The Drive to Wanaka

I’m running so behind! If you are still interested and not keeping up on Facebook – here is Laurie’s account of our day long journey to Lake Wanaka and our beautiful holiday house – check it out!!

Life on the Bike and other Fab Things

After organizing 7 people and packing up 2 cars, we were off to Wanaka (sounds like Monica or Hanukkah).  As is typical for New Zealand roads, the route was curvy and the scenery beautiful.

A brief stop along the way allowed Siddy to get a(nother) treat.

By 2pm, we were ready for a late lunch, and Monteith’s Brewery Bar in Alexandra was the perfect stop.  We enjoyed puppy friendly al fresco dining accompanied by Murphy’s Irish Stout (for me) and followed by a yummy flat white.

Soon enough, we were back on the road but another brief stop, this time at the Clyde Dam, offered some nice photo ops. The Clyde Dam, New Zealand’s third largest hydroelectric dam, is built on the Clutha River near the town of Clyde

With 45 minutes to go, we let Siddy enjoy the breeze.

And THEN we arrived at our temporary home.

What an…

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19 thoughts on “The Drive to Wanaka

  1. The photography is stunning. What a beautiful place New Zealand is and what a beautiful way to experience it with friends and a cute puppy. The picture of Siddy with his head out the window is precious. Many kudos to your photographer. She is really capturing the spirit of both the land and the gathering.


    • I totally relied on Laurie’s skill in the end. Somehow she managed to get a post up almost every day complete with stunning photographs while I was still wondering where my shoes were…….. 🙂 And Siddy had the time of his life!!

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  2. What a beautiful country. And you have the perfect travelling companions! I love the photo of Siddy enjoying the wind and the view out the window. 😊


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