Recycled Packaging Box

Hello Friends!

If you’re someone who has been following my posts for a while, you may remember how keen I am on being able to recycle stuff – especially packaging.  And then, in my last post, I told you how I spoiled myself a little and purchased a host of paints, pastels, crayons, pencils, charcoals and pens for my budding artistic endeavours…….

They arrived in two identical sturdy boxes like this:

Packing Box 1

The boxes have substance, being made of corrugated card laid between the two outer sheets of cardboard and measure 305 x 165 mm.  Which, to my way of thinking, is a size that just has to be useful.

So, yesterday afternoon I said to Orlando, ‘Come, let the ‘repurposing’ begin!’ and off we went to the play room.  I got out the silver ultra-sticky plumbers tape that I picked up on a visit to the local DIY store years ago and which is an ever-so-handy member of my adhesives drawer, a pair of scissors and the tacky glue.  I rummaged through the paper stash and found the left overs from the ‘Le Tres Chic’  30 x 30 papers from DCWV.  The size of these sheets was pretty spot on,  so even though the colours don’t exactly sing to me I figured this is a trial run to see what I can do, so let’s use ’em!

And this is what I did:

Packing Box 2

I ran the plumbers tape all around the edges and along the creases where the box folded  over into its top.  This was for extra strength, protection and because I didn’t want to try wrapping paper around a slightly wonky edged cardboard box.

I cut the paper just short of the box edges and adhered it with the tacky glue.

I did the inside too:

Packing Box 3

Voila!  A new home for my art journals, sketch book and note books

Packing Box 4

And here they are, proud as punch, sitting in the morning sun on Orlando’s table.

Packing Box 5

All up it took me about 40 minutes to make, so I shall probably put the other one together this evening.

Recycling and repurposing is very satisfying!

Thanks for coming by, it’s always lovely to know you’ve been 🙂