On KAL’s and Snails and Beach Walks

The second post on the Washington Meet-Up is still in the works – there seems to be too much else going on to actually sit down and finish it……….. but I will, I know you are dying to hear more!

But I did get this Lace Leaf KAL project finished.  The second colour arrived and is the perfect complement – what do you think?   I’m really pleased with this scarf, it’s knitted in bamboo cotton yarn and made to be part of an ensemble for my YD.  This means I’ve also successfully completed my first KAL albeit a little late!

Pink Lace Leaf1  6May


I knitted it a little smaller than the pattern called for as I wanted it to be just a scarf rather than a shawl – and oh, the fabric is so soft and gentle.  I love knitting with bamboo yarn!!

Pink Lace Leaf 3 6 May

Pink Lace Leaf 5 7 May

I’ve also finished my lady snail painting – meet Ms Snail:

Ms Snail

Ms Snail is about to begin a journey, via snail mail, to Claudia in the UK for her 365 Days of Snails.  Follow the link if you are intrigued and have an artistic snail to share.  I found it quite interesting making this painting – I ended up feeling slightly kinder to the snails who inhabit my Boston Ivy and Jasmine vines…………

I’ve also assisting my YD in setting up her first ever blog.  An aspiring photographer and our official photographer here in Contented Land, she has bitten the bullet and decided to join in the fun at WordPress.  It’s a work in progress, but there is already two photo posts published.  If you are at all interested, pop over to ‘Let’s See What I Can See’ and see what you think about what she is seeing!

Yesterday Siddy went to the beach on a gloriously warm and sunny May day – here are some shots taken by our official photographer

Siddy with sand on his nose

Siddy with sand on his nose



What a difference a week can make, we are totally enjoying some unusually placed hot summer weather here, the weather gods appear to be a little discombobulated…….  I’m sure they will work it out soon, in the meantime Siddy and I are chasing seagulls, sniffing the sea air and wandering along the sandy shore.  Happy Days!

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!