen in my work.  On quick reflection I had to agree, it is never seen…..  I didn’t even have an orange paint tube, though I do own a Distress Ink that is orange and it mostly sits unused at the bottom of the pile.

It was wondered if I use much of any of the hues from that portion of the colour wheel – the yellows through reds.

I use yellow quite often I said.  A quick hunt through current work and then photos of past work proved the point, I use yellow with blue very often and make lovely greens with them.

I use red I said.  By golly yes I do, a little is to be found in most paintings.  Whew!!

So I set out to do a painting that didn’t feature any sea type colours and did feature yellow and orange.  I even purchased a tube of orange paint!

As I worked I found the colour palette quite heavy [surprisingly – orange should be light and refreshing like it’s name] so I started to add in white which made a huge difference and when I had another of my genius ideas and used the edge of a rectangular paper doily as a frill on the bottom of her dress then things began to pop.

I had no idea what I was going to do when I started and was over halfway through before I could see where we were going – and this is what emerged:

A Gardener [c]

Half successful only, I couldn’t help myself the background just had to be what it is 🙂

I wish I’d chosen a longer canvas to work on so she could have been full length instead of cut off, but that’s what happens when you don’t have a plan!

As I was making the flowers, I  found I was thinking of my blogging friend Alys over at Gardening Nirvana and the words just popped into my head.

So what is your opinion of my attempt to use orange?

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!  🙂

41 thoughts on “A Gardener…. Another Mixed Media Painting

  1. I would say you were in the flow, and it looks perfect just the way it is…I LOVE orange!:-) I would love to find an orange dress just like that to wear when I am feeling blue because who could feel blue in an orange dress-tee hee


    • And I hope you find one! I was amazed at the amount of comments from people who didn’t like orange, but loved the painting…….. usually if you don’t like a colour you don’t like what it is attached to. I thought it wasn’t a colour I warmed to, [ha!!] but couldn’t take my eyes off the way the picture fairly glowed at you.

      I’ve sent the original away to be enjoyed by someone who needs cheering up 🙂


  2. I am not a great fan of orange either but you made little miss orange a sight for sore eyes :). I think it’s the green/blue background that really complimented her though ;). You can’t repress your inner colour scheme and if green/blue is doing it for you at the moment, let it out! 🙂


  3. I haven’t logged in for a while, but I am glad I did today. This piece has such joy. The color combination has great contrast. I love the message and the girl. This one is uplifting! Great job! Big hug!


    • The longer I live with her, the more I like her! Isn’t it amazing when that happens! Thank you for those encouraging comments, I appreciate your input so much!
      I have to say, I’ve been missing your posts – but I did spend an enjoyable half hour or so perusing your shop a few days back – one day …. one day …. 🙂

      Hope all is going well for you Pati, thank you for taking the time to drop in! xoxo


      • I am so happy your creating this beautiful pieces. Thanks for checking my Stay store. And yes, I’ve been a bit absent. First, we have been traveling. Then a wedding in Orlando. Now, I am doing some remodeling in our apartment. It will probably take me a week. And then we are going away again. Heehee.. At the rate we are going I doudt I will have time to post or paint this month. I should post about it… Heehee.. I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas! 😀


        • That is nice busy though! You should definitely post the re-model – I love anything like that! 🙂

          But, just in case – A Happy and Peaceful Christmas to you and Rob as well xoxo


  4. My second favorite color (first is magenta) is pinky peach, which is pretty close to orange! I even painted my bedroom wall the color, to match a sunset in the desert — photo on the wall. Here is the blog that has the picture of the wall. I love it. http://farmlet.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/the-seventh-bed/
    I also love the orange skirt on your painting! It GLOWS. So much of our weather here is overcast, shades of gray and blue, fire colors have to be injected into our environment. lol I look forward to seeing more orangey hues since you have the orange tube now. 🙂


    • I have the pic of your bedroom wall up and to my right the gardener in her orange dress – I swear the colours are the same – even down to the lines of sunlight that dapple your wall in the one and lighten her skirt in the other!! Doo-do-doo-do-do-do!! [Which may be lost on you but is the sound of something unexplained and mysterious taking place from some show or other my kids used to watch on the tv – you remember, those boxes folk sit in front of]

      I am intrigued by the responses to the colours – you are the first person who claims it as an almost favourite colour and the second who actually lives with it. Yet everybody likes it. [Or at least no-one has been brave enough to say they don’t care for it at all]]

      She is out in my living room, sitting atop the bookshelf [which is, coincidentally, one of Orlando’s preferred resting places]. It is unusual for me to keep a piece out once it is finished – they are usually filed away – but I like her – I like her more every day and I am wondering why. I don’t have the answer yet – dang it all – but suspect I shall be using more of this colour to see what happens.

      I do have a tube of the most bee-oo-ti-ful magenta – y colour – called ‘rose madder’ – which I adore. I use a little bit in every painting, lips, if nothing else…..I wonder what would happen if I combined the two…..

