What’s on the Easel: 2

We left it here do you recall?


There was a lot amiss with it – the face bothered me…..  The charcoal lines indicate where changes needed to be made


So, of course, she got worse


Before she got better – though still looking a little ghostly


There’s lots happening around her too – can you see it?  The other half of the painting barely got touched thoughhdr

The water is still there, but it’s changing…….  I wonder what will happen next…..


41 thoughts on “What’s on the Easel: 2

  1. Her face evokes a feeling of wistfulness for me. What is she thinking about? Ah. I have a question: as a writer and lover of words, when you write words on the canvas are they used for inspiration? As a guide? Impetus? Where do they come from? If you don’t mind me asking, of course.


  2. Um, nice, Pauline. I’m still going with my theme of hope. The water is much more blue and crystalline. The girl looks wistful too. Thinking of better things to come?


  3. It’s a contrast in dark and light. Perhaps an inner struggle looking for the way forward? I love the sweep of the hair, the soothing colors in the background, and wonder where it will lead. These are so much fun, Pauline.


  4. I love her black dress, (I think it’s a dress), with all of the little sparkly in it. It makes me think she’s quite sophisticated but yet a very down-to-earth woman, comfortable in her own skin. To me, it’s her hair that gives her away with a look of elegance and yet a casual air about her- like she doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks about her. I love it!

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