You’ve Got Mail!

I wasn’t going to write a post today – I’m still nursing this lap top gently along – but this was all too funny and cute for words and I just had to share it.

A wee packet arrived with the courier this morning and as I cut open the plastic delivery bag a scattering and tinkling windfall ran across the table …. in their careful handling of our post the deliverers had inadvertently caused the tissue paper wrap to tear and all the little extras my fabulous supplier had put into my parcel were released……


which caused this to happen:


“Hullo Mama – whatja got there then?”

I’ve got this:


This pretty package contains my ordered supplies – those gorgeous flowers and the beaded ribbon and the pile of pretties on the table are all the little extras that Louise from Retail Girl  – my supplier also found on the kiwi website Trademe –  puts in.  This is my third order from her and every time her parcel arrives it is like Christmas morning!

These are the goodies I ordered – mostly coloured half pearls and blingy ribbon sliders [the pearls fit in the sliders] for all the gift bags and other secret things I am making for Christmas presents.  🙂


I was sitting admiring all my little extras – those pretty flowers have clips attached so you can wear them in your hair………..


….when I heard a thunk, which sounded to my finely tuned ears suspiciously like a cat arriving on a table top.

“Ooops, really I don’t know what happened – I was there  …..”


“…..and now I’m here …..”


“But now I’m here, I’ll just have a wee look shall I?”


“Very interesting….”


“But what’s this?”


“I’ve got it ……..”




“Did I kill it?”


“I’ll just sit here and look out the window for a bit…..”

YGM14 Best

“……….and you can admire your pretties ………”


“……….and admire how very handsome I am too!”


Ain’t he though!

Thanks for stopping by today, I love that you did!

PS If you hit the link to retail Girl and get an error message, just hit the ‘home’ button and that will take you to Louise’s site.