      That was a great post about Garfield and your nesting frenzy – I can relate!! 🙂


      • Great new cover photo! You’re inspiring me to get into my dashboard and do something new, too. 🙂 And how fun that we both have that Pinky Peach “up” somewhere. There is a rose that has both it and magenta in it…my favorite flower. Doo-do-doo-do-do-do!! is not lost on me! I hear it all the time. lol


        • I just did it – had some help from Russell Deasley over at the world’s greatest top 10 – very pleased proud and happy with myself!

          I had a rose called Happy-Go-Lucky when I lived in Wellington that had those colours. It was stunning – it used to practically pulsate in the late afternoon light in the middle of summer.

          And I’m glad to hear you are not altogether lost to pop culture 🙂

          We’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of the orange and magenta colour palette….


  5. I like certain shades of orange; not all of them. Well, I like them in the abstract, but don’t wear them or invite them into my home. That said, I admit that flowers in any colour, including orange, are most welcome. LOL Love your gardener girl, Pauline. The lace is an inspired touch. ~ Linne


  6. You do seem to work fast, I’ll agree, yet every project is so unique. I fancy that you made the leaves heart shaped and so perfect when you’re talking about our favourite gardener. I personally am not an orange lover. The lake house was full of orange and brown when I moved in and I spent the next 5 years eliminating it. Such as orange and brown kitchen, brown orange and gold rug….I’m not even kidding…tres ugly. Your sweet garden makes it so much more palatable though. Orange and aqua are actually very trendy I’ve noticed. Did I mention I bought two giant old books last week? I won’t be a copy cat but I thought of you when I bought them.


    • Oooh, I would have killed for that colour scheme back in 1969! I was a bit ahead of my time but by 1974 it was all the rage …..My, how times and tastes change!

      I was not aware that orange and aqua are ‘in’…… I don’t think I could live in it or amongst it! Though having said that when designers work with shades and tones, lovely things can happen.

      I think only LB has said she wears orange and likes it – most others have said they like it in the painting ….. some are like you and me and not lovers of the colour, but most seem to agree that the painting is okay …. My daughter emailed to say she loves it and I know she doesn’t have any orange anywhere! Go figure! The more I look at it the more I like it – I think you are right, it fits the season!

      I suppose I do work fast – I still struggle with the concept of walking away and leaving something unfinished. If I can see a way through I tend to keep at it. Remember I don’t have anybody else pulling at my time, if I want to work I can.
      So to you others who have lives, I appear to be waving a wand and producing stuff from thin air…. Ha, I like it!

      How exciting Boomdee, 2 books! I wonder what will transpire…. can’t wait to see. And don’t worry about being a copy-cat – everybody is doing something with book text these days it’s very ‘in’, a bit like aqua and orange 🙂

      This is almost a post in itself xoxo


  7. I love the orange in this piece! I like the long “flowy” dress. The hearts in your work make me think of all the beauty and love you share with all your readers. Have a great week, Pauline!


  8. Many of the clothes in my closet are orange, it is one of the two team colors for my beloved Hokies (Virginia Tech), and I think this painting is a success!!


  9. I love the orange, Pauline – especially for summer. Your gardener has a very sweet face. I was told in art classes at school many moons ago that “blue and green should never be seen”. Ha! What a load of tosh! Your blues, greens – and oranges and yellows – should always been seen. Your paintings are a delight.


    • Thank you Dani 🙂 That’s a happy comment to wake up with! I love living in an age that allows anything to happen with colours – the rule now is to mix any colours you like as long as it won’t become a muddy mess ….and sometimes even mud is okay too. I so appreciate your kind words and support 🙂


  10. I’m getting always happy when I see your work, Pauline. Orange looks very beautiful in the painting and combines good with the other colours. I love the heart shaping dress. I think you’d be a purrfect designer too 🙂 Pawkiss for a Happy Sunday 🙂


  11. I’m glad I stayed up late to see this post! Thanks so much for the mention, Pauline. I love that saying! Truly inspired.

    She’s a cheerful, carefree gardener. I sense that from the tilt of her head, the swirl of her skirt and the way she scatters flowers all about. I just can’t get over how quickly your mind works and how all the little pieces come together.

    As for the color orange, it’s never been at the top of my color favorites either (I like green, blue, purple as well), but it’s my son’s favorite color so I set aside my own aversions and have used it sparingly in his room.

    I continue to enjoy the art piece I bought for my friend E. It will be a sad day when I let her go.


    • Thank you Alys, this is a a lovely helpful comment! It’s good to hear that you think my mind works quickly still, I experience myself as slowing down – imagine what it must have been like living in here once 🙂

      I think I was thinking of you as she became a red head and a gardener wearing a huge heart – whats not to link the two of you together?

      Having had a first go at her I may have another shot a bit later. not necessarily in orange though I actually quite enjoyed working with it – it’s a happy colour!


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