‘I’m the One’ Mixed Media Canvas

Hello my friends!  The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the paintings are coming along quite nicely  … Hurrah!

Here is the latest 30 x 30 cm canvas:



This has been created especially for someone very close to me.

The message, while humorous, also has a serious intent.  Even when that special someone comes into your life it is important not to lose yourself.

Do you agree?

Thanks for dropping in today, I love that you did!  🙂

41 thoughts on “‘I’m the One’ Mixed Media Canvas

  1. Wow – you’re really shining yourself!! The picture is so lovely and the words just perfect. And of course I agree – you should never lose yourself… otherwise you wouldn’t still be the person they fell for!


  2. The Lost She

    Five long years we did endure,
    Though our love was far from pure.
    Each year filled with angry pain-
    Fools won’t come in from the rain.

    For weeks on end, I’d cry each day
    While he rehearsed another play,
    or stayed away – my heart would ache,
    Thunderous clouds suddenly break

    Who I was I could not say
    The lost she has gone away.
    In her her wake I’m strong and light.
    The clouds cleared; the sky is bright.


  3. I absolutely agree! And I love this, both painting and words. I also see I’ve missed a great exchange, above.

    I have a poem somewhere that speaks to this. I’ll find it and share. xox and Mwaaaa and why wasn’t blogging invented twenty years ago. I could have used both of you in my corner.


  4. I hope your recipient recognizes that while infused with your typical wit and charm, the words have real meaning. I love that, ‘I think I’m the one’. Such a pretty image too. I really like the muted pinks and peach and blushing colours. Almost like a nice sunset.
    How long would something like this take you to do? Really cute Pauline!

    On the man front, It’s easy to get sidetracked. There’s his friends, family and sometimes name. I changed my name the first time I married. I was young and back then it was ‘the thing to do’. Now, I just kept the name my daddy gave me. When the ex and I bought a home in a country community, his three best friends did the same. It was a boys club every night in our garage. He and I lived together for 5 years and only stayed married for two. I ended up being neighbours with his business partner for 25 years LOL. Live and learn hey? Being married to a liar is not as bad as being alone, in fact I’m great company…LOL.


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