Orlando’s Revenge!

Last night, as you may have previously read, I went out for the evening to the historic Carey’s Bay Pub to watch YD eat an enormous Seafood Platter…..

Orlando doesn’t much like it when he is left home alone on a cold winter night.

He has no one to keep him warm.

Even though I leave on the lights, the heating and the music for his comfort and enjoyment.

I even make sure it is just the right music – he doesn’t much care for Bruce Springsteen for instance, that usually means the vacuum cleaner is coming out and he doesn’t much care for the vacuum cleaner either.

I have a play list on itunes which should be titled ‘Orlando’s Music’ it contains a variety of music from Faith Hill to Josh Groban; Bob Dylan to Ronan Keating and Delta Goodrem to Kris Kristofferson and even a bit of Adele, Alfie Boe and a few early Claptons.  Nothing too loud and driving as it offends his sensitive hearing …….

Any way, all this is supplied for the comfort of the spoiled rotten little fella – but still when I came home I found him on my dining table, curled up to a dish of potpourri.

Orlando is not allowed to sit or lie on the table.

No one is.

Here is proof that Orlando takes no notice of me:

Orlando and potpourri 1

Orlando and potpourri 2

Look at the tilt of those ears – those are the ears of a Guilty Cat!  That, ladies and gentlemen, is a Cat Who Knows He Is Doing Wrong – But Isn’t Going To Move!

The crystal dish does not usually sit on the table, it was left there when I was practising my photography yesterday.  It is filled with potpourri and those balls and roses have sandalwood  and other essential oils in them.  

Orlando likes those smells and often buries his head into the bowl – when it is on the bookshelf which he is allowed on –  which sends all the bits rolling about all over the place…..

These photos were taken this morning.  I think he spent the night there.

He is still cross that I went out and left him home alone!


15 thoughts on “Orlando’s Revenge!

  1. You are delightful and so is Orlando. I recognize a spoiled cat when I see one (actually I live with four of them). They don’t listen to me either.

    I love the idea of a kitty playlist. You are so much fun! I followed Boomdee here. She finds all the fun blogs. Alys


    • [Taking a bow and waving and smiling] thank you Alys – Yes, he pretty much runs the show here. Your typical only cat scenario! I’ve never had four cats, three was my max [all departed and still missed even now] and that was pretty full on – so kudos to you!


      • I miss all the departed cats as well. They’re family members, really, and each loss is hard.

        We officially have three cats, with a fourth all but mine (he eats, sleeps and hangs out here). They’re all getting up there (11, 15 and indeterminate but probably also in her teens. We love them all.Orlando is a cutey-pie.


        • We are kindred souls! Cats, growing things and humour ….. though I don’t have a garden at the present time as I’m inner city living – but we are working on changing that at some stage ….. Orlando is a beach cat – he used to go swimming/paddling in the bay and come back smelling delightfully salty ….and I miss the sea as well.


  2. LOL, that’s just so fun, a playlist for your cat! I tend to be sensitive to loud music as of recent years too, so who could blame him. They like to ignore the rules don’t they? Not as much when their dad’s home but mums a pushover. (nobodies aloud on the table….LOL)


    • ….I feel like I’m following you around my blog …. I’m not stalking really…. We don’t have a dad, Orlando just has his mum and she is a complete push over – hardly gets up off the floor really!!


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