Mixed Media Canvas

After two weeks of making flowers and cards and occasionally battling with my first canvas in over six years – WE HAVE LIFT OFF!

The first big breakthrough came when I could finally admit I had bitten off more than I could chew and that it actually was okay to walk away from it ……..  that took ten days to get to.

I had rashly committed to a canvas measuring 600 x 500 mm [23 1/2 x 19 1/2″]  – it seemed quite small at the time considering that I routinely painted on 1000 x 800 mm back in the day….

What I was not considering was that I had changed mediums and styles – I used to work with acrylics and the odd bit of charcoal and pen and create giant imaginary land and seascapes – this would be my first canvas as a ‘multi-medium artist’  [Oh, giggle – it makes me so happy to think I might be an ‘artist’….  🙂 ]  Up until now when mixing my mediums, I had worked in my journal and on card size pieces only.

Having purchased and read Kelly Rae Roberts marvalous book ‘Taking Flight‘ and having checked out Willowing [Tamara Laporte’s] work on You Tube, I felt ready to give this thing a proper go……

Yesterday I got out a small canvas 300mm sq [11 1/2″] and set about collaging in the background.  I used mostly ‘Websters Pages’ and added in some text from old books.

I painted over the whole thing with a brayer, removed some colour and added green distress inks around the edges of the torn pages and the edge of the canvas.

I sketched in the face and coloured it lightly with some distress inks:

Did you remember1

…..and went to bed.

This morning I worked on it some more:

Did you remember2

My confidence grew as I avoided all the idiotic pitfalls I could have fallen into and I didn’t screw up too badly….

So of course I kept at it- adding in Lumiere ‘True Gold’ around the sides of the canvas and pulling it into the front of the canvas as opportunity presented itself.  I highlighted raised bits and edges of torn paper too.  And if a little is good, more is better – right?  I added gold highlights to her hair so it glimmers in the light – too much?

Finally I edged and highlighted with black charcoal:

Do you remember3

Time to stop – so, of course, I kept going….

I added in the legend for that special someone and then the butterflies.

Here is the finished canvas:


I’ve chopped 2 – 3 cm off the top of the canvas somehow when taking the photo….. but you get the idea.

And some detail photos:



Did you remember detail2

That’s my first Christmas gift made and it is still October – well for another 24 hours anyway ….. onwards and upwards!

Thank you so much for coming by today – I love that you did!  🙂

22 thoughts on “Mixed Media Canvas

  1. That was fun! I love her with her soft pink background, lovely green eyes and mischievous smile. I’m impressed that you could pull out a large canvas and get to work like that.

    You also crack me up. Love your sense of humour.

    I love that your making gifts like this for Christmas. Your friends surely adore and appreciate you.


  2. I love how you document your process and the final product is stunning. I think you are an artist 🙂 Annie


  3. She is wonderful! I just love that book from Kelly Rae… So inspiring and I can see you have taken it to heart! Lovely!!


    • That book has been very helpful – especially in guiding that beginning part of the process where I so often would try to finish before I had started ….. thank you for your encouragement 🙂


  4. As they say across the pond, yet somewhere’s between you and I, “I am gob-smacked” !!! I just adore her Pauline 😀 You definitely ARE an artist and I so love your style. I always wondered what came first, the process of making these mixed media works. Thank you for walking us thru and in such a funny way. I laughed out loud at, ‘time to stop…so naturally I kept going’…bahhaa, I’ve been there too 😀 Her eyes are so sparkly and such a pretty colour. The lucky recipient will be over the moon. How can you wait for Christmas to give it? Might you consider an Etsy shop?


    • Now who is giving who a big head?? I am so glad you like her – it’s the first painting I have done in years that I am happy with 🙂 It’s for my ED for Christmas [shhh] her eyes are that colour sometimes – just beautiful!

      It’s funny you should say that – I am thinking about an Etsy shop ……. not sure yet….. must do more research….


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