When My Mojo Leaves …….

When I am wanting to create, but inspiration has packed her bags and left I either make cards or flowers!  I can spend hours – days even – making cards and flowers!

I play around with dies and stamps and try to put together something that is vaguely pleasing or pretty …….

Collection 1

It doesn’t always work out ……………………

Collection 5

……….and other times it does!

I went through an Owl phase when I got a really cute owl die with movable parts:

Collection 8

And a teddy bear textured phase – when you touch this teddy bear, it feels furry, I painstakingly glued on flocking…..and it was really fun to make!!  [This is a Magnolia stamp, coloured with Spectrum Noir ink pens.]

Collection 9

Collection 9a

Collection 9b

All these cards are heavily embellished and impossible to post in an envelope.

I now have a large carton full of cards and other created items – we need to go to a market day and sell ’em off!

I wish my mojo wouldn’t leave quite so often.

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18 thoughts on “When My Mojo Leaves …….

  1. What you talking about ‘mostly misses’ Miss Pauline ma’am?! Those cards are Great! Beautiful! And Charming! And I admire the fact that you CAN create such pieces of art when your inspiration has left you. For most of us, it don’t even mek sense to ‘try’ anything once our inspiration is gone.
    Great Job ma’am, love them all!


    • I’ve taken heart from all these kind comments Char – I’ve just discovered another reason why blogging is great! The eyes of others make you look at something differently – I always see the not quite right, not quite good enough aspects in my own creations – I see the bits I’d do better/differently next time and forget about what is okay now………… Good lesson for me to learn. Must try harder!! 🙂


  2. I can relate. Sometimes I have a vision in my head, but can’t make it happen in the real world. Other times I find myself half way through something and hating it.

    Maybe we just need to be more forgiving of ourselves and realize that learning what we don’t like is just as valuable as what we do. I think the owl card is adorable; a nice blend of colors and textures.

    Don’t stop creating, and more importantly, enjoy the ride.


    • Nothing like a Virgo for self criticism! I am rarely happy with my creations, but find the creative process to be most satisfying! I think you are absolutely right in what you say – the learning is what is important…… and I totally know the vision in the head and not being able to bring it to life ….. thanks so much for dropping by!


      • There you go! If you enjoy the process, then you’ve found the spirit of creativity. Further, I’ve found that others often love what we hate. I think at times we become so intimately involved with what we are doing that we lose all objectivity.


      • Yes, you are right! The responses from you and everyone on this post are causing me to have another look at these cards – I so appreciate new eyes and other opinions. I will post some more soon and look forward to your honest feedback! 🙂


  3. I love all of them! What did you use to make the flowers on the first card?
    I admire your creativity. You’ve got a special talent. Thanks for sharing your creations with us.


    • Hi Elaine, that’s a die cut on old book pages, layered and the edges hit with colour from an ink pad – do you like it? [I think of it as one of my great failures!] You are very kind to make such nice comments, I tend to think of myself as very much a hit or miss crafter – mostly miss
      🙂 So I take heart from your kind comments.


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