The Adventures of a Prima Doll Stamp

I got myself a new stamp.  It is so pretty!

Now before we go any further I just need to tell you that I was never able to be a little girly girl when I was a little girl – and, as a result, I have never quite gotten past the frilly-blingy-dress-up-pretty stage – ’nuff said?

So here is the stamp – she’s quite a tall lass, standing about 20 cm [8″] and the primary colour used in the composition, Distress Ink  ‘Peacock Feathers’ an absolutely delicious colour:

Prima Doll Stamp

And this is what I did to it:

Prima 2

Sh is coloured with water colour pens and the dress is over stamped in a pattern by randomly plonking a small swirly type stamp over the four colour base.  Even though the dress has a sort of bottom frill, i wanted more, so made the fabric look frill from paper coloured in the same way as the dress and then pleated and shaped to get the look of movement.  It’s topped with a row of tiny pearls.

She looked a bit cold so I took a piece of narrow white cotton lace and turned it into a shawl. Later, the harsh white will be softened with a few dabs from the green and blue colour palette.

The next day I decided the black was too harsh and did this:

Prima 3a

Tiny pieces of my encyclopaedia paper are glued down and brushed with some gold ‘Perfect Pearls’  which also made their way onto the gown  The edge is treated to some ‘Peacock Feathers’ ink.

Now she needed to rest a bit while I had a think about where to go next – did she need to be affixed to a double layer of scalloped edged card?  Did she like having flowers around her?.  I often stand my half completed work out where I can see it when I’m doing other things.  Getting a glimpse of it when I’m not focused on it, helps me know what is needed as a next step.

The little fella likes to get in on the action too:

Tig & Prima

She spent an evening out of the play room and when she went back in this happened:

Prima 4

I think she’s finished – but you can never be quite sure …… not until she is safely tucked up in her cellophane bag or gone to her new home!

Thanks for coming by 🙂  I hope you enjoyed your visit, do let me know what you think – constructive criticism is always appreciated!

23 thoughts on “The Adventures of a Prima Doll Stamp

  1. You’ve done an excellent job on your little lady. Thanks for walking me through the steps. I, too, didn’t play with dolls as a child. I couldn’t figure out how to. My 5 sister’s all loved their dolls. I just dressed mine and put her on the shelf til I again felt guilty about ignoring her. Then I would apologize all the while I redressed her and set her on the shelf again. When in our 50’s my sis closest to my age suggested I come visit her, with some paper dolls, and she would teach me to play with dolls. Alas, she passed away before our next visit. When I pick up a Prima paper doll stamp it will be with her in mind and your instructions to follow. THANK YOU so much for helping me build a long awaited memory!


    • Oh Charlotte, thanks for visiting this post and leaving your story. I am so happy that you will get to play with your doll stamp and dress her up however you like. And you can do it again and again 🙂 I’m sure your sister would be really pleased too. xoxo


    • I am so happy that you like it Elaine – Thank you for your generous words – I do not feel at all creative or talented – I just have a play and sometimes it comes out ok and sometimes it doesn’t …. Just playing makes me happy 🙂


    • Hi Katy, lovely to hear from you again and thank you for your comment. I’m working on a very different version of her, just to prove I can do something that’s not so pretty ….. 🙂


  2. Wow, she is pretty, you sure have the talent, I really love the little shawl 🙂 Annie


  3. I’ve seen these in the stores and wondered how they’d turn out. I love the over stamping you did to give the skirt dimension and the folded paper for a frill. Great project Pauline!


  4. Oh she’s really pretty! And I enjoyed seeing the gradual movement from just a girl to this red-haired lass in that peacock blue dress strolling through the garden. It is lovely, even as it is last pictured. Oh, and scratch Orlando behind the ear for me 😉 (that’s if he’s into that).


    • Methinks Mr O doesn’t like to be left out! I know, it’s SO pretty – over the top as usual! I’m going to make another one and grunge her up – won’t that be a challenge for me!! 🙂


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