Buster & Moo plus book offers galore #Buster&Moo

You all know I don’t often reblog posts – but there’s a great offer being made here and Geoff’s a good guy for an ex-lawyer, and incidentally a good writer and well, I like him and enjoy his books and I don’t think I should keep the fun to myself …… PS I really, really recommend ‘Dead Flies…’ and his collection of short stories and ….


My latest book goes live on 15th July and I’m giddy with excitement. Well, as an ex lawyer with a iffy back ‘giddy’ is something of an exaggeration but pretty pleased certainly covers it. I hope you might feel inclined to buy a copy and have a read.

You can buy it here



But to encourage you to enjoy a good read anyway, I’ve decided to make all my other books

Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle

My Father and Other Liars

Salisbury Square

Life, In a Grain of Sand

free to air on Kindle and Smashwords from 14th to 18th July. And should you prefer a paperback copy of any one or more of them, then I’ll happily send one to the first 25 people who contact me by email requesting it. As you would, I hope, expect, all I ask is an honest review on one of…

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41 thoughts on “Buster & Moo plus book offers galore #Buster&Moo

      • I love mysteries the best of all stories as my father dismayed my mother by reading us Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s adventures with Dr. Watson.
        “Lovely” means special to me in this instance! This is confusing but not “pretty” in this book usage. I am most entranced with puzzles to figure out and bloody crimes to “solve!”
        So glad we figured this out and also thankful you made sure I knew it wasn’t a fun, delicious “trifle” but instead more dead flies book! 🙂 🗡

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  1. I need to make time to read a good book this summer. Crazy work, more travel, yard….nonsense, read a book Boomdee! Thanks for the tip. I really love the graphic art on the latest book…very clever indeed! I suppose I shouldn’t judge a book by the cover (wink) but I do xo B


      • It’s always a good sign when you can picture literature in the three-dimensional format of film. I’ll look over the titles and perhaps I can suggest one for our next book club selection. We choose ten books in January, then meet to discuss the books February through December, skipping September. So many good books, so little extra time.

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        • If you do find something you would like to read at your book club, let me know and I’ll see if I can organise a promotional thingy so you can download the books then for nothing… Amazon are a trifle stingy when it comes to allowing for nothing versions. I’d send you all old fashioned paperbacks only I think the postage to the West Coast might be prohibitive!
          Also if you do decide to go that route and want a meet the author session via some social media platform then I;m up for that too.

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