5 Person Trike Ride Around Otago Harbour

Now here’s an adventure everyone can enjoy – again it’s from Laurie’s post, go see what fun we had on the four passenger trike ……..

Life on the Bike and other Fab Things

Pauline arranged for the most fun outing: a 5 person trike ride around Dunedin and Otago Harbour!  This bike chick loved it, as did everyone else.  What a blast!

We met our guide Andrew, owner of Experience Dunedin at The Octagon in the Central Business District of Dunedin, and soon we were off.

Andrew obligingly hit the gas and we found ourselves hooting out loud with excitment!

The roads were curvy and changed elevation frequently, and I was reminded of riding back home in southwest Virginia.  Well, except for the “wrong side” of the road thing.


The views of the harbour were incredible and these photos do not do them justice.

Alys took some great photos with her selfie stick, so please visit her blog to see more!

Thank you, Pauline, for arranging for this fun, fun outing, and to Alys for treating us!

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13 thoughts on “5 Person Trike Ride Around Otago Harbour

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that machine – you obviously had a blast! Nice to note that you drive on the right (as in correct) side of the road too:)


    • It was a fun thing to be able to do with my visitors as we only had two full days in my home city before we went up country and I wanted them to see some of the sights. Andrew was fabulous and knew exactly where to take us. We loved it.


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