Back to Work!

Hello there blogging friends!

It’s spring here at last and the sap is finally rising.  The daffodils are smiling, the blossom is blossoming and the birds are singing enthusiastically by 5 am every morning.    It’s just wonderful!

Another short break has ensued from posting here while I had my two week long birthday festival, followed by a mild case of flu, followed by a back that got put out by all the festivities, followed by trying to catch up with everything that had got away on me.  All is well again now and we are good to go as we cruise towards summer.

Of course I kept on making stuff all this time – several light catchers got sent off for example – and not a one of them photographed before doing so…….  Sigh!!

Miles of decorative tape got made – such an excellent activity when you only have energy to plop yourself onto the sofa and keep yourself amused with doodles and colour – a few cards got put together with said decorative tape and a few note books and journals found themselves titivated up as well.  Serious painting duties have now resumed.

Decorative Tapes are made by laying down strips of masking tape onto plastic cutting boards, the kind that you buy from the $2 shop, and painting them or doodling them start to finish.  The centre one in the photo below is all doodles, the other two are painted and when dry I used gold paint through stencils.  The one on the right has additional doodles.  Loads of fun!


Some books got covered with other decorative tapes:

The back and front covers of another notebook:


A journal cover for the official photographer – who incidentally took none of these photos – but that’s okay as I’m not that enthralled with the quality of cover that she received!


Little thank you cards were made from paper painted with left over paint from other activities that piles up until I feel I want to do something with them – these ones were dabbed with paint on a small round dauber I was using at the time:


Storage for little thank you cards made from an empty packet of washing machine powder covered with paper and edged with decorative tape


A journal page almost completed, edged with more decorative tape:


And I’ll leave you today with a small peek at an amazing basket of flowers received from Ms Laurie at Life on the Bike and Other Fab Things for my birthday.


Blessed indeed!

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did!