Three Days in Dunedin

Hello again! I’ve been sharing posts made by the fantastic photographer and biker chick, Laurie up til now. Let me share with you now a post from Alys, from Gardening Nirvana as she encapsulates her first three days in New Zealand and you’ll see our world through her eyes………….

Gardening Nirvana

I’m having the time of my life!

In some ways this journey began two years ago.  During a Skype session, the Blogging Babes, as we’ve come to call ourselves, dreamed out loud of a trip to see Pauline in New Zealand. In 2015 Pauline joined us on our side of the world for an incredible trip to Virginia and Washington, D.C. Our time together deepened the friendships and expanded our hearts.

Now here we are three years later, meeting up with Pauline and her two lovely daughters in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Mike drove me to the San Francisco airport where I connected with Laurie. Though I dreaded the 13 hour flight across the Pacific, I was in for some lovely surprises.

SFO at Joe & the Juice Putting our heads together at Joe & the Juice, SFO (This one’s for you, Joe)

We got our sillies on five minutes into our journey, before boarding the…

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18 thoughts on “Three Days in Dunedin

    • We are coming to the end of our time together now Jan, just two more days before some board airplanes for the return trip and the rest of us begin the drive back down to the coast. It’s been so special to have them here!


  1. I love the place you are all staying. Stopped by FB this morning and can see you are going to have a truly wonderfilled experience there. Hope the weather is being agreeable.


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