The ‘Last Tweak’ Syndrome

I’ve been playing around with a number of different ideas in my craft room – I have five projects in various stages of completion because I get to the ‘finished’ stage and then think ‘Oh, if I just do this, that bit will look better ……’  Then when I’ve done that I discover some other part of the project would also benefit from a wee tweak………. having done that of course the rest certainly requires being brought up to speed – and so it goes.

This is the case with the ‘Box to Book’ project, which is still in process, but which I assure myself is okay as it isn’t required until Christmas, so isn’t it good that I gave myself an eight month timeline with it …..?     🙂

The up side of all this prevarication and tweaking is that all kinds of exciting discoveries occur which leads to more inspiration, and all kinds of little practise runs happen and this, of course, leads to ‘I wonder what would happen if ….’  and so it continues.

I usually have to say ‘That’s it – no more!’ clap my hands together briskly and exit the room in order to stop the endless ‘last tweak’ syndrome.

Here are a couple of pictures of two items that came into being due to the tweak syndrome

Blue Tag

Blue is my favourite colour – so I kept this for me.  It dangles enticingly from the reading lamp on my desk, reminding me that tweaking is good!

How Does It Get Any Better

This one made an appearance when I was first learning how to make flowers and use stamps and has hung around ever since – it holds an inspirational question, which I try to remember to ask myself every day.  [If you read my blog you’ll know I fell off the horse with that one recently, but back on again now!]

Any way – the tweaking syndrome has led to another side project that I think is almost finished and which I will post details of in a couple of days – so this has all been a teaser to get your interest level raised – and to ensure that I cease tweaking and get it finished!

Hint:  Its a small book in a paper bag ……….and now I hope it’s worth the intro and that you come back to check it out   🙂

Thanks for dropping by!

7 thoughts on “The ‘Last Tweak’ Syndrome

  1. Oh the tweeking syndrome! I think that’s the true sign of an artist, whose work is never really done, always tweeking and adding, and changing something. So go on with your artistic self! They both look lovely but I like the blue one. 🙂


    • Me too, it’s my favourite! And, oh dear, is it ‘tweak’ or ‘tweek’ or either?? I wondered when I was typing it and then forgot to check……. must off to the dictionary ……


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