Christmas Giveaway

Hello there, my Bloggie Friends!

Because the Christmas season is upon us, the lights are up and just because I can – there is another giveaway on offer.  This time there will be two winners.  …Happy, happy dances and big smiley faces!!  🙂

  • A signed print of your choice from one of these:



BeAButterflyCopyrightSmallest Things1a


A Gardener [c]

  • A 5 pack of cards of your choice from my Etsy shop

Go to my shop to view the full range and make your choice, this is just one example.

Chair @11

[and yes, you can choose 5 different cards if you want]

Of course, you have to do something to enter – well, two things actually, here are ‘The Rules’:

1]    ‘Like’ The Contented Crafter Page on Facebook.*

2]    Leave a comment on this post.

*If you have already ‘Liked’ on Facebook, just mention that fact in your comment here.

If you don’t participate in or on Facebook, please let me know that too.

This giveaway is open to all followers old and new – please don’t be shy, make it fun and interesting and exciting for us all – tell me what you think  🙂

The Giveaway Closes on 8th December 2013 at 8pm [my time]

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did and I hope you will take part!  🙂

36 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway

  1. Your art is whimsical:-) It makes me think of make-believe as a child, playing dress-up,or pretending to be “little people” that live in the walls of homes( The Borrowers!)/ or in the trees in the forest behind my house….or possibly in the trunk of the tree with a magical door, or being able to fly all over the forest with our butterfly wings:-)


    • Well, thank you!! That is lovely to hear 🙂 It is a new style I have been having fun playing with – I really like that I can leave messages embedded in the painting … a teeny bit like a mantra 🙂


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  3. I’m already a fan on Facebook and I’ve favorited you on Etsy, too. I can’t wait to blog about your beautiful painting….after I bring myself to give it away.

    I love your new banner with the Christmas lights. How did you do that? The green font is pretty, too. My, you have been busy.


    • Yes,you are so supportive of my work, you are a blessing to me 🙂 I am so happy to hear you are enjoying the painting too. I haven’t yet given you feedback on Etsy as I can’t find out where to do it – it is not always an easy site to find your way around in! But I will follow through on that.

      The banner was done at where you can upload photos and play around very easily. It’s worth a visit!


      • Thanks for the banner link. There are so many free goodies on the net, aren’t there?

        Etsy is challenging to navigate. I thought I saw a post somewhere that said I could post a comment, but not until after a certain date. I don’t know what that is about. You would think the sooner the better, since people will forget.


        • I think you will find you have to comment before that certain date 🙂 But you are right it is so difficult finding your way round it – I suppose once you have bought a few items it becomes easier ….. I do think it odd that the seller can’t give feedback!


  4. Hi Pauline,
    It’s nice seeing your posters on one page:-) I send my luck to the others who will get a chance to win. I’m not entering this time.


  5. All gorgeous and whimsical and completely desirable. You make cards too? Note to self…get Steve to make some more handmade wooden spoons to give away on the blog! 🙂


    • I used to have about 6 handmade wooden spoons – made by my girls in woodwork classes from the time they were 12 ….. the first ones were monstrous,the size of small diggers with deep gouge marks where they had applied the tool. I had to use them, smiling brightly, stirring the pot while they watched proudly 🙂

      I ‘lost’ them somewhere in one of my moves…..


  6. Ha! I’ve already ‘liked’ your FB page. But the hard part would be choosing which five. I’m thinking a selection of the lovely ladies . . . What fun, Pauline! You are so generous to do this. Thanks for sharing with us . . . ~ Linne


  7. What a great giveaway. You’re cards are precious! I’d love to win. Just liked your FB page! 🙂


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