Christmas Gnomes

Last year my ‘Secret Santa’ pal from South Africa, the lovely Joey,  included in her present to me two of the cutest little  gnomes I have ever seen.  Here’s a glimpse of one of them, nestled in this years table wreath created by the talented Danella

XmasGnome detailIsn’t he cute!  They are very tiny, being about 7cm high (2 3/4″)   I love them.

ChristmasWreath 2018Then my friend Sue arrived for her annual visit and with her arrived two more gnomes -even tinier and every bit as enchanting.

davAnd here’s the entire family

davAt the time I was putting together a Christmas bag for Siddy’s favourite courier which included a bottle of wine.  The bottle was taller than the bag it was destined for and I hit on the idea of making a bottle topper – so a gnome was created that fit just right and peaked out of the top of the bag.  Of course I forgot to take a photo of it, but the courier was delighted.  Luckily my first attempt at a bottle topper gnome was too big and he has been photographed

davHe is with a friendly pukeko who also lives in my house.  This gnome was made for grander things than being a leaning post for an affectionate swamp hen however and soon took up residence in The Green Room 

Christmas tree 2018While all this collecting, creating and curating of Gnomes was going on there was also an excess of cards being made.  Some have been squirreled away for later, some have been sent out already.  davThese are ‘S’ Fold cards.  My friend Alys gave me the pattern a while back and I had fun playing around with the idea.  The first card is a simplified version.

Above card closed, below opened

davAnd this one features the extra component,  partially open ……..

Gnome gift card………. almost open ……..

dav…………fully open

davCrafting fun!

Then of course many more gnomes were called into service – this is just a few of them

davThese were a conveyor belt, multi step process that was both time consuming and daunting – but thoroughly worthwhile.  It produced cards that are sparkly, texture rich and fun.

davAnd of course we must finish with Siddy.  Not quite a gnome, but trying very hard to be a good reindeer.  Here he is, trying on his antlers,  ready to help  Santa if required

davThank you for coming by today, have a  happy and blessed Christmas, Mid-Summer. Mid-Winter, Hanukkah and or Kwanzaa.   Wherever you are in the world and however you spend this season, be happy, make someone else happy and remember you have the power to change the world with a smile.  With love and thanks for all the times you have made me think, made me feel, made me smile.

64 thoughts on “Christmas Gnomes

  1. I’m sorry I missed this post at the time, Pauline. But it’s never too late for a gnome, is it? They are all just gorgeous. What a delightful family. And I love your beautiful cards. The ‘s’ cards and their special fold are very creative. I can see already that 2019 is going to be a great year for you. Best wishes.

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  2. 🙂 So awesome to see the little gnomes again. And to see the gnome family has grown so large now. They do seem to do that. Happy little critters.
    Your home looked lovely and airy and cheerful and bright during the holidays. I love it.
    Hugs to Siddy too. xx


    • It’s amazing what started with your little gnomes – I had them standing just inside the art room door and would look at them and think they need some friends – and then the friends showed up. Now I’m pondering ways I can make some myself. Siddy loves hugs, happy woofs are given in return xo

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      • I am so glad the little gnomes are doing their thing down there. It is great to them and all their new friends. I am sure you will find lots of ways to make some too. I crocheted one during the holidays, found a pattern on the internet. 🙂 Now I am also hooked and what to make more.
        Enjoy the weekend and I hope the weather is still treating you all kindly.


  3. I’m back for a second time to enjoy your festive gnome cards. Oh my goodness they are charming and sweet. Look at what you’ve done with that z-fold card! Pauline, these are great.

    I love your growing collection of three-dimensional gnomes as well. You have a family! They look quite at home in your green room, and what a festive spot too. I just love what you’ve done with your place, Pauline. Each year you find someway to top the least with all your lovely additions of color and decor. I love it.


    • I made those z-folds up as gift card holders by attaching a pocket to the back of each card. They were quite time intensive as I had to nut out the placement of each component and got it wrong constantly, so I only made two. I need more practise 😀 But they made for fun presents. Did you see the previous post about doing up the conservatory? I am so pleased with it, it is now a pleasure to come in the front door! It’s lovely to see you back here Alys – I hope life is going smoothly for you xoxo

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      • What a great idea, using these for gift cards. I rather like this style of card as you can make it as simple or complex as you like. You’ve done a brilliant job with the landscape and those charming gnomes. I hope you’ll make more when time permits. I will go now and check out the post you’ve mentioned. I’ve missed so much! It’s good to be back. xo


  4. Your gnomes and gnome cards are adorable, Pauline. A gnome tree-topper? What a great idea. My grandson is the “Gnome King” so we are quite gnome-friendly in this neck of the woods. Thanks for making me smile, my friend, and thanks to Siddy for the laugh. Love his antlers!

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  5. Pauline, they are so cute! And here I thought gnomes were mainly for sports teams 😉 hahaha! [They are big here for football teams). I hope you and Siddy and Orlando and the rest of your family have the most miraculous year in 2019, my dear!


  6. I’ve read this three times and not had the chance to leave a note till now. I LOVE the centerpiece!! It’s so fresh and cheerful! Now, that would be a pretty picture on a card too. Though the cards you make are a gift in themselves. I’m looking for a frame for mine.
    My first MIL introduced me to gnomes as she was first generation Swedish. One day I found a soft one that I decided would live under my Christmas tree. It’s there now after almost 50 years of traveling with us. A little worse for wear but it’s just not Christmas without it. I love you gnome on top of your little tree. The whole collection of them has invited so much whimsey into your art and life. I am quite impressed with Sir Siddy and his patience with the headgear. He is so handsome! I’m wishing you and your family all the best there can be. You inspire me daily. Everywhere I look here, I see signs of your creativity and generosity. You are a gift in my life.


