The Mystery on the Easel 2:2

Hello!  So, day two dawned and I stood before the easel and gazed with horror at the mess….

Easel 1 June

But as I looked I could see that the random choice of music had had a fair bit of influence over what appeared.  I decided to see what the gods of random chance would fling my way today so Spotify was turned on and I waited – somewhat trepidatiously (is that a word?) and Leonard Cohen’s voice floated through the room, inviting me to dance him to the end of love.  Without thinking and swaying along with the music I applied a thin coat of gesso over the entire painting, knocking back the vibrancy but still allowing some of the colour to show through.    Then I was stumped – where to now?

My eyes fell on the buckets of journal inspiration sticks and I reached forward and grabbed at one.  It said ‘Write at least three random words somewhere’   So I picked up the green paint lying on the palette from working in my art journal and wrote big, random words over the canvas.  And being somewhat of a wordy person, why stop at three words when there is room for so many more – I wrote six of my favourites and, as there was still paint left over, the green mixed with some blue made random circles between those lovely words.


Here’s a close up so you can see what’s happening


I cleaned the brushes and walked away just as the 2 Cello boys began to play ‘Benedictus’ – don’t you love the mad vibrancy of these two young musicians?

Your thoughts?

Thanks for coming by today I love that you did!