Contented Crafter Organisers – Are You Ready For A Give-Away?

It has been more than ten days since my last post and STILL the organisers are not quite ready for the give-away………….  nearly, just not quite there yet.  However to whet your appetite [and to see if I can raise even a modicum of interest after all these months of delay and prevarication] and because there are a number of new readers popping in and I need to be a nice hostess and show something………. here is a wee look at where we are at.

I am making three different covers using postcard sized prints of these paintings:


Smallest Things1a


A Gardener [c]

and there will also be a fourth featuring this painting, postcards are being made as I write this

Choose Joy Best

(And PS:- This large, original mixed media painting has just gone into my Etsy Shop – there will never be any prints available of this painting, just some postcards)

The organisers are entirely hand created by me using hardboard, grunge paper, notebooks, printed paper and paints, modelling paste and gel medium. They are finished with charms and beads and ribbon because I like a little bling in my life and these books are supposed to be useful, fun and pretty too!

Because they are hand made there are imperfections in every one and every organiser is unique.  They come with blank tags so you can label them however you wish and they are designed to be reusable.  When a section is used or no longer of use all you need to do is purchase another notebook from your local stationer, preferably at sale price 🙂 and slide it carefully into place under the elastic.  Personally I would remove the cover of the notebook, but you don’t have to.

Here’s a peek at where we are:


As Meatloaf should have sung, three out of four ain’t bad!

Please forgive the quality of the photos – winter has arrived with a stark bang these past two days and it is dark and gloomy and snowing and windy and sleety and we are not amused!

Luckily we have this to keep us warm, thanks to the remarkable Dani’s tutorial

Bavarian Rug

It is almost finished – just another three rounds to go I think – maybe four – it depends how the yarn holds out.  Here is Orlando at 8 am this morning


“Whatcha doing Mumma?”


But I digress – back to the  BIG GIVE-AWAY!!

To enter this is what you have to do:

*Follow on the Contented Crafter Facebook page

*Leave a comment here – every comment gets an entry.  Multiple comments=multiple entries

See how simple I make it?  I learnt this from Dani over at Teddy and Tottie   Every Facebook ‘follow’ [I know if you already do, so that gets you an automatic entry] and every comment here gets one entry into the coffee mug.  I should like my coffee mug to be full to the brim this time please.  This is what it looked like for the last giveaway:


That’s a bit sad don’t you think?

The winner gets to choose which cover they would like from the four possibilities.

The giveaway will close on the 31st May at 8 pm my time – so go on chat away amongst yourselves in the comments section – or even to me if you like and don’t forget that facebook page – it doesn’t have many likes yet and I should like to get it up a bit…… Ooooh, a new idea: If you introduce a friend to fb or the blog, and they tell me you sent them you will both get another entry 🙂

Now, note to self, better get on and finish those organisers!   Next I might even get around to doing a new painting!

I’ll leave you with this wee gem taken just a week ago by the lovely YD:

Bubbles2 by DJK

Ah, memories!

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did  🙂