Siddy Goes On Holiday

Hello friends!  We are home, settled back into normal life and Siddy has pretty much slept for the past few days.  He wakes up with me for first breakfast, followed soon after by morning walk and second breakfast.  He snoozes until it’s time for elevenses.  He takes a wee nap until time for twoses rolls around, which is followed by another little snooze  until first dinner.  A short game of fetch follows second dinner and then he takes himself off to bed for the night.

You may well ask why is this busy little pup so very tired?  Well, you all know we went on holiday yes?  The previous twelve posts have all dealt with this momentous event in some form or other – Gosh, I hope you aren’t bored with all this just yet……  for right now it’s Siddy’s turn to share his adventures.

Because yes, of course, Siddy came on holiday too!

Every day there was greeting and companioning duty to be done

Feb 26 Dinner

And breakfasts to be had.  Here he is offering assistance to Kelly with her breakfast


He rode in the car – a lot!   Here he is tapping on the window because, don’t you know,  tapping makes the window roll down

March1 AM Siddy

He had lunch at a pub in Alexandra

Alex lunchtime Mar 1 DK

Helped Steven with barbecuing the evening feast at the holiday house


Siddy loved the holiday house.  It had many doors and a garden that wrapped right around the house.  He could often be seen trotting out one door, trotting through the garden, past windows and other doors until he chose which door to enter back in by to greet everyone again.   It was such fun!!

He went out almost daily for coffee, but preferred to wait for the snacks to come


He went for early morning walks with his mumma when the moon was still up and nearly everyone else snoozed on

Early morning walk March 4

He was first assistant to Laurie when she sorted her photos and wrote her blog posts – it is very doubtful that she could have put up so many great posts without his assistance

March 7 LB

He lunched at Speights Ale House, where he patiently waited for the food to come and his good manners were remarked upon by other diners

Siddy at Speights Alehouse March 8

He enjoyed his final lunch in Queenstown at the Frankton Arms – after enjoying a fortifying glass of chardonnay

Final lunch Frankton Arms March 9 LB

He companioned everybody in turn.  Here he is with Laurie, keeping her out of trouble

S and Laurie March 9

And he rode in the car every day.  This is the best part of car riding, wind and smells and the joy of speed……..

He’s one worn out little pup – but he sure did have a great holiday with all his family and new friends, he didn’t want to say ‘Goodbye’

First Farewell March 8

But he did, so it’s goodnight to all,  and thanks for the great memories ❤

Thanks for coming by today, I’m so happy that you did!

*There’s one more Blogging Reunion post to come from me and then it is back to the art room.

** Photos are courtesy of the holiday makers whose cameras were constantly clicking away when mine wasn’t.  Thanks darlings!

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  1. Ahh, Siddy really DID have a whale of a time along with the rest of you, didn’t he? Bet he’s a bit lost now everyone has gone home:)


  2. Oh, Siddy, my kitties are sooooooooo jealous that you got to go on such a fun time! They are all cooped up in the house, and look what you got to do! Chardonnay! Car rides! Dinners out! Friends!!!! Yay! I love his good manners. What a sweet little man!


    • 🙂 He is the best!! His kitty also didn’t like the fact that he got to go off on holiday and he, Mr Orlando, got to stay in a cattery where he retired beneath a cushion and refused to be cheered up!


  3. Hello Siddy and Mommy! Your post today made me smile and I’ll admit, a wee bit misty eye’d. I miss you so much. Your little puppers is so loving and really, just delightful to watch. I’d see him looking at you if you were talking and I could almost see the cartoon hearts flying off his fluffy head, LOL! He naturally thinks you’re the most beautiful, loving, smartest mommy in the world. Sometimes he’d momentarily look around the room, as if to say, “look everyone, mommy’s talking”, then back to you, intently and lovingly taking in every ounce of you. The love of a doggy is the gift of a lifetime. I’m so happy you have each other and Orlando too.
    Such a great collection of photo’s to show his sweet personality too. The BBQ Gif is adorable! Go Steve 😀 The photo of myself and Siddy made me laugh so hard. I look like I’ve just eaten the best thing ever. OK, coming clean now. Siddy and I did share the odd snack. Very, very tiny bits of maybe toast I think…..xox It’s just too hard to look at that face and not melt. Oh, Siddy, you do have that “please!” face down to a science ❤
    It was a dream to have a doggy for a while again. Thank you for all the love and cuddles Siddy! I should be happy if you could be on every holiday ever xo<3

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    • Thank you Kelly, this comment made me both laugh and get teary 🙂 Your description of Siddy watching me is delightful and precious 🙂
      It is something I have heard from others, but never witnessed because I’m so involved in what I’m doing ……. though I do know he is ever alert for my next move. Perhaps it is more likely he was looking around at others to ask if you guys knew what the heck I was talking about as no words he knew were forthcoming – where was ‘Ok now’ or ‘treat’ or ‘first dinner’ or ‘car’ or ‘aunty Dan’ or ‘sleepy puppy’? He is utterly adorable isn’t he – even better in real life than in photos. I’m so glad you got to love him too ❤


  4. Siddartha is the perfect host: attentive, caring and always happy to be with you. No doubt he’s a natural but methinks he also learned from the best. Pauline, your kindness and hospitality knows no limits. I’m so truly grateful and honored to have enjoyed your homeland with the pleasure of your company and those of your family. Thank you!

