The Adventures of Siddy

It’s time for a Siddy update – just for his fans you understand.

Do you remember that about seven weeks ago Siddy had his first haircut and returned home a very clean and cute wee pup?  This was him a few days ago

Ds first haircut before 9 11

Already looking decidedly raggedy again and with the groomer booked up until the end of February, YD decided we could do it ourselves.  I was not so confident given the way he leaps about when I’m brushing and combing him, but she was certain it was straight forward.  Her words in fact were “How hard can it be?”


Looks good right?  There are no further photos of the process as my main job was to hold him steady while she clipped along his back and sides and then to hold him down forcibly when she got to the tricky bits about his eyes and other cringe making body parts.

We took several breaks to regain our aplomb after mis-snips and close shaves, and to allow Siddy a breather and a treat or two for being such a ‘Good Boy!’   Eventually, we decided to leave the finishing bits ’til tomorrow’ and I gave Siddy a bath and let him chase the hot air of the dryer for a longer time as a special treat.

Finally, twenty four hours later we had this happy and relieved little pup



YD later reported to her work colleagues that groomers earn every last cent of their fee!

I went to Mudpuppy and promptly booked Siddy in for grooming every seven weeks for the entire year of 2015.  The groomer smiled broadly as I related our tale of home hair cutting and announced that for a first try it wasn’t too bad………….. bless her!


Siddy has always enjoyed his baths.  Right from when he was a tiny wee chap and I bathed him in the hand basin when he got covered in mud and other things better to draw a veil over, to now when he is a big boy and stands in the bath tub while I shower him down.  I lift him in and lift him out and rub him down with his towel and then turn the hair dryer on him while he rolls around and tries to catch the hot air.  It’s a lot of fun and he has a thoroughly enjoyable time.  [Although I’m usually pretty done in by the time he is dry!]   He enjoys it all so much that when we come home after a walk, and if he is muddy, he marches himself straight through to the bathroom and sits by the bathtub ready for me to do my part.

But then, two days ago Siddy taught himself a new game.

The first I knew about it was when, from the corner of my eye, I noticed him running backwards and forwards between his toy basket and the the hallway – always with a different toy in his mouth.  He is much given to arranging his toys in formation in different areas of the house, or piling them up for either Orlando or me to find later, so I didn’t think much of it.  Until there was a resounding clatter and crash and bang coming distinctly from the bathroom.  I put down my work and went to see.


After I had finished roaring with laughter I rushed to get the camera and returned in time to find him making sure everyone was behaving themselves


To finish off, here is a photo of Siddy [pre-haircut #2] enjoying time with his favourite visitor of all – there is a whole little ritual that has to be gone through and if she doesn’t call in at least every two days he starts looking for her – that’s love!

SiddysBFF Nov14

Do you notice Siddy has a new toy basket?  He ate his original lovely wicker one.

My next aim is to remember to take the camera on our morning walks so you get to see Siddy flying around the park.  But as I haven’t remembered in five months, don’t hold your breath in anticipation will you…………


My November Goalfest is to complete my ‘Dangler of International Happiness’  and I am working away happily on it every evening.  It is almost finished – expect a post about that soon.

Thanks for coming by today, I love that you did  🙂