Another Week – Another Update!

Good heavens!  It’s the 1st of May already – the year is racing away on me again!

I’ve got a post half written telling you all about the next part of the trip – but life and playing in my art room is getting in the way of my completing it ……..

Thank you for all your supportive words and shared stories around my hearing loss.  It’s not 100% cured yet but is showing definite signs of improvement – an old, old friend from long, long ago read the last post and got on his white horse and galloped to my rescue.  He is a homeopath in Germany these day [if you are there and need one just let me know, I can recommend him thoroughly] His suggested remedy appears to be working, I’m maybe only a foot or so under water now.  On the chiropractic side my body has never felt more well oiled and smooth working  –  I’m very fond of my chiropractor too, even though he does inflict severe pain whilst aligning the bits!

Thanks Alexander, thanks Tat!!  ❤

I’m painting – I did this one as my response to a Life-Book lesson published two weeks back with a most talented lady named Jenny Lee Wentworth.  Her approach quite delighted me and I want to do more work with her in the future.  I watched her lesson and a few days later sat down and started work without referring back.  I still have to go back and see how far off the mark I was.  Pretty far I think – but I liked the freedom it offered, even if I did come back into my own way of doing things really strongly…..  This was a lesson in coming to form through layers of colour – no outlining or sketching involved.  I am wanting to get to a closer resemblance of real people rather than this semi whimsical style – maybe I’m half way in that process………….

opyright Pauline King 2015

Copyright Pauline King 2015

This painting is about half finished

Half completed  'Ms Snail'

Half completed ‘Ms Snail’

As you can see, it’s sitting firmly in its ‘ugly stage’ in this photo.  You may be relieved to know she is already looking better, but has a ways to go still.  It’s destined for the UK if I like where it gets to by the end – if not it will just get painted over and I’ll start again.

In really exciting news, I got suddenly and most surprisingly presented with a new phone by my YD a couple of days ago.  It’s a Samsung Android, the one-before-the-very-latest version.  Now I’m a modern woman ……….  No more getting into scrapes whilst travelling and having no ability to contact my friends without it being a very long convoluted process involving texts being sent half way round the globe and back again – you know the story……..  I can do it myself now.

If I ever go anywhere ever again…….

It is not the latest super dooper-cooks your breakfast kind of smart phone, but it is an extremely clever and on-to-it kind of smart phone and is probably capable of doing way more than I shall ever require it to do – and it takes really nice photos.

Here’s Siddy peering into it – probably ascertaining if it is edible ….

Siddy King 30 4 15

Siddy King 30 4 15

Look at those eye lashes!   And another one

Siddy 30 4

this is his really serious ‘Whatyadoin’ Mumma?’ face.

Now I might actually get around to taking photos for the blog instead of getting where I’m going and saying “Blast, I forgot the camera again!”

If you are up with the play – and why shouldn’t you be? – you may remember I’m knitting a lovely pinkish lacyish shawl with a KAL [Knit-A-Long] group.  I mucked it up a bit when I had to frog a row – then two – and oh dear, three ……  I’d decided to gussy it up a bit by adding in a deeper pink for contrast along the edging and was undoing a row.  Sigh! Now I am waiting for that other colour to arrive.  In the meantime I got all carried away with myself and decided to use the Indian Silk on this pattern too…..  This is where that is up to.  It’s like knitting with a strand of cotton and will take, I am told reliably by Claire who knows about these things, double the amount of 8 row repeats to get a decent sized wrap out of……  but it will be so pretty and light and airy and just a little bit blingy too …..  I just might be spending the entire winter knitting it!


Here’s a tiny shot of the detail – just casually snapped with my new phone you understand…………

IndianSilk detail

And that’s kind of where we are at this week folks – it’s cold and dreary and already winter here in the far south of New Zealand.  Orlando is sporting a magnificent thick white undercoat which I take to mean it’s going to be a cold one!  When he comes down to ground level I’ll try and capture a shot of him showing his new winter coat ……

tiggie2 nov14

And here’s a little bit more of a Siddy-fix for those who love him

Until then – thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!