The last few nights have slipped by in a haze of happy doodling ……. and it has slowly led me back to remembering how it feels to draw ……….


It’s ever so slightly painstaking.  This cat started off twice the size you see here.  The eraser was utilised every bit as much as the pencil and it grew slowly but steadily smaller as it began to resemble this snooty looking feline.

The journal I am using has tracing paper inserted between every page and I traced a cleanish outline so that I can use that as a pattern for doodling

Cat 2

I also finished the bird I had free-handed and then doodled all over

Bird Aug13

This is such fun – I feel like my creativity is beginning to move again!

Thanks for dropping by today, I do hope you are enjoying these doodling posts!

Doodles and Zentangles

I’ve been teaching myself the art of zentangling – which, if you don’t know, is the practise of making little drawings or letters and filling them in with an assortment of patterns to produce something quite eye-catching.  Typically the work is done with pencil and pen, and therefore black and white.  I know some people work with exacting measurements but not I…. Oh no, I must do freehand – and I must introduce some colour also – just to see what it looks like you understand.

Here is a pic showing the page with the first four I did

[Please excuse the quality of the photos, I took them just now, at night, under the centre light….]

Zentangle First ones Aug 13

Far from perfect – very far! – but quite absorbing to do and almost meditative.

Today, while cat-sitting my daughters boy, I doodled away at this:

Doodle Butterfly 2 Aug 13

Again, as you can see, very far from perfect – but not too bad for just the fifth try – do you agree?

Now while I was playing around with all that, I also took a short [and totally affordable!] on-line introductory course with the one and only Julie Fei-Fan Balzer on lettering.  I’ve always thought what she does is quite eye catching but never quite knew where to start to give it a go myself.

It is remarkably easy and very fun.  She is a great tutor – no airs and graces and makes it up as she goes along, which is just like in real life and completely disarming….

I learnt to make several sets of fonts in my own handwriting [which I haven’t photographed so can’t show you right now] …. but the last exercise was to doodle out a little phrase with full embellishments.  I copied Julie’s example as the phrase fits where we are seasonally and emotionally with my own little twist to it:

Doodling JFF-B Aug 13

I’m really pleased, happy and excited to see where else I can go with this new style of writing, especially in my art journal.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past five days or so – all-in-all a most satisfying week!

Thanks for dropping in – always nice to know you’ve been 🙂