Three Days – Three Quotes: Day 4

Yes, you read it right – I couldn’t resist – I tried really, really hard to resist – but,  I.  Could.  Not.   Stop.  Myself.

Here it is following on from the wisdom of Buddha, from Winnie-the-Pooh, via AA Milne and from the writings of Dr Martin Luther King


This is not my work – I found this photo online somewhere and have no clue who made it or when.  If you know who did please leave a note so I can add credit.

So this wraps up for real my contribution to making the world a more thoughtful place via the contemplation of favourite quotes, I hope you enjoyed them all   🙂


Three  Four Valiant Bloggers have put their hands tentatively in the air to carry the ‘Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge’ forward.  Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for our intrepid volunteers:

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And this I’m betting will be something a little different I dare you to take a look:

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