Awesomely Rising to the Computing Challenge!

No, it’s not me becoming a geek – it’s just me entering into the fun with Will and Tom over at TechnoteamBlog.

Will asked me if I thought it would be fun to have a quiz challenge and I said yes – never dreaming that it would be then sent directly to me to do in front of all my blogging pals – most of whom are notably more technologically advanced than me…..  I am the woman who still doesn’t own a very clever phone for goodness sake!

Here is what Will says:

This award is intended to teach people what common tech terms mean, while seeing what guesses people think of! The challenge is to simply get all of the questions correct.

The Computing Challenge rules

  1. Don’t use Google to find the answer to a question – that ruins the fun!
  2. Don’t ask anyone to be nominated for the challenge.
  3. I don’t know isn’t an answer!
  4. Have fun and remember that this isn’t a serious test!

What do I do if I get nominated for the challenge?

  1. Acknowledge and thank the person(s) who nominated you for the challenge.    Thank you Will  🙂
  2. Make a post with the following: The challenge rules,  [these are them]    questions asked by the person who you were nominated by and your answers to them  [below],  your view on technology [it’s mostly very handy – sometimes quite frustrating!] and the 2 people you nominated for the challenge with a link to their blogs/websites. [Below]  Remember to add the tag “The Computing Challenge” to your post.
  3. Go onto your nominated blogs/websites and comment on one of their posts or pages with something on the lines of  “I have nominated you for The Computing Challenge by TechnoTeamBlog.” You should provide a link back to either this post or the post you’ve wrote so they know what to do.
  4. Leave a comment on this post with a link to the post you wrote for the challenge and I’ll send you a logo with your challenge score to put on your blog/website.

10 Questions to answer for the challenge

  1. What does VIoP stand for?  Will – you spelled it wrong!  It’s VoIP  Voice over internet protocol – I know because I learned it last week from you.  🙂
  2. What is Heartbleed? A particularly nasty virus apparently accidentally released by someone who should have known better – that has caused us all to have to change our passwords on a million different internet accounts because they became vulnerable to hackers  [Thank heavens I read about that on fb! :-)]
  3. Name at least one email client. Windows Live Mail – or if that isn’t right, me, 
  4. Name at least one part of a computer Hard Drive  🙂
  5. What’s Valve’s Steam?  An overheated conductor leading to melt-down of an ios
  6. What does OMG stand for?  Well, I know it’s ‘Oh My God’ ?  But this is about technology so it must be something else – maybe Operating  Mystery [or Mini] Game?
  7. When was the first Apple iPhone announced? I don’t know isn’t allowed so my guess is 2003
  8. What is Google Chrome and Firefox? Search Engines?
  9. Is a keyboard an input or output device on computers?  Input
  10. The Nano and Touch is from what technology range by Apple?  Phones

I have no idea how many I got right – but it seemed pretty straight forward………. except for #5 which I don’t know  the answer to and have never even heard of before!

I’m only nominating one person to play – because I think she might quite enjoy it – so hereby I nominate:

Linne from A Random Harvest 

But if you dear reader would like to make my super-dooper technoteamblog boys happy – and get me out of a tight spot 😉 please do wander on over and leave Will a comment and ask to play also – tell him I sent you. I think he should make you a new set of questions because I am sure I have given [nearly] all the correct answers here already!

Now I’m just waiting to find out how I did…………..

How do you think I did?

Thanks for stopping by today, I’m so pleased that you did 🙂