Chaos In The Creative Space!

Especially for Casey [Junquemail Contessa – please do take a look at her blog] who showed her neat and tidy creative space and who keeps on creating despite living through an extremely anxious time………. a quick peek at my playroom – in comparison, a complete disaster area:

View From The Doorway

The tower of boxes to the right hold an assortment of books, CD’s, DVD’s and assorted kitchen paraphernalia and other unrequired items waiting to go somewhere else ……..All been sitting here since the big kitchen clean up about three months ago …..

[A quick aside: I like the light coming through the window – winter on a cloudy day]

The Desk - it's here somewhere .....

The Desk – it’s here somewhere …..

….ah, yes, you see –  there’s about 10 square centimetres of working space left…..

Craft Rm 3 May 13

See those empty file folders on the chair [Orlando’s Chair!] they have been there for about three weeks, waiting to be utilised as stamp and die storage – see the files on the shelf to the left – bulging and overstuffed [folders and shelves] and there’s no room for more folders ……. and the boxes on the floor with all the art supplies higgledy-piggedly.  It all needs a good sort out!  No room for Orlando either – no wonder he’s cross with me!

Cross Orlando 1

Craft Rm 4 May 13

And lastly, the storage area, probably the least messy part of the room, but that’s because I had a bit of a clean-up here a few days ago on account of not being able to access the papers in the lower cubby……

So the rest of today will  may be spent cleaning this up – I really need to make more working space – but there’s a big pile of ironing and the whole house needs a vacuum …..

I’ve been spending way too much time reading blog posts and not nearly enough time on my own life!

Hope that made your day Casey – feel proud!  Be well!

4 thoughts on “Chaos In The Creative Space!

    • Ah – but you couldn’t really see the filth! Today it is clean and feels so much nicer, I’ll post some pics to see if you can spot the difference….


  1. Loving your wonderful space. So bight and cheery. One of these days I’ll post a photo of my space post-creative. What a difference it will be….
    Poor Poor Orlando, Cysco just plops down on the floor rug while I’m standing at my desk because his bed got moved to the living room. Thank you for making me smile….much love. xoxo


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