Joy – Part II

Despite all your lovely and generous comments on yesterday’s post, I felt my little birdie was crying out for something more and this morning I woke with another of my genius ideas – I could frame it – just to see how it looked.

I rummaged around in the magic cupboard and eventually emerged with a somewhat battered and grubby frame.  I didn’t even stop to do more than give it a cursory wipe-over before popping in little Joyful birdie and voila 

Bird framed

The frame measures 42 x 30 cm and the painting is 29.5 x 21 cm.

Oh Joy!! Tra-la!!  Happy Dance!!!

Now she is completed!

What say you?

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!  🙂

41 thoughts on “Joy – Part II

    • Thanks Laurie – I’m just back from our little jaunt and it’s Christmas morning here – so much to catch up on! Keep an eye out for my arty wine glass shot – entirely inspired by you 🙂 I hope to post something later today …… Have a wonderful holiday 🙂


  1. The frame is the perfect highlight to your gorgeous bird…just wondering is it a partridge or a pheasant or a French Hen? ;). You are a wonderful artist and to me it looks just like one of the gorgeous wattle birds that land in the bird bath and splash around like crazy.


      • Not hard to admire something that is lovely. You have a real gift with colour combinations. I love the green hues on this turtlesant hen (I think that is a live turducken! 😉 ) Would look perfect in 3D on top of a Christmas tree methinks. I wonder if your amazing art would translate to one of those 3D printers? The son-and-heir was explaining them to me the other day on the phone…you just feed in the artwork and dimensions and it creates your pattern out of very thin layers of plastic. AMAZING…but I bet you couldn’t get that gorgeous colour range…it would look like a liquorice allsort 😉


        • I’m glad you like my colours – I’ve always been a bit od a ‘gaudy tart’ [my kids favourite nick-name for me] – I have no subtlety in me when it comes to colour.

          Hurrah! you finally managed to recognise her accurately too – turduckens are quite rare nowadays over here – obviously you have more of them in Tassie?

          I’ve heard of these 3D printers – I think they are using them in silly things like medicine and scientific research – imagine what could happen if the arty world laid their hands on one……

          Turduckens galore!! And yes, on a Christmas tree, especially in Aussies colours – my god we could make a killing! [I’m assuming you would like a percentage for the idea]

          Could your son-and-heir, who appears to be a brilliant young son-and-heir by the way, [simper, smirk] lay his hands on one? Know where they keep them? bring one home do you think? Print off a couple of turduckens as a trial? I suppose we’d have to cut him in too …… but that’s okay there are millions of Aussies not yet aware of the fact that they need nothing more than a turducken for their Christmas tree to make their lives complete…..


          • Maybe we could be the next greatest “things” for Christmas 2014 and everyone will need one for their trees? Those printers range from about $800 to the sky is the limit but they are pretty reasonable apparently. I can think of better ways to spend my $800 (should I ever be lucky enough to HAVE $800 😉 ) so I fear our desire to conquer the world might fall flat on it’s face with my complete lack of initiative…oh well…at least we can say “we thought of that first!” when some bright spark markets the heck out of it ;)…oh, by the way…as a quintessential magpie my colour sense runs to Bohemian eclectic…I love bright colours, preferably clashing to the max 😉


            • Well, it’s all here in writing – proof that we thought of it first – and but for $800 and Narf’s lack of initiative we would indeed be changing the face of Australian Christmases for ever more…. I myself am totally in love with boho chic – mixed with a touch of shabby chic – to wear and to live in – ever so slightly Miss Haversham-ish but without the crazy bitterness and the wedding dress…….. And purple hats ………… I love purple hats!! 🙂


              • I think we “two old tarts” would be something to be reckoned with if we ever managed to find ourselves in the same time and space ;). We have a resident “Miss Haversham” who wanders the streets of Launceston wearing incredible designer clothes whilst muttering to herself…She comes from an extremely wealthy family who keep her well dressed but can’t prevent her from wandering…Steve and I used to walk Bezial a lot in the city in the early morning before anyone was really around but one day we saw her driving the biggest, most expensive B.M.W. the wrong way up a one way street at top speed…there is obviously a reason why she walks ;). Here’s to the eccentric…the bewildered and the brave and here’s to those of us who think that “chrone” is a delightful eventuality and something to be aspired to at all costs 🙂


                  • 🙂 Every town needs a Miss Haversham! She lectures people if they have no manners and loves dogs so our boys always got a pat 🙂 and we have Michael, Sidmouth’s answer to Mr Haversham if one ever existed! 😉


  2. So professional in a frame! You say it was just laying around? Seems likes the perfect size and the white matt really puts it on stage. Makes a lovely impression Pauline!


    • You are absolutely right Boomdee – on all points!

      All art [most art] is improved by the addition of a frame I think – and now this piece has certainly come together.
      I’m happy, but you may have picked that up already 🙂


  3. What a gorgeous picture.. Are you the artist? I think the frame really works with your wee birdie. :}


    • I am the artist – 🙂 Thank you for coming by for a look – I’m glad to hear you like her too…. 🙂 I had a wee bit of trouble with this painting – the post before is full of my moans…. but now all is well again in my world 🙂 Amazing what a frame will do!


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