What’s on the Easel: 3

We left it here

And I continued on with the face – still not happy, you can see the charcoal lines I’ve put on to mark where I want to shadow more.  I’m happy with the hair and the light on her right shoulder – and the appearance of the cosmos delighted me …..


Which really started with this bit, just to the right of her


and this bit where water and cosmos meet and there’s even fire ….. which makes me wonder if there might be more yet


Here ’tis – so far.  The centre and left have barely been touched……….


Please do share any thoughts or questions – or critiques if you feel so inclined.  It’s taking longer than I had originally thought, but it’s also going places  I’m quite excited about.

Thanks for coming by today, I’m happy that you did!


43 thoughts on “What’s on the Easel: 3

  1. I’m projecting something from an upsetting dream for some reason. It must be my uneasy state of mind. I know you’ll lift her out of the dark water and back into the light. She’s beautiful, wistful, ethereal. Love the hair and the soft colors on the left. I love that you share your process and look forward to the next installment.


  2. I do like the cosmos appearing in and around her. I also like the fuzziness of the beach in the back, the light and the greenery and water there. Love the way you put the cosmos in the banner!!! She’s starwoman (or maybe the new Dr. Who?) 😉


  3. Darn that Derrick. He stole my comment! In addition to the movement in the hair, I like the swirling of the cosmos in her dress and the fire and all that it might imply. I’m also intrigued by your comment about being interested to see where the painting goes as though you’re not quite in control. I often find this when I’m writing. I start out with an idea but as I write it moves in a new direction. I used to think this was a lack of skill on my part but now I recognize it as part of the creative process. Which brings me to another thought about your use of words as an underlay to your art – like a good bra under clothes – that you don’t see when the work is finished but its there holding everything together.


    • There’s not an awful lot of difference between painting and writing as I understand it Susanne – I’ve just had an in-depth discussion with my daughter about this particular work and the fact that I a) had two opposing thoughts in mind of technique and subject I wanted to play with and as a result of that b) tried to control what would appear and as a result of that c) haven’t done either very well and the whole thing has taken much longer to go anywhere at all …… The creative process is completely stymied I think when we start knowing where we intend to end and the entire route in between. I’m never sure where a painting will end when I start it. My best paintings appear when I deliberately subdue any analytical thoughts about what needs to happen next right up until the final phase. (Which doesn’t mean I’m not looking and adjusting as I go along, but I’m letting the colour and incipient form and ‘happy accidents’ guide my next move.) But at the end, I can get as analytical as I like. I guess that’s my version of proofing and editing which you might do as you go along…..?

      And ha – yes! Love the bra analogy 🙂 The words keep me on track – I’ve got a theme in mind when I start, I’m painting my world, I don’t do dark and dingy or depressing…. My paintings are always about hope and light and over coming.

      Thank you for the opportunity to have this conversation ❤

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      • I totally agree with this statement, Pauline: “My best paintings appear when I deliberately subdue any analytical thoughts about what needs to happen next right up until the final phase.” As soon as I try to impose order and logic on a story in early drafts I lose the heat that got me started. And sometimes I don’t even see the “real” story until, like you, I’m close to a final draft.

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    • Yes, we do so often see something different Karen, you are so right! We won’t see the eclipse here, it will be our night time so while that really isn’t on my radar, it is on yours and is therefore totally appropriate. I’ve only experienced one total sun eclipse in my life and it was so memorable I can still remember every moment of it despite the fact it happened over 40 years ago 🙂


  4. This is lovely, Pauline. I like where it is going too – or is that where it’s coming from? Out of the cosmos, a journey. Still looking to the future – hopeful!


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