    • Marlene, this is quite the loveliest of notes! Thank you so much, I am honoured by your closing words and deeply touched. We spoke today of how fine and intricate your embroidery work is, despite the problems you have with your eyes – now that is not only talent but also reveals an incredible, dogged perseverance! You are equally a gift in my life.

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  7. Those cards are the best! Ok, Siddy is the best—but those cards are fantastic and so original. I am particularly partial to gnomes. As a child, I checked the Gnome Book our of the library every chance I could. I so wanted to keep it, so I could have my own Gnome Book. About 5 years ago I found a copy at a used bookstore. I know have my very own Gnome Book! 🤗
    Merry, Happy, Joyful, Peaceful Everything, Pauline.

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  8. We call them Tomten, Nisse and Tontuu’s ! :o) (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish)
    The gnome is German :o) I love that so many cultures have their own name for them!

    My son-in-law informed me he disliked gnomes after I made/created for them the cutest Tomten couple in picture using felt- a white ginger bearded Tomten (my SIL) with his black Tomten wife (my beautiful daughter). I informed him they were not gnomes- they were tomten! LOL!!
    I loved making them because its hard to find crafts that adapt to interracial couples.

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    • Thanks for sharing those Scandinavian names Eliz – I know Tomten, but not the others. I like that they are recognised almost all over the world. Here the indigenous name for all elementals comes under the banner of ‘Patupaiarehe’ loosely translated as the fairy folk, but with mysterious links to a first peoples who had retreated to the deeply forested highlands when Maori arrived. So not gnomes at all. I like the idea of making them to reflect people we know – now there is a little inspiration for my next foray into card making with gnomes 🙂 Happy Christmas to you and all your beautiful children ❤


      • Thank You for sharing that history from your “neck of the woods” Pauline! The Maori are very intelligent peoples! I tell our teens that we have Fairies in our north woods in Minnesota. I make up tales of how they ride the toads and dragonflies! I do it more for me than them! :o)
        Merry Christmas!! :o)

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  9. I love Danella’s wreath–and the gnomes seem to belong in it–of course, they are gardeners, I think. Your cards are so enchanting. I like that it’s obviously summer in them–which of course it is down under. And as for Siddy, he’s looking very patient with those antlers. I hope you have the best of Christmases and an even better new year.

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    • Thank you for noticing D’s wreath Lisa – it is really beautiful. She has an eye for colour and form and made several absolutely stunning pieces that totally suit a southern hemisphere Christmas. Yes, they are gardeners, friends of the earth and soil – I love their happy exuberance and having them bounce out of the background was really their idea 🙂 I just sent you an email, but again be well, be happy and have a wonderful Christmas and the best possible 2019 xoxo

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  10. Funny how Christmas themes happen unexpectedly, like the gnome invasion. Maybe it was the green room that drew them in? Your cards are inspired and of course they sparkle – you are the human lightcatcher! All the best to you, Pauline, and to sweet natured Siddy and your daughters and of course the gnomes.

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    • Hello Carol! No – like everyone I stand with my mouth open in shock at the blurring speed of time. ‘They’ say the cosmos is moving at ever increasing speed so I guess it applies to us as well. A continued reminder to live every day as well as we can 🙂 Thank you for your good wishes, I return them to you and your widespread family. Keep on handcrafting ❤ and travelling ❤


  11. The gnomes are wonderful. What a great idea to make one and use it as a bottle topper! But I have to say that your Christmas cards are exquisite. I can’t remember when the last time was that I saw Christmas cards that were so perfect in capturing the feelings of the season in a fun, warm, and playful way. Can’t forget the most important little fur baby. Siddy should have his own calendar sporting different looks for each month. Have a great Christmas to you, your family and your fur babies.

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    • Thank you so much SS, I’m so glad you connected with the cards in the way I wanted them to be. Siddy almost has his own calendar, my eldest daughter makes us all one each every year and he features pretty prominently in everyone’s…….. I quite fear it will go to his head 😀

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  12. Oh, Siddy–the things she does to you! You’re a very good sport! The gnomes clearly love you, Pauline! And what a fine collection you have of them–it’s a really adorable theme and I can see it growing. Your cards amaze me–they look so professional but have so much more personality than commercial cards. I can see that you are 100% in the holiday mood!

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    • (Hangs head in shame and gives Siddy yet another treat in apology) I truly never thought I’d be a pet mumma who inflicted embarrassment on her kitty and puppy the way I do – but it’s such fun 🙂 I’m enjoying these gnomes very much Kerry, and already wondering how they might present for different festivities. Christmas has started here well and truly, the daughters are gathered and we are having a wonderful time just being together.


  13. I love the gnomes, Pauline! How wonderful that they sparked the idea for your folding cards. They look great! I’m telling you, you’re giving Hallmark a run for their money. I’ve yet to see a card in their store as wonderful as yours. Oh my gosh! Thank you for making my morning with Siddy’s picture! Have a Merry Christmas, sweet friend! xo

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  14. I love the gnomes but Siddy’s face tops them all. I have yet to do the annual, traditional,’ put a Santa costume or hat on the dogs and take photos of them looking embarrassed’ but only because I’m waiting for my eldest to arrive from the U.K. on Friday. This year I have headbands!
    I hope you and the cutest reindeer have a very merry Christmas indeed. x x x

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