Book Paper Rolled Flowers


Book Paper Rolled Flowers

The ‘tweaking syndrome’ continues – this card has undergone a couple of changes – a butterfly has been added, the edges of the card dusted with ink and the inside has also been prettied up. ¬†Just thought I’d show you what happened before it got put into a cellophane bag and then put away into the box of ¬†goodies that might one go to market ……

Easel Card Christmas 2012


Easel Card Christmas 2012

I know its a bit late – or a bit early – but I just started a board on pinterest called ‘Christmas in New Zealand’ and loaded this photo of a card I made last December onto it.

I’m on a mission to encourage the true seasonal flavour of our Christmas time – no more cotton wool snowmen, robins on snow bent branches and happy families around the fire – I don’t want to be in stores any more that are sprinkled with fake snow and playing that ‘Sleigh Bells Ring’ song and others like it. We should be writing and listening to our own Christmas songs, about warm sun and blue skies and sharing picnics with our families and friends. We must really find and celebrate our own traditions now……………..

But enough of that rant – I’ll find more stuff to load both here and on pinterest and I’ll come back to these thoughts later on.

Mixed Media [prior to 2013] ‘Radio Shack’ door sign


Mixed Media [prior to 2013] 'Radio Shack' door sign

Made for my daughter’s partner – an avid broadcaster….. and,oh dear, now I’ve forgotten what it’s called…….
Made from a ready made mdf board, painted, covered with paper and mod-podged. Distressed edges, die-cut radio waves, a photo and the call sign cut using the cricut machine and sealed again to finish.