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Hi there guys – a little something to share today from English author Geoff Le Pard. If you are a long time reader here you’ll know I’m quite fond of the quirky writing fella. It’s my considered opinion he’s trying for the world record in writing successfully in all possible genres and then inventing some new ones. Geoff’s often on WordPress contributing to different short story blogathons (or whatever they are called) I read his posts every morning over first coffee and I laugh, I cry, I spit coffee, he makes me pause, or say “Gah!” out loud and very often ask Siddy (or Orlando), ‘How did he come up with that?’ His blog is well worth a follow! I think I’ve read all his published books and can attest to the fact that they are all different, you never quite know what you are going to get. One thing I’m sure of he is just like a good wine and is getting better and better at his craft. So go on, become a LePard-ite and jump on the wagon………. Free Kindle books folks!!


Yep it’s time to get free and all oozy and generous.

There have been some whispers, little rumours sussurating slowly, hissing in the background like a sack of snakes mainlining salt and vinegar crisps but now, here they are…

Free Books

I’m offering my first three books (Kindle version) for free, nothing, zip, nada… as follows


From 1st October 2018 to 3rd October 2018

Here is a review

In the summer of 1976 Harry Spittle aged nineteen, heads home for the summer after his first year at university. Harry seems prone to crisis from the beginning – bullying from fellow student Stephen Mc Noble who soon befriends Harry’s ex girlfriend, working in the local hotel with a diverse group of characters, and facing a bullying chef, entering a world of drug dealing, diamond smuggling and petty village gardening competitiveness…
However, Harry’s main focus in life…

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19 thoughts on “Free! Free! Free!

  1. I’m rather fond of Geoff’s writing, too, Pauline. (I think I met you over at his place.) What a fabulous recommendation. He must be mighty chuffed. 🙂


    • I remember you first came to my blog when I did a big Christmas Light Catcher give away a few years back – back in the days when postage didn’t make light catchers and give aways equally prohibitive…….. You nominated your lovely friend the musician who later sent me a CD of her music. Now I’m wondering if Geoff reblogged that give away post ….. ❤

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      • Hmm. Good question. I’m not sure. He may have mentioned the giveaway in his post, or I may have enjoyed some of your comments and checked you out. Maybe he can shed some lightcatcher light on the situation. 🙂


  2. What a wonderful review of Geoff’s writing in general, Pauline. He does have a quirky imagination, and like you, as I read his blog, I’m often spitting my coffee as I crack up. A very creative fellow. 🙂

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  3. I finished the sweet book about his mother. Geoff writes wonderful stories. I’m having trouble keeping up with my reading these days but catch his daily posts as often as possible. Thanks for the heads up.


  4. How generous! Does he have a “button” anywhere so you can donate to his charity? I think I remember he said proceeds on sales went to his charity? If that’s wrong I apologize. :o)


    • Now that’s a good thought! No, as far as I know he doesn’t. I think he just donates his sales money as it comes to him. I’m sure he will pop by and see this and give you a proper answer though. Or pop over to his blog and ask. 🙂 Thanks so much Eliz – great question!


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