I like Blogging!

I’ve decided I’m liking this blogging thing! And not in any way for the reasons I thought I might when I started ……………….. I started the blog purely to keep a record of the stuff coming out of my play room before it was given away or segued into something other.

Within days it had changed, featuring a post about my drug addicted companion animal Orlando, to the new found pleasure of returning to my long lost ‘old way’ of preparing and eating foods that nurture my health [and are also pleasurably tasty!]  A post about an encounter in the supermarket was my most popular, probably due to its unbecoming title! Then I again remembered my original intention to post pages of work in my art journal – which saw my brief popularity die away at a rate of knots!

Throughout all these weeks however I too have been drifting quietly about in the blogging ether – not just on WordPress either – , quietly popping in to peek into someones thoughts or art work or music or just visiting a while – you may have missed me sitting quietly in a corner of your blog, listening intently to what you have to say, but not yet ready to clear my voice and proffer my thoughts – or I may have just floated on past and not chosen to stay for some reason.

I’ve found myself to be choosy about whom I follow – I’m looking for bloggers who make me chuckle or giggle, or who make me sway to their music or want to join in with their song. I’m looking for inspiration and elevation and aspiration and yes, sometimes even information. What I’m not looking for are the moaners and groaners and wingers and whiners – no – if you don’t like it, do something about it, don’t just sit at your key board and harangue us all. These are the blogs I didn’t visit for long.

And now I’m getting towards my point – I’ve found some interesting folk in far-flung parts of the world – well from me anyway, who lives in one of the furthest flung places known to man ……… where everything is upside down and round the wrong way from the rest of the world – Easter in Autumn, Christmas at Mid- Summer and Mid-Winter in June! In a land where there are no indigenous animals only birds – and many of them now extinct because they were birds who had forgotten how to fly. The rest are pretty much invisible to us as they come out only at night and have to live on protected islands off the main islands due to the amount of introduced feral animals who like to eat our peculiar 2-footed creatures!

A land which many of you who live in far-flung places say is part of Australia – a statement which makes my countrymen and women rear up in horror! [Once I was on an aeroplane somewhere over Europe, and a sweet American man on hearing my nationality asked me if I knew his cousin who lived and worked in Sydney].

So, from my little corner of the world I visit with lovely people who live in exotic or pedestrian places and who write about their lives and their passions and who allow me to pop in for a bit and be touched in some way. My latest discovery is a writer in Jamaica, I also follow a number of artists and crafters liberally scattered across the globe, a gal somewhere in America’s south who keeps me up with country music and related info and a couple of musicians who entertain me with vastly different sounds. An adventurer with a soul and a mountaineer I used to work with. I follow health blogs, music blogs and craft blogs.  I follow blogs about books and blogs by writers, I follow a song writer who doesn’t blog much and I follow a blog about a dog who says a lot. I say little in most of them, just enjoying the range of expression the world has on offer and also the similarity between us all, no matter the age, the culture, the personal interest or the education level.

I am inspired and feel myself once again to be an adventurer in the world. This is perhaps the main reason why I shall now keep blogging. Who knew!!

Thanks for stopping by, and have an enjoyable and well-read day!

17 thoughts on “I like Blogging!

  1. Do I hear a road trip in the offing? Wouldn’t that be lovely!! This is a wonderful post and I couldn’t agree more!


    • Yes, we are all going to Jamaica to stay with Char over at Lesie’s World. Ba firs we be workin on de aksen so de locals can unnerstand us man! DWL! So you have to read Chars blog ‘A Likkle Taste A Me Culcha’ to get underway. As you would have seen Char’s comment above reads: ‘De more de merriah’


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  3. Your writing is amazing! So entertaining and witty. I like your attitude about life. I agree and choose to look at life with my pink glasses. I always look for the positive side to every situation. It wasn’t like that in my early years, but I have been practicing for more than 25 years… heehhee…

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. It has given me a chance to find yours! 😀


    • I am so happy we have found each other! I am amazed at the amazing people I am stumbling into by pushing a button ………… thank you for taking the time to pop in and I am looking forward to reading more from you!


  4. I would love to be anything but a cold, water logged redneck tonight. It should be dry and in the 80’s and it isn’t. I’m cleaning room in my closet to squeeze into in case the tornadoes they are predicting actually come. I am taking your cue and being selective about the blogs to follow. I considered it a failure if I reached out and they didn’t reach back, but in hindsight it lets me concentrate more on wonderful blogs like yours. Keep up the great work!


  5. Someone should invent a Love button because Like just doesn’t hit the mark. LOVED this post, I found it so honest and truly inspiring.
    I have to say, I’m intrigued with the upside down world of yours and would love to mix it up for a year and experience winter during, well experience a winter for one, and then experience it during what I know as the summer months.
    Great post!


    • Wow! Thank you Char! I think we’ll have to work something out because I would like to be Jamaican! That’s right girl, I don’t just want to visit – I want to BE! Mmmmmm – there’s a whole blog right here……..


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