Orlando Enjoys A Snack

Hello there 🙂

If you saw the previous post you saw my first attempt at a gif.

It is really just a fast and jerky series of shots with no real sense of continuation – so of course I had another go – I couldn’t possibly let all Boomdee’s good advice go to waste!

This afternoon Orlando was enjoying third breakfast and having a wee chat to me while I cleaned the bench, so I grabbed the camera and clicked away as fast as I could.

Of course he did not play ball and kept looking up to say “Whaddya doing Mama?”

So this is what I got:

Orlando Enjoys A Snack

What do you think?

Thanks for popping by today – I love that you did!

Well, Who Knew – Making A Gif is Just So Easy

My blogging pal the ever helpful and really talented  Boomdeeadda read the post ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and asked if I’d ever thought of turning Orlando’s photos into a gif.  I hadn’t, but as she gave me a link and said it was really easy, I thought I’d have a go.

What we have is just a really fast animation of some of the photos you saw in the previous post – but it has taught me what is required….. so next time the feline Brad Pitt [read the comments in the last post] feels camera ready we’ll give it a shot!

Thanks Boomdee – who knew it was so straight forward!

free gif maker

gif creator: The Contented Crafter

Thanks must also go to markingourterritory.wordpress.com where delightful gifs and how-to instructions are clearly given.  Thanks to Boomdee for passing this info on.