Just Playing Around …..

There’s a lot going on, I have another painting underway and I’m still making other stuff.

One of the exercises in the Life Book course was to make a Gratitude Jar.  Every day you write at least one thing down that was good, date it and pop it in the jar.  It’s a nice idea and I had a rather large, spare jar sitting around, so I had a go.  It hasn’t photographed that well, I took the shots into the light……. [sigh!]

I collaged the jar to death making lots of texture, made a label and stamped the name, drew flowers all around the jar and painted them a stunning shade of teal mixed up from three different colours of paint and I bet I’ll never get this particular hue again!



I coloured the faux metal lid with alcohol inks, hot glued a chain of silver butterflies around the edge and hung a variety of charms and paper hearts from an old bracelet chain.


And there she is – a bit of fun!  Already filling up with memo’s of the joys of each day.



You all know how I hate waste and love re-purposing stuff – well I’ve been at that again.

I had an opportunity to buy some black fingerless gloves for less than a dollar a pair.  They are classed as ‘seconds’ and without the intervention of an entrepreneur would  end up in the landfill.  I was happy to pay the price asked, the flaws are minor and easily fixed, I love fingerless gloves and have a bag of end bits of yarn looking for something to do …..  So to while away the warm summer evenings I started to play and made these


Aren’t they cute – here’s one on my slightly paint grubby hand

teal on hand

And a pink pair


I love that I can take something that is flawed and destined to become rubbish and turn it into something that has a life and is fun too.  These are going to be great when the season changes!  Hands up if you like fingerless gloves – I have another ten pairs to make up………..

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!