On This & That – and Mitten Winners

Once again the weeks slip by and my good intentions of getting a blog post written and published keep getting postponed until tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!  Elaine sends me an email ‘…. I’m looking for your latest post …..’  Oh dear.  ‘It’s coming.’  I reply.  Four days later and here it is.  What is it they say – ‘Good things take time’  🙂

Here is Orlando suffering his morning smooch from Siddy

Morning Smooch

“Finished smooching now.  Breakfast please mumma!”

Breakfast?Even though I am very busy, I have absolutely nothing to show you.  I am not painting, everything in that department is on hold for another month.  I am crocheting and getting myself organised to take part in a most fab KAL [‘Knit Along’ for the uninitiated] over at Mollie and Claire  [Claire’s the knitter, Mollie is the beautiful black lab.]  [Claire is also beautiful 🙂 ]   I am making my own version of this – this is Claire’s ‘Lace leaf Shawl’ isn’t it gorgeous!

Lace Leaf KAL

This is my ‘yarn in use’ basket, a laundry hamper really.  I will not disclose how much other yarn is tucked away in bags and drawers and boxes for fear it may incriminate me as a yarn hoarder ….

Yarn Stash 3 15

Despite that pile of yarn, I have ordered some more gorgeous silk yarn from Silk India – I wasn’t going to and then I thought why go to so much trouble to make a beautiful shawl and not do it in the most gorgeous silk yarn ever?

Silk Indian SIN 05 Beaded silk yarn

If you are a knitter, come join us.  It won’t take long …….   Needles hit yarn on April 1st, but I won’t be starting until I get back from the US in mid April.

I was thinking the hours spent in airport layovers on my upcoming trip could be profitably whiled away by plying my knitting needles – then I remembered that no needles are allowed any more as I might decide to use one as a weapon on some poor pilot and end the flight importunately……. so I shall just have to spend those hours doing nothing crafty – and there are as many hours waiting for planes as there are actually flying!  I’m sure withdrawals will set in.  Such a waste of potential knitting time!

The suitcase is out of storage and I am sorting through clothes  – trying to decide the minimum amount to meet the changeable spring conditions of DC and Virginia and yet not look too shabby while at it……  and trying to fit a few secret extras in without hitting the overweight mark on the suitcase scale!

My suitcase has been decorated in honour of the northern Spring

Suitcase 3 15Thank you to all the folk who took the poll in my last post – it was so good to get your thoughts and opinions!

I even forgot to make the draw for the mittens and in the end read all the comments and, abiding by my own rules, decided that all the folk who indicated they would like a pair for themselves or a little relative would get a pair!*

*Provided they had commented by the time I made that decision on March 15th.

Here is the winners list:

Jenny – 2 pairs for your nieces

Claire – 2 pairs one each for Jessie and Megan

Fran – 1 green pair

Jem – 1 blue & white pair

Lisa – 1 green pair

Kerry – 1 fancy flounced pair

Sharon – 1 orange pair

If you will all bear with me the gloves will arrive on your doorsteps in due course.  I thought I would send the Southern Hemisphere ones first seeing as how winter is knocking gently on our doors and send the northern climes ones off slowly over the next three months or so.  No postage required, but addresses are if you have never received anything from me before.  My email address can be found on the ‘Contact Me’ page.

If you would like yours sooner please just let me know.

Lisa I will personally hand deliver yours 🙂

Here is my daughter ‘modelling’ her new mittens and matching infinity scarf, made for her birthday.


Here is Siddy looking all ‘Bad to the Bone’ in his new winter jacket – especially for Jill

Badtothe Bone1Back View – he did not understand a photo pose that did not have his smiling face in it



So we have this also


Here is the latest picking from my tomato crop – another two bowls like this and we will be done for the year.  Not a bug or a mildew or a mark to be seen on any of them.  So proud!  Companion planting and wicked water tubs rock!   Thanks Fran and Robbie!

tomatoes 3 15

If I’m not always visiting your blog, or not commenting as much as usual, please forgive me – I am a tad over committed at the moment and just trying to keep on top.  Normal service will be resumed soon.

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!