Three Days – Three Quotes: Day 1

My old pal Apple over on Apple Pie and Napalm who sometimes writes really great posts about country music, had a slight melt down, took to partaking in something called  ‘A Quote a Day for Three Days’ and fool-heartedly chucked me under the handed the banner on to me……..

According to Ms Napalm there are ‘Easy peasy instructions. One quote post per day for three days. For each post, include three fellow bloggers to pass the challenge to.’

I considered it a small miracle that I would be able to organise myself enough to get together three quotes. but I managed it.  Then I decided wouldn’t it be nice to present the quotes using either Danella Joy’s photos or my own paintings…..  See this is why getting posts together is such time consuming work for me!!

Like so many of my friends here in the world of blogging I’m not given much to following rules and I’m hoping some of you might just like to keep the thing alive by posting a quote on your own blog and you can nominate or not – according to how you feel about rules.  Let me know if you pick up the banner 🙂

This is what I think about ‘Quotes’:  Quotes can be read and not understood.  Quotes can be read and not seen.  For a quote to have meaning, I must attempt to live it.


DJK Buddha Quote

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!