The Heart Is Ever Young

Secure in the knowledge that no-one now reads my blog except my eldest daughter I can happily post photos of the journal page that appeared after the events described in one of my previous blogs, so endearingly titled ‘You Old Bitch!’.

I managed a few hours in my play room and, not liking to be left out, had already decided to have a go at a half face, something I have never previously done, but which is all the rage right now.  

I worked on that first, using a raw piece of canvas so that I had to work the colour into the texture.  I hoped that might allow me to layer and blend seamlessly – and it pretty much did. I gave her white hair as that is my natural [hidden] colour and I’m working on a vision of myself as I want to be at 70!!


With that done I turned my attention to the double page – previously gessoed up and doilied, and sprayed dylusions colours liberally.  I used yellows and blues to make the spring green on the right side and added reds and browns to the left side.  It was all too much so I applied a whitewash over the whole lot and when that dried I crackled the left side with clear crackle paint rubbed over with some ‘vintage photo’ ink to get an aged and weathered look.  



I used various stamps and staz-on ink to add texture to both pages.  I’m not that happy with the left side [age] but love the spring green that appeared on the right.  The doilies represent me – my girls will tell you that I love anything with lace and bling – the more the better really……… I’ve just got no taste!!!

I cut the face out of the canvas and glued it onto the prepared double page and voila – 



It may transition onto a canvas one day……..

Here’s another random thought – written in the hope that someone may read this some day –  I’m not a very good photographer and always feel dissatisfied with the results of my aim and click style.  I use Adobe Photoshop, but really don’t understand it, [despite a 6 week course a few years back] any body got any tips?