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    • Oh wow – way to go Michael!! Bringing tears to the eyes of the elderly….. 🙂 We all loved having you here (the girls and I had a long review yesterday and all agreed it was a great success) and I was just so happy you came and joined with us. You would be most welcome any time my friend – and bring your wife too ❤

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    • He had such a great time!! I wish I could claim authorship of those photos Jodie but I think most, if not all, were taken by Laurie. I’m beginning to think I should write all my posts from Siddy’s point of view – it would be so much fun 😀

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  5. Of course this is the best holiday post of them all. Well done Siddy! You’ve earned your rest. So nice to have a well behaved dog when you go places – which, I know is not just down to Siddy, but to excellent parenting 🙂 Glad you’ve all had such a good time. Shame it’s had to end.

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  6. It looks like Siddy had a wonderful time spreading love around! What a cute little guy and what a good time he had among people having a good time. I’m so glad it was so lovely for everyone. I’m sorry to have missed all that companionship, leavened with snuggles form Siddy. Whew, now back to life as normal eh? Thanks for the great pictures!

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  7. Pauline, you’ve told an amazing story through Siddy’s eyes. What a joyous holiday with this sweet puppy along to keep us entertained and loved. It’s pretty special being tended to by a loving dog. I’m so glad he’s a part of your life and happy that you could share him with our lives, albeit briefly.

    Hugs xo Alys

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    • I’m so glad you all got to spend time with him and see that in the round he is just as wonderful as in the photos 🙂 #soproud 😀 He’s still snoozing every chance he gets, but a little more alert now that he has been home for almost a week. Today he met many of his friends, both two and four footed on our walk and had a wonderful time greeting them all, a real show off really ❤

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      • Pauline, he’s a treasure, spreading love and affection wherever he goes. I’m glad he’s catching up on all those missed naps, poor little guy. How is Orlando faring as you end week one at home?


        • He’s back to normal now I’m happy to say. He doesn’t do well being away from home and his peps! He has been so affectionate towards the puppy it makes me laugh to watch him schmoozing and now it’s Siddy’s turn to look a tad startled at this unexpected behaviour 🙂 I also grin at the thought of you being smothered by the rather corpulent Mouse sitting on your chest 🙂 Aren’t they funny little creatures – they teach us so much! How are you since arriving home? How is your friend in Auckland doing? Did Mike enjoy his short visit? So many questions 🙂

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          • Awwwww. They missed each other like quibbling siblings: “I hate you…except that I love you…oh this is so confusing, lick, lick, purr, purr” 😉

            Pauline, I couldn’t get over the weight of Mouse on my chest. He’s always next to us or at our feet, but for the last two nights he’s insisted on being on my chest. Good thing it’s cooled down. They are funny little creatures.

            Mike *loved* his visit and would also like to return one day. Believe it or not, he had a one day business trip in Burbank yesterday, so he was back on a plane, albeit for a short flight.

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  8. Siddy is such a special little soul. I love that he jumped right in and became part of all that was going on. Napping is absolutely a must for a little one on the go.

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    • And that was the one thing he wasn’t doing for the whole time our guests were here SS. Napping meant he might miss out on something so it was literally never more than twenty winks. On the plus side, I have enjoyed several days of getting on with my jobs without a bouncy pup constantly wanting to play fetch 🙂

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  9. It sounds like an absolutely lovely holiday. You all must have had a wonderful time getting together and it sounds like Siddy enjoyed the festivities as much, if not more, than everyone else! I have so enjoyed your journey. Thank you for sharing.

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  10. Looks like Siddy had the best of times. Are you as tired as he is? He could also be missing all that attention and fun as well as the little handouts. 🙂 He is a most photogenic dog. I’ve saved several of his best poses. He could well be the star of his own book. You are so lucky to have him to entertain you daily.

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  11. I understand Siddy’s fatigue. Companioning is hard – though rewarding – work as is keeping an eye on all the food in case any drops to the floor. I can see why he loved the holiday house. I do, too.

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    • We all loved that house Susanne – a far cry from the tiny shaky shacks of my youth I have to say. I am quite glad I don’t live there full time though as you’d spend your life cleaning and gardening……. With eight people in that house, there was always someone in the kitchen, which kept Siddy on high alert 😀

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  12. That is one seriously sweet dog-boy–and he’s so darn good-looking! I LOVE the photo of him with the wind blowing through his hair–he looks ecstatic. It’s clear he added so much to everyone’s enjoyment of this gathering! Now, go take a nap, both of you . . .


  13. So glad Siddy had a good holiday (and you too, ha)! I imagine he was very worn out after all that adventure. He is adorable and I love how he bellies up to the bar. Glad you all had fun, I’m sure I will see many more pictures!


  14. You’re right, Pauline. Siddy is quite justified in being tired. As tour guide and everything else included he had much to do. Looks like he (and you all) had a wonderful time. Your holiday house looks magical.


  15. So Siddy had a fine time being of assistance to everyone, that’s only to be expected since he’s such a social little chap. How kind to be at the ready to help out at mealtimes even if not requested. Such dedication to family and friends. Glad you had such a good time too Pauline.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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