Painting with Alcohol Inks and Acrylics

For those of you with your long term memory still intact, there may be a flicker of recognition if I show you thisbtrA  work that grew out of a sketch where I got quite brave and began to experiment with acrylic paints over alcohol inks.  I began by trying to manipulate the sky and eventually found my way forward enough to pronounce myself satisfied – or at least to the ‘let’s quit while I’m ahead’ stage.

The work progressed slowly because I had no idea what the result of mixing the two medias of ink and paint would be.  I had to give it all time to dry and cure before I went further.  It seems to be all okay – but the unknown is how long it will last.  It may scratch, the paper pieced pieces may lift – does glue work okay long term on alcohol based inks?  The inks themselves are given to fading in strong light and they make up the sky and the crone. So many questions and so few answers!  Anyway, it’s been sent off as a surprise gift and time will tell if it was a gift worth giving or a sow’s ear dressed up as a silk purse ……  🙂

Still, here it is photographed on a white tray which apparently reflects the colours quite well  who knew!!davSomething apart from the woolly kind of creations finally got finished.  There’s hope – there’s always hope  🙂

Right, back to the woolly stuff……

I love that you came by today, thank you!

80 thoughts on “Painting with Alcohol Inks and Acrylics

    • I thought I’d answered this note Kerry – I know I typed it out …… ‘Better late than never’ Obviously an unacceptable response! I like the way the moon came out too and you can’t have a crone/wise woman/witch without a kitty! Where would we be without our kitties?


  1. It’s gorgeous, Pauline. 🙂 I’ve been experimenting with different media but nothing has come out nearly as successful as this. On the plus side, now that I have “ruined” what I started with watercolors and pastels, I can keep playing with it just to see what happens.

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    • Thank you Robin…… yes to the ‘ruined’ bit. I get myself almost paralysed when the uglies happen and sometimes I stop there – but when I just keep going it usually works out to be something quite acceptable but different. And I learn a lot!

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  2. very effective Pauline. Though the idea it might all fall apart is rather tragic, like home graffiti it’s not meant to last.Perhaps I should lend you my mother in law. She is of the school of female fixers, in her case she lacquers anything within a two metre radius with a military grade hair spray that makes gorilla glue seem merely tacky in comparison. Your picture wouldn’t come apart then but equally your carpet would become a fire hazard


  3. I absolutely love this! It’s hard to believe we haven’t actually met. You know me so well. I may consider a white frame now that I’ve seen your presentation here.

    I might even consider being that witch for Halloween. With Alys’ help and your inspiration l can’t lose.

    I’m flattered and touched you thought of me. I feel so special.

    You are so talented. Hugs to you Pauline.

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  4. Pauline, it’s gorgeous. You’ve made Sharon’s day, and mine too with your gracious gift. It is so “Sharon” if that makes sense. The colors, the style, the cat, the witch (her favorite Halloween costume ideas are always “scary” as you know), all of it.

    We will report back on the life of the piece, but hope that once it is behind glass and in a frame that it will preserve the piece for the long term.

    Thank you!



  5. I love what you did with this painting. I love what you did with the moon and the moon catchers hanging from the trees. This one is a real winner. Everything is so perfect in it. I could look at it all day and never tire of seeing it.


  6. I see many parallels between writing and painting especially that it takes time and patience and even with that we creators are frequently not content with our finished product. Your painting contains magic alchemy though because what you wrought has touched many people in many different ways. Your crone is amazing!

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    • Thank you Susanne for saying that! I agree about the parallels – I often note them when you writers make comment on your processes. I do appreciate the way so many have taken up this little work – it makes me want top try again 😀

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  7. I always want beautiful things to last but sometimes the beauty is enhanced by an object’s transience. But hopefully the witch and her cat will place a spell of longevity on the painting. 🙂


  8. The methods behind it all are a mystery to me but you’ve turned quite a scary witch into a benevolent looking one I wouldn’t mind bumping into and having a little chat with. Must be the cat 😉

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  9. This is gorgeous, Pauline. The white tray certainly does show off its best features. I love the additions you made, especially the silvery moon and the bit of green, the tree branches and the silvery sparkly enhancements. The recipient is a very lucky person. Even if the colours do fade, you have your photographic memory so it will never be lost completely. It’s nice to see the picture finished. Thanks for sharing.


  10. The original painting shows the sky wrought with problems. Perhaps spirits flying about and the inclusion of a small lions head to the left. The second incarnation has the spirits settled and the sky peaceful. The crone is much more at peace and the ‘mooncatchers’ are doing a great job. Your mixed mediums seem to work well in a talented hand.
    xxx Massive Hugs Pauline xxx


  11. Hello mama P ❤ it's been fun to watch the process. I especially love the danglers in the tree's. Since she's got a loyal black cat at her foot, I'm thinking she's a benevolent old crone. I'm certain you are putting a big smile on someones face when that arrives. You're the best. xok


  12. You are so talented, Pauline. I love the way the colors look this way. And the richness. Is that me with Kana and my suncatcher from you? hahaha I really hope it lasts to create it this way!

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    • Hello Eliz – thank you. I’m not a good photographer and sometimes struggle to get things to look like they do in reality so I was pleased with the result from the while tray. And purples and certain blues are really difficult to capture accurately. I’m glad you like it 🙂

      I’ve visited your blog but couldn’t see how to follow you, did I miss something?


      • Thank You for visiting!! On the right side under my boys picture is a box to follow by e-mail. I’ve tried to get it listed at Bloglovin but no success yet. Hafta have my adult daughter to help. :o)

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  13. Oh my goodness, Pauline!! She turned out stunning! I love the white stars and hearts dangling from the branches. That’s what I see anyway. 😉 I can’t get enough of looking at it! I see something different each time. Everywhere I look there is something interesting to see. The white outline around the black cat, the ground texture! It’s just incredible where you have gone with this. I hope you keep playing with this medium. I have to stop gushing now before I embarrass myself.

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