That Wanaka Tree

Our time together has come to an end, but there are a couple more posts to come – heck, there might even be one from me! This beautiful tree, growing fragilely and wilfully on the edge of a lake kind of epitomises the wonder of the last two weeks – it’s been a small miracle ………..

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Over 70 years ago, “That Wanaka Tree” began as a wooden fence post that kept livestock from wondering through the Wanaka Village.

From those origins, a beautiful willow tree has grown.

The signage nearby notes that photographers come from around the world in an effort to capture the beauty of this tree.  Please visit this link to see a photo of a swarm of photographers trying to capture this distinct little tree.

Evidently the popularity of the tree and the desire for selfies is starting to damage the tree.  Per a story on News Hub, Lake Wanaka Tourism is asking tourists not to climb the tree to get photos, after a branch fell off before Christmas.   “The loss of a branch is a big concern as it takes longer for this particular tree to regenerate,” a Queenstown Lakes District Council spokesman told NZ Newswire. “It’s quite a small tree growing…

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13 thoughts on “That Wanaka Tree

  1. Pauline! What a wonderful time you’re all having! To me, NZ is the most beautiful country in the world. I’ve already told Sanjay I want us to go to both the islands next year for my milestone birthday!!!
    Enjoy. Hugs to you


  2. Pauline, you live in a magical place. No wonder everyone wants to visit there. You have done a magnificent job of hosting and finding the perfect activities for everyone to experience. All of Laurie’s photos bring it all to life for us here in our easy chairs wishing we were there with you. Living vicariously here. 😉

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    • It’s been a very special treat to see our home through their eyes. I’m so glad we could do this, truly a once in a life time thing! And I’m glad we could share it for you without the need to suffer through long haul flights 🙂 xoxo

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