Kayaking Lake Wanaka

While these happy campers paddled across the lake Kelly, Danella and I wandered along the edge, helped rescue a tourist in trouble in the water and generally enjoyed the sunny day………..

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On Monday, four members of the Wanaka Crew spent a couple hours kayaking on Lake Wanaka.  What a blast!  Photo credits go to Alys, Danella, and Joanna as I left my camera and phone on shore.  Information about Lake Wanaka was taken from various online sources.

Lake Wanaka covers an area of 192 km2 (74 sq mi) and is New Zealand’s fourth largest lake.  It is estimated to be more than 300 m (980 ft) deep.  The clarity of the water is remarkable, especially to one who is used to the New River and Claytor Lake, which are full of organic matter.  The name Wanaka is Maori and means ‘The place of Anaka’, a local tribal chief.

At its greatest extent, which is roughly along a north-south axis, the lake is 42 k / 26 miles long. Its widest point, at the southern end, is 10 k / 6 miles.  The lake’s western shore is…

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    • As I reply to you Jan it is not quite 7 am and we are packing up for the return trip back to my home. Our reunion is winding down and by this time tomorrow will be over as the last blogger returns to her home country of Canada. It’s sad, but it’s been so wonderful!! Thanks for coming along with us.


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